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COORDINATOR for H&M “Let’s Talk” Campaign

COORDINATOR for H&M “Let’s Talk” Campaign


Within the context of the Youth related program in 2013 supported by UNFPA Lebanon, a national campaign (“Let’s Talk” Campaign) will continue to be implemented for the third year. The campaign – supported by H&M – will focus on promoting the well-being of young people with particular emphasis on creating demand, stimulating debate, and raising awareness on issues surrounding young people in Lebanon including HIV/AIDS. 

Based on the above, UNFPA is partnering with local NGOs that will be entrusted to implement the various components of the “Let’s Talk” Campaign including advocacy and policy dialogue, building the capacity of youth, and supporting outreach through edutainment and peer to peer approach. The campaign will also include a comprehensive social media component as well as a study. As such a coordinator for the campaign will be recruited by UNFPA for 12 months (1 April, 2013 to 31 March, 2014). He/she is to coordinate the different components of the campaign – as well as other related activities – with the various partners and under the guidance of UNFPA. Specifically, the coordinator will carry out the following tasks: 

Planning/ Implementation/ Monitoring of Activities 

  • Draft TORs for the various experts/NGOs involved in the campaign
  • Ensure adequate support and assistance to the three NGOs in the organization and implementation of all related activities including events, training workshops, advocacy, sensitization meetings, etc.; and contribute to these events if and when needed
  • Provide logistical support when needed
  • Undertake regular field visits
  • Assist in identifying, adapting, and contributing to the production of various campaign materials
  • Share regular updates with the campaign’s steering committee and coordinate its meetings, including organizing the meetings, sending agenda and supporting documents, taking notes, contributing to writing minutes and sharing those with its members.
  • Liaise with UNFPA on any emerging bottlenecks during implementation
  • Prepare regular progress reports and contribute to various reporting mechanisms as requested by UNFPA

Sensitization, advocacy, and visibility activities

  • Advocate among various stakeholders about youth related issues
  • Coordinate with the social media strategist to ensure all components of the campaign are being covered within the agreed upon social media plan of action
  • Review and provide comments when needed on reports pertaining to the campaign, as well as conduct relevant research on specific areas of interest when needed
  • Coordinate with UNFPA to ensure proper visibility of the campaign through various media channels
  • Document good practices and experiences in consultation with the partner NGOs for knowledge sharing purposes
  • Contribute to the various visibility related tools and resources mainly UNFA’s website, newsletters, etc

Other support

  • Support in the preparation and conceptualization for the celebration and marking of various events (International youth day, World AIDS day, etc)
  • Ensure ongoing coordination with various partners, office staff for maximizing efficiency
  • Represent UNFPA when and if requested
  • Provide other support as required


  • MA/MPH degree in Social Sciences, Public Health, or any related discipline
  • 4-5 years of increasingly responsible experience in programme/project management in youth development with a focus on monitoring and coordination
  • Team player, good communication skills, dedication to perform under stressful time constraints, and the capacity to communicate efficiently and coordinate with a number of partners
  • Fluency and good speaking and writing skills in English and Arabic
  • Excellent computer skills including word processing, PowerPoint, and internet browsing with particular emphasis on the use of social media

Candidates who meet the above required qualifications and are available to start as of April 1, 2013 may apply on line by submitting the following documents:

  1. Updated and comprehensive CV detailing their work experience that is relevant to the post requirements as indicated in the Terms of Reference.
  2. A motivational letter – no more than 2 pages – specifying the following:
  • Why are you applying for this post?
  • Do you have any experience related to these post requirements and/or similar ones?
  • What do you believe you can bring in to this project?
  • What are your main strengths and weaknesses in relation to this post?

The CV and motivational letter should be submitted to the following email address: 
by no later than March 20, 2013

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Project Coordinator: NCLW/UNFPA

Project Coordinator: NCLW/UNFPA


  • Job Title: Project Coordinator
  • Project: LBN3U705
  • Duty Station: Beirut, Lebanon
  • Reports to: National Director (NCLW)
  • Duration of Employment: 9 months (April 15- December 31, 2013) with possibility to extend for to 6 months based on need and availability of funds


Since 2006, the National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) has been collaborating with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) towards mainstreaming gender aspects in various development platforms, policies, and strategies. In 2012, this collaboration led to the development, consensus and launching of the National Strategy for Women in Lebanon. The strategy spells out 11 priority objectives identified as essential ones for ensuring that gender equality dimensions are adequately mainstreamed in the social, cultural, economical, and political spheres. In order to translate this strategic framework into concrete operational actions and results to be achieved by all stakeholders, NCLW developed – in a participatory approach – a plan of action that sets forth key interventions under each of the 11 strategic objectives along with indicators. The plan was validated in early 2013 and is expected to be turned into a soft application and adopted by all stakeholders beginning of 2014.

Based on the above, NCLW in collaboration with UNFPA is seeking assistance of a coordinator in support of the operationalization of the [National Strategy for Women in Lebanon] action plan. Specifically, the incumbent will provide support in collecting baselines for indicators, following up on the development of the programme software/application, and facilitating the piloting of the software among selected users. Additional support will be provided to NCLW in tasks related to the activation of the strategy and action plan. Under the overall guidance and direct supervision of the National Director, the coordinator will be undertaking various tasks as described below: 

Compilation/collection of data

  • Undertake visits to various line ministries, institutions, NGOs, UN agencies, donors, etc for collecting information and data
  • Collect, compile, and review relevant national reports, data, statistics that would be used for determining baselines for indicators
  • Develop tools and instruments for collecting and validating data from various stakeholders
  • Provide needed support for convening expert group meetings to review compiled data and agree on baselines/targets for the different indicators established in the action plan
  • Ensure updating of the action plan based on the agreed upon baselines and targets
  • Ensure feedback of NCLW and UNFPA are obtained and reflected in final product
  • Provide logistical support in organizing events such as meetings, workshops, in relation to the indicators

Development of software/application + manual

  • Assist in drafting TORs for the development of software/application
  • Follow up on identification/engagement of software developers based on competitive bidding
  • Contribute to fleshing out the elements of the software/application based on the elements of the action plan
  • Provide overall guidance to the software developer throughout the development process
  • Facilitate the convening of meetings with NCLW, UNFPA and experts for reviewing the various stages of the application as well as the content
  • Provide continuous update on the development process of the software and ensure that the feedback and input of NCLW and UNFPA are reflected in the various outcomes of the application
  • Develop a draft user manual jointly with software developer
  • Ensure completion of the provisional software in accordance with the agreed upon TORs and uploading it online for the piloting phase

Piloting the software among users

  • Assist in selecting a varied group of users from different disciplines (Ministries, NGOs, academic sector, UN/development agencies, donors, media, etc)
  • Introduce the software / application to users with hands on practices
  • Follow up on the piloting of the software/application with the selected users group
  • Ensure provision of ongoing advice to the users throughout the piloting phase through visits to users sites as well as online
  • Compile input and feedback from users on the software for enhancing it at all levels i.e. technical, content, friendly user, etc and share with NCLW and programme developer for finalization

Other Support

  • Contribute to developing, producing and disseminating informative material on the action plan for various uses (i.e. NCLW/UNFPA newsletters, website updates, etc)
  • Assist in preparing minutes of meetings, progress reports, briefing and concept notes, PPTs, training material/documents, and documentation of successful experiences
  • Provide support in reviewing specific documents, searching the internet for information, compiling data and information, and summarizing reports and documents as requested
  • Contribute to sharing of knowledge by synthesizing and documenting findings and lessons learned, success stories and best practices, and approaches and support in the drafting of relevant materials for dissemination
  • Provide other support as required



  • Bachelor Degree (Public administration, social sciences, humanities, etc )


  • 4 years of increasingly responsible experience in project coordination and monitoring with focus on gender/human rights related work.
  • Experience with governmental and non-governmental entities is essential
  • Familiarity with UN work is desirable


  • Working in teams: Works collaboratively with colleagues to allow the achievement of common goals and shared objectives. Actively seeks resolution of disagreements and supports decisions of the team.
  • Communicating information and ideas: Delivers oral and written information in a timely, effective and easily understood manner. Participates in meetings and group discussions actively listening and sharing information. Frankly expresses ideas with the intent to resolve issues, considers what others have to say and responds appropriately to criticism
  • Conflict and self management: Manages personal reactions by remaining calm, composed and patient even when under stress or during a crisis and avoids engaging in unproductive conflict. Expresses disagreement in constructive ways that focus on the issue not the person. Tolerates conditions of uncertainty or ambiguity and continues to work productively.
  • Organizational awareness: Uses the formal structure or hierarchy in the organization effectively in order to get work done. Provides assistance to colleagues in dealing with other parts of the organization and in applying policies and procedures which affect the work unit. Understands when issues or problems can and should be resolved at own organizational level, when the assistance/input of other organizational units is required and when issues should be raised to a higher level
  • Innovation and marketing of new approaches: Generates new ideas and more effective ways of doing things. Adapts quickly to change.
  • Job knowledge: Understands and applies fundamental concepts and principles of a professional discipline or technical specialty relating to the position. Possesses basic knowledge of organizational policies and procedures relating to the position and applies them consistently in work tasks. Identifies new and better approaches to work processes and incorporates same in own work. Strives to keep job knowledge up-dated through self directed study and other means of learning. Demonstrates basic knowledge of standard computer software applications and information technology including electronic communication and seeks to apply it in work tasks
  • Results orientation/Commitment to excellence: Strives to achieve high personal standard of excellence. Takes action that goes beyond responding to the obvious needs of the situation and persists until successful outcomes are achieved

Language requirements:

  • Fluency and excellent writing skills in Arabic. Good English and /or French is essential

Candidates who meet the above required qualifications and are available to start as of April 15, 2013 may apply on line by an updated and comprehensive CV detailing their work experience that is relevant to the post requirements as indicated in the Terms of Reference.

The CV should be submitted to the following email address: info-lebanon@unfpa.org by no later than March 29, 2013 latest. 

Please indicate the job title “Project Coordinator: NCLW/UNFPA” under subject when submitting application,

 Source: http://www.unfpa.org.lb/UNFPA-LEBANON/Vacancies-and-Notices.aspx

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“La vie est belle… souriez! ” a toujours ete mon leitmotiv dans la vie;

récemment nous avons perdu un être cher a la famille.

et le leitmotiv ainsi que les sous-bassements auxquels on croit deviennent frêles;

comment sourire à la vie quand des êtres chers nous quittent? Comment ressentir le soleil du matin sans sentir le manque de l’autre… Oui l’Autre nous manque, et souvent cruellement.

Pere Joseph Abdel Sater nous l’a dit une fois a une de nos reunions (lejnet al kalimeh) : perdre un être cher est l’expérience la plus difficile de la vie.

lui avait perdu sa maman, les funérailles étaient le matin et c’est lui, pere joseph, qui avait insiste pour célébrer la messe de Paques le soir même;

J’avais mal pour lui, et lui  Sourait! ouiii…. il etait zen et souriait! ouiiii nous – a – t-il dit, vous êtes croyants? alors vous devez sourire, car El Massih Kam…

elle n’est pas partie dans un monde lointain… elle est la, avec LUI…

etre en presence de l’Amour est enviable oui, mais je prefere cher Jesus profiter de tous ceux qui me sont chers ici…

et la, je pense et si ils ont besoin de profiter de LUI , la -haut?

L’Amour est si attachant que penser a lui, et aux cadeaux qu’il nous fait et au bonheur qu’il nous donne dans les autres et par les autres, colmate les plaies d’une absence physique de ceux qui sont allés le retrouver. Consolation? nullement. Notre volonté peut être si différente de ce destin incompréhensible.  Absence …oui mais réunion sure,


A un de ses quatre!  chers tous et toutes, et spécialement tonton….


Prière dite de Saint Augustin

La mort n’est rien. Je suis simplement
passé dans la pièce à côté.

Je suis moi, tu es toi.

Ce que nous
étions l’un pour l’autre, nous le sommes toujours.

Donne-moi le nom que
tu m’as toujours donné.

Parle-moi comme tu l’as toujours fait. N’emploie
pas un ton différent.

Ne prends pas un air solennel ou

Continue à rire de ce qui nous faisait rire

Prie, souris, pense à moi, prie avec moi.

Que mon nom
soit prononcé à la maison comme il l’a toujours été, sans emphase d’aucune
sorte, sans une trace d’ombre.

La vie signifie ce qu’elle a toujours
signifié. Elle est ce qu’elle a toujours été. Le fil n’est pas

pourquoi serais-je hors de ta pensée simplement parce que je suis
hors de ta vue ?

Je ne suis pas loin, juste de l’autre côté du

Tu vois, tout est bien.

Tu trouveras mon coeur, tu en
retrouveras les tendresses épurées.

Essuie tes larmes. Et ne pleure pas
si tu m’aimes.

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How a women body is linked to a car sale?????!!!! or to excitement?????

our bodies shouldn’t be used as objects!! those are sacred things!!!

such adv is in my point of view crap…. and sexist!!! :-(( grrrr!!



to read subject on the same matter…

Mazda billboard using woman’s body to sell more cars…..



Kherrberr.org Les “Must See” des Publicites sexistes

You can be Seduced by a Taouk…. or a warak arich on a women body

الاعلانات مش قصة اباحية Ton corps n’est pas un jeu entre leurs mains

Salons de Beaute pour ENFANTS! au Liban tout est travaille pour Arranger l’image de soi


When is Nudity in Advertising Sexist?

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SHARE Beirut is a weekend-long public, free and non-commercial hybrid event blending an Internet culture and technology related daytime conference with dynamic cutting-edge music festival by night. It will bring together hundreds of passionate people, forward-thinkers, cultural creatives, activists and artists from Lebanon as all around the world for talks and parties in 72 hours of powerful gathering to share ideas, knowledge and creativity.


It’s about understanding and celebrating Internet culture and all the aspects of open, decentralized and accessible forms of communication, exchange and creation. It’s about empowerment of individuals and networking of like-minded people. It’s about setting the values and new standards that will prevent any kind of oppression, censorship and surveillance for future generations. It’s about understanding alternative economic, cultural and educational models. It’s about Internet ecology and struggles to protect Internet as open and free territory for all of us. It’s about energizing sub-cultural groups and praising diversity that these cultures are bringing. It’s about promoting open access to software, hardware, information, knowledge, science, government, design and almost everything else that can be open. It’s about sharing. It’s about how to do it yourself. But mostly, it’s about cats doing flips, birds flying over the moon and robots making biiips.


During the 3 days of the conference Beirut will become the world’s epicenter in exchanging progressive ideas and knowledge on Internet culture, society, technology, music and new media. The lectures and talks will be given by leading international stars in these fields, world-class bloggers and artists who will educate the audience on new forms of activism and approaches in using advanced technologies and the latest tools to create, influence and affect. Discussions will delve deep into the underground of the Internet subcultures and explore groups that fight for digital and human rights, free information flow and access, improving transparency, and protecting the privacy of fellow peers and residents. The event will be accompanied by an intensive music program, which will be simultaneously organized in several well-selected clubs and alternative venues in Beirut. Contributors and visitors who obtain one of 1500 unique free wristbands will get access to both day and night events where many local, regional and international artists will perform for audiences who will share vibes and energy to celebrate the Internet as open and free territory for all.


From 5th to 7th of October (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) 2012.
Get ready and don’t plan anything else for this weekend. 🙂

FB Event I Google Calendar I ICal


Yes. Even though the main venue is huge and several clubs are on board, capacity is limited, so it is important that you register for the event. Around 1500 unique wristbands will give access to over 80 talks, exhibitions, concerts and DJ sets, so we encourage you to register as quickly as you can. Moreover, we encourage you to contribute and help us make this event even better.


Main conference venue is Solea V in Beirut – a dazzling and very hip venue promising to host large events, dripping with atmosphere. The center boasts a huge skylight, and an indoor tree under high ceilings. Night program venues, clubs and program are soon to be announced, so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter.

Location: Jisr el Wati, next to Jaguar Dealership Sin El-Fil
Capacity: 1500 people

Google Maps I Foursquare Location


Share is organized by Share Foundation, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to protecting the rights of Internet citizens and promoting positive values of openness, decentralization, free access and exchange of knowledge, information and technology. The activities of Share Foundation are supported by cooperation and friendship with a wide network of various institutions, individuals and organizations such as State of Exit FoundationGoogleVimeoMozilla Foundation.MeErste FoundationInstitute for Sustainable Communities,Electronic Frontiers FoundationPirate PartyFlattrDigitalna AgendaRepublica …


We are not looking for sponsors, we are trying to find partners who will share our vision of creating social and cultural impact on society.
Check our presentation (pdf) and contact us

Issues and topics that we are addressing are important for every system and society. Freedom of speech, ecology of media, internet neutrality, privacy and transparency should be on the list of priorities of any responsible government.
Check our presentation (pdf) and contact us

Contact us. We will try to help as much as we can in your activities. We can create this event together, give you opportunity to spend 3 days with an international expert in your field of work, give you a space and time to present yourself or even try to fundraise for your activities.

Do something together with us. We will organize a lot of collaborative activities before, during and after Share Beirut: remixing, crowd-designing, filmmaking, street art and interventions, flash mobs.
Here you can check some of our previous activities:

Donate (Karma +1).

Flattr this


Multiple award winning and Vimeo staff picked documentary about the first SHARE Conference that happened long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time at info@sharebeirut.net

The Force is strong with this event.




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here is the link to the new video of Chayef Halak….

a class of lebanese students try to define an ethiopian with a srilankan…. a house maid,

an egyptian is the worker at the gas station….

the sudanese is the concierge…

the arab guld guy, is the rich guy….

and to the question… what is a lebanese the class stop laughing and went silent…..

a video showing the perversion created by stereotypes in Lebanon….


“We would like to thank all the young men and women who took part in this film. Please bear in mind that the answers given by them do not represent in any way their personal opinions, but reflect the general viewpoint of the Lebanese society.”

Rita Chemaly

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IN THE patriarchal societies of the Arab world, quite a few women are getting noticed for flouting conventional gender norms. There’s Saudi Arabia’s Manal al-Sharif, who lost her job and came under great pressure for driving a car and putting a video of it on YouTube; Sheikha Mayassa Al Thani, a powerful art patron in Qatar; and Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi, a globe-trotting minister of foreign trade for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). And later this year the region will see its first museum dedicated to the accomplishments of women.

The Women’s Museum of the United Arab Emirates is the creation of Rafia Obaid Ghubash, an academic, psychiatrist and former president of the Arabian Gulf University, who campaigns for women’s education. Her aim is to educate visitors—locals, expats and tourists—that Emirati women have enjoyed more power and influence than is recognised. She also wants to re-connect the fast-moving modern Emirates with its history and tradition. The three-storey museum is determinedly contemporary: traditional jewellery hangs suspended in minimalist cases; material wraps a stylised mannequin; worn housework tools are displayed alongside artwork by modern female Emirati artists.

Dr Ghubash declined a free site in Bastakya (an official Dubai heritage district), preferring to buy one in Deira, Dubai’s old nexus of souks. She sold off some commercial property she owned to finance the museum herself, at a cost of around $4m, and plans to seek sponsors for its projects and exhibitions. She explains that her mother taught her that womanhood need not equal subservience. Speaking in the museum to the sounds of saws and final touches, her iPhone headphones threading through her fingers like worry beads, Dr Ghubash recalls her mother telling her: “You have to learn that your rights are born with you. Don’t think the government or a man or your husband will give you a right. It’s inside you, just practise it.”

This belief emanates from the art and artefacts on permanent display, from photographs to literature, mosaics, paintings and objects. They tell the stories of Sheikhas operating as peacemakers and dynastic linchpins, women who became pioneers in education and business, and also poets (“When you say Shakespeare, we would say Ousha Bint Khalifa”, says Dr Ghubash). Emirati women today are much better off, she adds, because many of them are now able to go to school and work, which enables financial independence. Dr Ghubash sees these changes as the legacy of Sheikh Zayeed of Abu Dhabi, who was president of the UAE from its foundation in 1971 to his death in 2004.

For Dr Ghubash the appreciation of history and tradition in rapidly developed societies like the UAE isn’t just good cross-generational manners, but mentally healthy. “Those who keep their tradition in dealing with modernity will be healthier than those who take out their tradition,” she explains. “Globalisation is an umbrella to use in part of your life but not all of your life.” When talking of Dubai’s near-famine years during the second world war and the six months of every year the men spent away pearl fishing, she asks, “Who was running society? Just recently you can see us but we were behind the door all the time.”

She accepts that there is a dual attitude to Arab women. “Part of the tradition is kind to women. But part is very negative. Those who are not educated just utilise the negative part.” Now female UAE graduates outnumber males two to one. Dr Ghubash wants to reach those young women, and help them appreciate the achievements of earlier female generations. “They are educated, they become powerful, you see them everywhere but there is something missing.” She also wants to close the distance between non-Arabs and locals. “Foreigners are the majority here. They know nothing about our society. You live with us and you don’t know us.”

Dr Ghubash hopes locals will feel a sense of pride, and visitors will have a richer understanding of the Emirates as a place where women have played important roles in politics, business and education. The message of the museum, she says, is that “everything from your past is important to you.”


source: the Economist July 30 2012 http://www.economist.com/blogs/prospero/2012/07/museums-middle-east

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My friend Iman, send me this link: a Facebook page with lot of pictures taken at a great non violent action, held in Amman for Equality!


A beautiful Human Chain was organised in Jordan, by the movement ” there is no ” HONOR in Crime”  25 of June 2012;

the Jordanian activists were holding banners that say: ” it is not “brave” for you to harass me” , a guy hold a banner ” I like to cook too”,

a woman waved a banner were it is written ” I am not oppressed, the veil is my choice”; A Man hold his banner ” I wash the dishes too”…..

and for you to see the great initiatives here are some of the pictures … again, great initiative!!

I tip my hat the to Jordanian activists , who organised this great campaign!!

Zaayi zayyak Jordanian Campaign… activist holding a banner saying that your mum and your sis are not F…. words!!


Jordanian Campaign… no to harassment

Jordanian Campaign: my life is more important than the family “dignity”


Jordanian Campaign ” I (A man) like to cook too”

Jordanian campaign I wash the dishes too

Jordanian campaign I am not oppressed

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yesterday coming back from a beautiful sunny day on the beach, I watch the TV at night, to see that “schools and university should close”, 5 minutes later, after this information went viral on all TV stations and radios, the minister sent a denial, the schools and universities are not closed”;

It took me 3 seconds to remember that in Lebanon, closing schools is “not good at all”, that means something “Serious” happened;

watching Men El Ekhir , and zapping to New TV,  the news finally broke, clashes in Tripoli, Naameh, Burning tyres, Death of a Cheikh in Akkar, … the news smelt rotten, disgusting and more disgusting (and as the users of Twitter say #TFEH ) when the clashes began in Tariq el Jdideh in Beirut “rifles, rockets” “sawarikh” near the Arab University of Beirut … again TFEH…. Disgusting news for my “beloved” country.

Are those Sectarian clashes based on Political affiliations, to some “rotten” leaders? Or clashes based on the tensions and the crisis in Syria? no one knows…. as Imad says, some are swearing that some “Movements” do not have anything to do with the clashes that happened yesterday… others repeat from “informed sources” that those were Future affiliated pple on the streets…

the hole picture for me is disgusting, when someone dies, because the army has shot dead a cheikh, it is not the stability of the country that must be shaken, but the judiciary power, they must work as hard as they can to discover the “truth nothing but the truth”. Investigations must be kept far from politics, and if there is a fault, the judges should punish the perpetrators.

the bright part after the clashes is the web users activism online, some being cynical, others using black humor, others actively campaigning for the civil peace… here is a snapshot of the pictures going viral on the web scene…

Lebanon boils after sheikh killing

Clashes in Beirut end, 3 dead

at the end, as a symbolic action to refuse this violence circle, Join the movement for peace, at 6 pm at Martyr Square, Downtown Beirut.

Rita Chemaly

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Excellent de Humus Nation

“تخلف” ماكسي

a vous de lire tout l’article ici 

عطفاً على ما تناقلته وسائل الإعلام حول موضوع فيلم “تنورة ماكسي” الذي يعرض في دور السينما وتدور احداثه حول قصة حب بين كاهن وفتاة أبان الحرب الأهلية سنة ١٩٨٢، والهلوسة والإستنكار والشجب وهزة البدن الذي رافقاه بحجة أنه يشوه الديانة المسيحية، يهم وكالة الأنباء الرسمية توضيح التالي:

أولاً، ليس كل فيلم تتداخل في قصته ديانة أياً كانت، بحاجة لصك براءة من الطوائف ال-١٢٥٤٦ المعترف بها رسمياً في البلد حتى يعرض في دور السينما. وعلى فكرة، تلفن القرن الثامن عشر وقال إنو “محاكم التفتيش” خلصت من زمان وترك خبر للذين ما زالوا مؤمنين بها ضرورة “قرص” الذات ليتأكدوا أنهم في القرن ال-٢١.

ثانياً، يا ليت ينتفض ممثلو الطوائف على الفقر والأمية والجهل والبطالة والهجرة المستمرة للشباب والنهب المتواصل لمقومات البلد والرشوة والفساد قبل أن ينتفض عنفوانهم على فيلم. عفواً، إنو ما في شي تاني تعملوا خالو؟! عملوا شي إلو طعمة وشو بدكن بالأفلام! استرو شي عيلة فقيرة مثلاً، بتحسوا حالكن “مليون دولار”! عن جد جربوها ما بتندمو.

Suite sur “تخلف” ماكسي

Tannoura Maxi to be banned in Lebanon?

from the http://news.beiruter.com/node/99739

It was the summer of 82, when a priest, about to be ordered, was exhausted by temptations and an arrogant girl felt passionately in love… A sifted memory and a personal history of a narrator who tells with nostalgia and poetry the meeting of his parents until their marriage. [IMDb]
The Church apparently didn’t like Joe Bou Eid’s movie and saw it offending to priests and Christianity. It’s simple though: If you don’t like it, don’t go watch it because banning it will not get more people to Church.

Excellent de Hachem :

رأي خاص- مجوهرات زغيب تهين وتحتقر ملهمة مصمميها … والمرأة ضحّية من جديد

سنسمح لأنفسنا اليوم بأن نعرض عليكم اعلاناً لمجوهرات زغيب مجاناً مع العلم اننا عادة “ما منعملها” لأي كان مجاناُ الا حين يكون الاعلان لأهداف اجتماعية وانسانية واحياناً ثقافية ، ان كان يستحق الحدث الثقافي دعمنا ،
ولكن لفتني هذا الاعلان كثيراً لأنه يروّج لتصميم جديد لعقد من الماس في حين تظهر المرأة بطلة الاعلان من “الزنّار ونازل” …مع علمنا بأن عقود الماس توضع عادة حول الاعناق وليس حول “السيقان”، الاّ ان كانت الموضة قد تغيّرت وتبدّلت سنة2012،

a vous de lire la suite sur Bisara7a

la zakaran wala ounssa

Pity to read such articles in a medium  intended for youth,

instead of being used as an awareness tool for diversity, respect of human beings, the words used are shameful “pity” “shafaka”, “tachwih”,  “raza2el” bad things, and last but not least comparing homosexuality to drugs! hein!? I still believe in a church (=mass of people) who can truly and without exceptions believe in the image of God… we are all at his image, if “you” like it or not…


instead of importing diversity, respect, the article use the word “shame”, “pity” and morals to make from homosexuality a sort of “decease” .

Christianity and other religions

this articles is one that in my opinion is nice! in the same issue of Kif Chabab el youm, Previously (booed, and shamed).


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من قرار المديرة العامة لوزارة السياحة، القرار موجه لأصحاب المسابح والحمامات البحرية: اعتماد المساواة في استقبال الزبائن دون تمييز لجهة العرق او الجنسية والاشخاص ذوي الحاجات الخاصة المتمتعين بالاهلية القانونية”.
So the ministry of tourism has issued a statement targeting places that have pools and/or are located by the beach to not discriminate against their clientele based on their nationality, ethnicity or any disability.
It’s good to know that enough pressure has got us here, but we need your help and updates to be able to follow up with the implementation of this. So, if anything happens with you or around you; if you hear of anything or have a complaint about a specific beach, hotel or resort please send us the information.
Email us at antiracismlb@gmail.com

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Sunday was a great sunny day to go and have a walk in the mountains;

This is what I did with my professors coming from France to visit the “Green Lebanon”;

I decided to introduce them to one of our cedar forest, with trees that are estimated 2000 years old.

But Upon our arrival to Al Chouf Natural Cedars Reserve, of Ain Zhalta, we were like astonished by the trees magnificence, and shocked by the environmental crimes that happen there; ( like the one discovered in Jaj cedar Forest) ;

On the Entrance of the Al Chouf Natural Cedars Reserve of Ain Zhalta,  a huge billboard explains that according to the “law 532 it is forbidden, to Hunt, to Park, to cut trees, flowers, to light fires” ( see image taken)

The big billboard ends with the “Natural reserve is yours and for your kids, help us in protecting it”;

But what we have seen and taken in pictures, are groups barbecuing under the trees, parking their 4X4, German cars, Korean cars, under the trees, in the long road of Ain Zhalta reserve;

What shocked us more were, the Charcoal bags and rest of fires lit under the very difficulty conserved cedars! I forgot the rifle cartridges we saw on our path! is killing the animals and birds that live in this forest  a way to protect and conserve the environment and Biosphere?!

cartdridges under the cedars


Charcoal under the cedars


this was my first time in Ain Zhalta’s forest, we walked near the people picnicking, and passed several parked cars, on the side ways of the dusty road, under the trees for 15 minutes; on the way back we decided to visit the Barouk natural reserve, with its eternal snow…;

I usually love to visit the CEDARs of el Chouf reserve, usually I go to el Barouk reserve, the guardians there do not let any car enter without briefing them, and the signs are clear, the priority is for the wild life of the forest, cars should slow down for animal to pass, there is a place for cars to park, after that people need to walk ( by foot) in the forest;  No fire, no Barbecue ….

A visitor pays a fee that helps in developing the reserve, and can visit the forest with a guide ; ( the guide is very friendly, talks in Arabic,  English or French) , and knows the life of the forest and the cedars perfectly…. our guide explained how the cedars grow, how  their shape changes with time, ( 1000 years old tree are like the one we have on our Lebanese Flag); our forest are known for the Cedrus Libanis kind of cedars ( they smell divine) ;

wall of snow

In El Barouk reserve under the sun, walls of snow still covers the trees, the sight is Beautiful, and very well conserved,

While going out of the reserve, visitors can buy honey( cedars honey!!) ….

I hope that the responsible s of the other forests and reserves will take a firm action against trespasses who do not respect the biosphere, and I hope  for the citizens and visitors of the forests to have more ethical behavior;

The Cedar Trees are something worth of protecting and not destroying, you need a picnic area, you can ask for it and it should be away from the valuable trees;

Rita Chemaly

for more information you can visit:

the fb page https://www.facebook.com/shoufcedar.org

the fb group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/shoufcedar/

the website: http://www.shoufcedar.org/scr.asp

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a lire, le nouveau Special d’avril 2012 ( en vente dans les librairies) , avec le dossier special sur le droit a transmettre la nationalite par les femmes Libanaises a leur famille!

rita chemaly

a lire dans le Special d’avril 2012 (en vente dans les librairies ) le dossier special droit des femmes a la Nationalite

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Le Liban a été classé à la 79e place sur 128 pays au niveau mondial, au 6e rang sur 15 pays de la région MENA et à la 5e place sur 13 pays arabes, selon l’indice des opportunités économiques pour les femmes, publié par The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) pour l’année 2011.

Le pays du Cèdre était classé 88e sur 113 pays au niveau mondial en 2010.

L’objectif de cet indice, calculé de 0 à 100, est de calibrer les spécificités de l’environnement des affaires des employées et des entrepreneurs féminins. Vingt-neuf indicateurs interviennent dans ce classement,  groupés en 5 catégories mesurant les politiques et les pratiques de travail, l’accès aux finances, l’éducation et la formation, le statut légal et social de la femme ainsi que l’environnement des affaires en général.

Avec un score de 48,7 points, le Liban se classe avant l’Egypte (48,6) et Oman (48,2), mais derrière Bahreïn (49) et le Koweït (49,9). Le score du Liban est inférieur à la moyenne mondiale de 55,8 points mais supérieur à celui de la région MENA (46,3) et des pays arabes (45,2). Source : Le Commerce du Levant

pour lire plus d’articles sur les femmes et l’economie suivez les liens du Commerce


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encore un blog qui me touche en le lisant,

par les super Alloush et Zouzou…. un blog qui explique aussi simplement que clairement a mon avis la relation entre la religion et l’homesexualite;

Pour moi, jeune fille tres croyante, (oui j’insiste sur le tres 🙂 Dieu nous a cree a son image, et il nous aime tous et toutes autant que nous soyons, petits, gros, grands, blonds , bruns , hetero ou Homos….

bon c’est la meme idee que defend Alloush , a vous chers et cheres la pensee d’un de mes blogs favoris ; n’hesitez pas a clicker sur le lien et lire toute la pensee!

“God creates gays then he’s supposed to punish them because they are acting out his will. Being gay is not a sin for me because I cannot control it. A sin is killing someone or stealing or lying, but being gay is something innate and cannot be considered a sin.

For those who say that God hates gays [fags is usually the term they use] then they have to accept that their God is not fair. All of what is taught to them in religious writings is that God judges everyone equally and without discrimination.” Source: Alloush, Gay Religion;

Rita Chemaly

Ouii je ne connaissais pas le mot Fag ( Fagot en francais, existe, mais bon en anglais, jcomprends pas trop les nuances)…



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Quelques jours après le suicide d’Alem Dechasa-Desisa, une employée de maison éthiopienne agressée à Beyrouth puis internée dans un hôpital psychiatrique, huit organisations de la société civile libanaise ont publié un communiqué dénonçant le laxisme des autorités libanaises en matière de respect des droits de l’homme en général et des travailleuses étrangères en particulier.
« Les autorités libanaises devraient agir sans tarder pour réformer des règles restrictives en matière d’octroi de visas et adopter une loi sur le travail domestique afin de faire cesser les sévices fréquemment infligés aux travailleuses domestiques migrantes au Liban, qui entraînent parfois leur mort », peut-on lire dans ce communiqué publié aujourd’hui, et signé par Human Rights Watch, le Centre d’aide aux migrants de Caritas-Liban, « KAFA (“assez”) de violence et d’exploitation », le Mouvement contre le racisme, Amel Association International, Insan, le Conseil danois d’aide aux réfugiés et Nasawiya.

 Alem avait été la malheureuse « vedette » d’une vidéo diffusée le 8 mars par la chaîne télévisée LBCI. Une vidéo filmée le 24 février par un passant inconnu, dans laquelle on voit un agent recruteur brutaliser Alem Dechasa-Desisa devant le consulat d’Éthiopie à Badaro, en banlieue de Beyrouth. « Malgré les protestations de l’Éthiopienne, l’agent et un autre homme la font monter de force dans une voiture. L’homme qui brutalisait la jeune femme a été ensuite identifié comme étant Ali Mahfouz, frère du responsable de l’agence de recrutement qui avait fait venir Alem Dechasa-Desisa au Liban. Ali Mahfouz a accepté de parler à la télévision et a affirmé que l’agence de son frère s’était efforcée de rapatrier la domestique éthiopienne car elle souffrait de troubles mentaux », rappellent les organisations dans leur communiqué.

« La police est arrivée sur place peu après, alors que la voiture s’y trouvait toujours, et a emmené Alem Dechasa-Desisa vers un centre de détention. À la demande de Caritas-Liban, qui dispose d’une antenne dans ce centre de détention, les policiers l’ont transférée deux jours plus tard dans un établissement médical mais n’ont pas arrêté les hommes qui l’avaient brutalisée. Alem Dechasa-Desisa s’est suicidée à l’hôpital psychiatrique du Couvent de la Croix, le 14 mars au matin », rappelle encore le communiqué.
Suite à cette tragique affaire, le président Michel Sleiman a réclamé l’ouverture d’une enquête pour élucider les circonstances de l’incident et traduire les responsables devant la justice. Quant aux ministres de la Justice et du Travail, Chakib Cortbaoui et Sélim Jreissati, ils ont assuré suivre l’affaire sur le plan judiciaire.
« Les autorités libanaises ont ouvert une enquête parce qu’elles se sont trouvées sous le projecteur des médias », estime Nadim Houry, directeur adjoint de la division Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord à Human Rights Watch. Pour M. Houry, le gouvernement devrait révéler au public le résultat de l’enquête. Et d’ajouter : « Le gouvernement libanais devrait adopter des mesures de protection qui se font attendre depuis longtemps, afin de mettre fin aux mauvais traitements généralisés des travailleuses domestiques et de réduire le nombre d’incidents mortels qu’elles subissent dans ce pays. »
Environ 200 000 migrants, dont la plupart sont originaires du Sri Lanka, d’Éthiopie, des Philippines et du Népal, sont actuellement employés de maison au Liban, majoritairement des femmes. Ces employées de maison sont exclues du droit du travail et soumises à des règles d’immigration restrictives basées sur le parrainage individuel par l’employeur, ce qui les expose au risque d’être indûment exploitées et rend difficile pour elles de quitter un employeur abusif. Le taux élevé de mauvais traitements a amené plusieurs pays, dont l’Éthiopie et les Philippines, à interdire à leurs ressortissantes d’aller travailler au Liban.
Pour Nadim Houry, « l’absence d’une protection juridique des droits des travailleuses domestiques au Liban, ainsi que les politiques restrictives en matière de visas, contribuent à leur isolement, aux mauvais traitements qu’elles subissent, à leur endettement et à leur incapacité à échapper aux abus ». La réforme du système de parrainage devrait figurer parmi les priorités du gouvernement appelé par M. Houry à adopter une nouvelle loi sur le travail domestique qui soit « conforme aux critères internationaux ».

source: http://www.lorientlejour.com/category/Liban/article/751445/Droit_des_travailleuses_domestiques_au_Liban+%3A_huit_ONG_appellent_les_autorites_a_agir.html

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Une jeune femme libanaise, activiste me pousse a lire un texte en arabe qui ne fait que me pousser a lui dire un gros Waouw, “allah yakhallilik yeha”;
dans son texte Leen Hashem (que j’ai rencontre a quelques reprises a Nasawiya) decrit le combat journalier des femmes libanaises, contre l’agression, lors des guerres, lors des evenements, lors de leur mariage; sans oublier avec leurs enfants….
a lisant ton texte Leen , j’ai voulu crier puerilement ( je la connais je la connais),
Encore une fois bravo et que dieu (oui moi j’y crois) te  garde ta maman
Bonne fete,
أمي لستِ ملاكي

لا أعرف كيف أتكلّم عنكِ، وبيننا ثلاثة وعشرون عاماً، وقبلهما أنتِ.
أختلف معكِ وعنكِ كثيراً، لكن إعجابي بكِ كامرأة، بمعزل عن علاقتي بك كابنة لكِ، لا ينفكّ يكبر كلما كبرتُ يوماً وأدركت معانيكِ أكثر. فأنا مثلاً لا أحبّذ سعيكِ الهوسيّ للقيام بـ«ما هو صحيح» طوال الوقت، ولا أحبّ كيف تخافين من كل جديد ومختلف، وكيف تستمتعين بالمشاوير التي أصحبك فيها لكن قلّما تعبّرين عن ذلك. ويتعبني كم أضطرّ لأؤكد لكِ في محاولة يائسة لإقناعك، بأن لك جسدا جميلا ولست «ناصحة». كما أنّ هوسك الدائم بترتيب «شراشيب» السجادة يزعجني جداً، وأفكر أن هناك بالتأكيد شيئا أكثر إمتاعاً للقيام به كزيارة الجارة مثلاً، لكنني أنتبه إلى أنك لم تكوني يوما من هواة نسج الصداقات مع الجارات. أودّ لو كنت أكثر ودّاً مع الغرباء، ولو تتوقفين عن استخدام «شرقية وغربية». أحبّذ لو تتوقفين عن رشقي بالعبارات القاسية أحياناً، فإن لها في قلبي أثرا كبيرا. لكني يا أمي، أفهمكِ تماماً، وأفهم كل ما يزعجني فيكِ ويزعجكِ فيّ.
أنتِ أكثر من مجرّد ما فعلتِ من أجلي، فأنتِ امرأة موجودة من قبلي ومن بعدي. دائماً ما تكرر خالتي كيف كان جدّي يثق فيك أنت من بين كل أخوتك، على الرغم من صغر سنك، فيرسلك لشراء ربطة خبز فتعودين بثلاث ربطات أيام انقطاع الخبز. وتروي لي خالتي الأخرى كيف خرجت مشياً على الروشة تحت قصف بارجة «النيو جرسي» لتوصلي رسالة مكتوبة من صديقك الفلسطيني إلى أمّه. أسمع أخباراً عنكِ كيف كنت تهرّبين الرسائل إلى المقاومين من بيروت إلى الجنوب عبر الحواجز الإسرائيلية، وكيف كنت تدخرين مالا لتبتاعي الأغراض لأولئك المهجّرين من منازلهم الجنوبية في المبنى المجاور لكم، فأشعر برغبة في تقبيل قدميكِ. فيكِ رقّة لا تضاهيها سوى قوّتك المحفورة في عقدة حاجبيكِ. أشاهد لوحاتك الممتلئة بالألوان التي رسمتِ بيدين شابّتين، وأتساءل لماذا توقفت عن الرسم. أتفرج على صوركِ مع صديقاتك في المغرب وقبرص واليونان، وأتساءل لماذا توقفت عن السفر. يقول خالي انكِ كنت المفضلة لدى أولاده، وإنك لم تقضي يوماً صيفياً واحداً بعيداً عن الشاطئ، فلماذا توقفتِ عن السباحة؟
هدوئك الدائم لا يوحي بعِظَمِ قدرتك على المواجهة، لكنني أعرف كيف رددتِ على ضابط قوات الردع السورية يوم تحرش بكِ أثناء عودتك من الجامعة، فهرب إلى داخل ثكنته فيما أصررت أنتِ على استكمال جملتك. كما أني أعرف يوم قلتِ لنزار قباني في خلال إحدى أمسياته الشعرية إنك «غير معجبة بطريقته في اختصار حرية المرأة بقدرتها على إغواء الرجل واستعراض مفاتنها وعدد المرات التي تمارس فيها الجنس». وأذكر صورتكِ بشعر قصير مشاغب.
أفكر بك أحيانا، صبية شديدة الجاذبية في كل ما تفعل، يرغب بها كل الرجال، لكنها تختار رجلا فقيراً وتذهب حتى النهاية في المواجهة. جميلة أنتِ يا أمي، وجميلة قصتك، مثل «السندريلا» بالأبيض والأسود.
أذكر يوم خلا منزلنا من كل شيء عدا قليلا من الأرز، فأعددتِ طبقاً منه بمرقة حمراء وجئت به تمازحيننا باسمةً. عرفتُ يومها كم كنت مقهورةً، لكنني سايرتك وتصنّعت الفرح كي لا تزدادي قهراً. وأذكر «عناقيد الغضب» وأيام تحرير الجنوب وما بينهما، وكم مرّة هربتِ بنا بيدين مرتعدتين وعينين خائفتين، واستفقتِ في اليوم التالي تشدين بصوت عذب «قومي من تحت الردمِ، قومي يا بيروت قومي».
عندما أستعيدك في ذهني اليوم، لا أعرف كيف تمكنت من فعل ما فعلتِه لسنوات طوال. لا أعرف كيف كنت تعملين طوال النهار، وتنجزين في اليوم ذاته بيتاً نظيفاً وطعاماً معدّاً وملابس مغسولة ومكويّة ولعبة «باصرة» وركوة قهوة وصلاة مؤدّاة وولدين مستعدّين لليوم الدراسي التالي. أفكر أكثر، فأدرك كم كنت جميلة فيما كنت تفعلين كل ذلك. تقومين به بكثير من المزاح والصلابة، أو هكذا كنت أراكِ، على الرغم من أنكِ لم تكبري في ظروف مشابهة على الإطلاق. ووسط كل هذا، خلقتِ وقتاً لتصحبينا إلى جنينة الصنايع بدراجتنا الصغيرة وبضعة سندويشات لبنة وجبنة، ووجدتِ وقتاً لتخبريني كم تثقين بي وتعجبين بما أنجز، ولتحادثيني لساعات عن أبي وعنك وعن الجنوب وعن الله.
لم تنهريني يوماً لكثرة أسئلتي التي لا تنتهي، ولا عندما قلتُ لكِ إن الله في مخيلتي يشبه الأقزام السبعة بطربوش رخوِ وجلباب واسع. ثم عندما قلت لكِ إنه صرحاً من خيالِ. أذكر يوم شكوتُ لكِ ذلك الصبي الذي كان يشدّ ضفائري الطويلة في الملعب، فأمسكتِ بيدي وذهبنا لمواجهته معاً في اليوم التالي. أنا وأمي، عصابةٌ قوية في مواجهة العالم.
أفكّر، ماذا كنت لتكوني لو لم تكوني أمّي؟ هل كنتِ لتتابعي دراساتك العليا وتعملي في إدارة الأعمال أو في البستنة أو الرياضة؟ هل كنتِ لتصبحي مقاومة تنتشر صورك على الجدران؟ هل كنتِ لتتزوجي من رجل آخر غير أبي وتعيشي حياة مختلفة تماماً، ربما أكثر راحة لكن أقل سعادة، أو العكس؟ أو لعلّك كنتِ ستصبحين رسامة مشهورة تقيمين معارض عالمية، وروحاً متمرّدة تعيش في منزل قديم بحديقة صغيرة كما تشتهين، وتسافرين من مكانٍ إلى آخر من دون هوادة.
ماذا أورثتني، غير شكل جسدك وصوتك وآلام الظهر؟ ثم ماذا علّمتني، غير مواجهة من يشدّ ضفائري؟ تصعب الإجابة على هذا السؤال، ربما هي أصعب من مشاهدتك تبكين.
أنتِ لست ملاكا أو قديسة يا أمي، وليس من جنّة تحت قدميك. أنتِ لست أغنية وحنينا وخبزا ساخنا طريا. أنت أكثر من ذلك، أنتِ الفعل السياسي الأول في داخلي.

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My friends work in the wedding planning field, I am impressed with their work, and the way they do research to prepare each theme minutiously, with all the details, and the very small details;

I think as a first assumption that such weddings will cost millions … And I am right; after doing a first search I discovered that to do a wedding with 300 invitees, a couple in Lebanon needs to pay at least 40 000 $ the location is very important, I suggest to all those who are willing to make their dream become true to try to do it in a Garden ,  or in a Hotel, without forgetting the fireworks ( as the responsible of a garden told me: the Taous… the fountain, ….) , the generator, the Valets Parkings, with one to each 7 cars, the same with the hostesses 1 for each 7 persons, the lighting, the chocolate, the flower decoration, the food, the zaffeh, the singers, the entertainments, the dress, and costume, and ah… last but not least, the “coiffeurs” the hairdressers I met ask for a 800$ for the bride hairdressing, without her mom or her bridemaids; you have the cinderella style, the extensions, the veil…..I forgot the make up … remake of the bride :-)),

bref, the weddings in Lebanon are one of the most extravagant and working field ( de”o 3al khachab) (touch wood)

here is an article by the daily star of ideas that might be less expensive than the Big Fat Lebanese wedding style, in my opinion, those ideas are as expensive as the others…. anyhow … let us wish to everybody a Happy ever after…w liliiiiii



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Chers, et cheres un tres bel appartement, bien entretenu est en vente il est dans la region de Biakout -Metn el Sahili
a 5 minutes de Dora, a 5 minutes de Géant Mall,2 minutes de l’autoroute du Metn (el sari3)
105 m2, ensoleillé, 2 chambres à coucher ,2 WC ,1 cuisine, 1 salon, 2 balcons, 2 parkings, interphone, boite aux lettres.
Concierge, eau publique, électricité.
Paiement cash ,180 000 USD
Téléphone: 03 785 606

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14 of March 2005, Lebanese people gathered together and showed to the world bright and lovely colours peacefully;

as for me, the events ( the protests that happened in 2005 since the 14 of february till end of June, ) were my cup of tea for 3 years, with interviews, researches, opinion polls, for me to give birth to the first recognised research ” the LEBANESE spring 2005 between myths and realities“…

I hope that the citizen of my country will one day create a true State of Law, Etat de Droit for the frenchy as me,

a state that respects freedom of expression and freedom of being of each individual no matter what. (Confession, gender, political affiliation…)

for all, here is  a gift from me a snapshot of the lovely mimosa that bloom in Lebanon beginning of March!

Rita Chemaly


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Dear Readers

as you may know, in our deep search for an apartment, we are tired  now, because each time we found something we like, we found many problems with it. ( or the neighborhood is noisy, or the price is half a million dollars, or no parking for our 2 small cars…)

anyone can help us? we search for a small cozy ( 3 bedrooms (one will be a Library), 3 bathrooms, 2 parkings with parkings for visitors (yes where will friends park when they come?, water, sunny rooms( we insist on this sunny rooms thing: mnwwar ) in the region of Metn ( Naccache, antelias, jal-el dib … jedeideh… ) we need it as a functional house, that is somehow calm too.

so no last floors, and preferably no first floors…no fabrics near, some beautiful neighborhood with green plots ( I am dreaming)

ouich!! too much asking??Am i Dreaming?

we are looking for the apartment were we can hide in after long hours of work, and where we can organize those diners and parties with friends and family. without speaking of campaigning for better rights…

you can e-mail me if you have friends in the field of construction….



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