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Les nouveaux gadgets en vogue au Liban? Des applications smartphone directement développées pour rester en vie dans un pays où les incidents sécuritaires se multiplient, depuis que son voisin syrien est secoué par l’une des guerres les plus meurtrières de la région.

Fusillades, enlèvements, explosions ou voitures piégées sont en constante augmentation dans le pays. Déjà éprouvé par une guerre civile dévastatrice jusqu’en 1990, le Liban, fief du Hezbollah, allié de Bachar al-Assad, redoute le spectre d’éventuelles frappes occidentales.

«Dans d’autres endroits du monde, la seule chose qui pourrait entraver votre chemin, ce sont les embouteillages. Au Liban, il y a plein d’autres obstacles» explique au Financial Times Mohammad Taha, entrepreneur qui a lancé l’année dernière l’appli Ma2too3a. Cette sorte de GPS cartographie en temps réel les manifestations, barrages routiers ou autres affrontements sur le principe du crowdsourcing: chaque témoin d’un événement transmet l’information. Selon Taha, Ma2too3a a déjà été téléchargée plus de 80.000 fois.

L’armée libanaise a lancé le 30 août dernier sa propre application intitulée LAF Shield (bouclier des forces armées libanaises) dans le but de mettre en place un «canal de communication directe avec les citoyens». Les utilisateurs sont invités à transmettre au plus vite toute information ayant trait à la sécurité dans le pays: site dangereux, objet suspect, localisation d’une victime de kidnapping, d’une cache d’arme, etc. Mais aussi d’entrer en contact au plus vite avec le commandement militaire en cas de danger.

Un entrepreneur, Firas Wazneh, est en train de son côté de développer l’appli Way to Safety (la voie de la sécurité), sorte de Shazam spécialisé dans… les coups de feu. L’appli pourra identifier le type d’arme utilisé en fonction de son bruit. Alors que les fusillades et attentats se multiplient au Liban, les utilisateurs auront le moyen d’éviter, tant que faire se peut, les points les plus chauds.

link to way to safety http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8Zc1qvZ4So

article lu sur  Slate.fr : source http://www.slate.fr/monde/77324/liban-syrie-smartphone-securite-attentats

article publie le 4/9/2013

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because many “illiterate ” digital, have shown an interest on how to use Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms,

the National commission for women in Lebanon and the Ministry of Social Affairs have tailored a special training program for beginner users.

They gave me the responsibility to train “Digitally” illiterate women and men on how to use Social Media platforms to make some noise on the web about the causes they champion.

It was one of the most wonderful experience, seeing elder women who usually open Facebook to contact their children abroad with (their help), try to figure out how to make keywords, write catchy status, make interesting pictures….

for you here is the synopsis and the overview of the training program specially tailored for those wonderful women and men!

Rita Chemaly





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To support the Country Director with the Financial and Administrative systems for SFCG Lebanon. 

To implement all matters related to Finance and Administration under the supervision of the Country Director (CD)



  • Handling and filing original and hard copies of all required documents for finance and administration for SFCG Lebanon
  • Sending and receiving official faxes and E-mail messages and distribution of such faxes and E-mails to the required staff.
  • Coordinate the work of the house keeper.
  • Keeping attendance records for staff (time sheet follow-up / approval)
  • Keep staff contracts and all project paper work up-to-date filed.
  • Supervise registration of employee in the social security and Ministry of Finance, Tax Office and related payment.
  • To prepare and pay monthly salary payroll at the end of the month.  


  • Prepare Budget for Proposals as instructed by Country Director.
  • Manage the budget as required by Country Director.  Ensure that there are no over or under spends and present data to Manager at the end of each month.
  • Monitor cash balance level, anticipate short-term needs and request relevant cash transfer or withdrawals to Country Director to avoid any shortage.
  • Ensure petty cash box is properly handled and up to date and prepare monthly field reports as required by SFCG’s finance department at HQ.
  • To liaise with Finance in HQ to ensure that expenditure from HQ is accounted for and correct.
  • To ensure that all procurement and financial transactions have accompanying correct paperwork.
  • To prepare and handle cheques and transfers, and generally manage and administer grants (financial) 
  • Keep accounts of the project expenses, compile and report these to the Country Director
  • Responsible for daily payment and transfer, in accordance with SFCG policies.
  • Ensure close and proper follow-up for all cash advances.
  • Ensure payments to suppliers are performed in accordance with SFCG and Donor purchasing and payment procedures
  • Any other task requested by the Country Director


  • Following SFCG’s procurement procedures when purchasing
  • Keep an up-to-date inventory for SFCG Lebanon
  • Support Project Coordiantor and others with regard to preparing logistics for any event ( traininng, seminar , etc )
  • Monitor security situation in Lebanon and participate in inter-NGO/UN logistic and security meetings as required.
  • Request procurement quotations following Country Director instruction and according with SFCG and Donor requirement.
  • Create and collect booklets to record transportation of project staff

IT Technical Support

  • Administer and maintain SFCG information technology hardware. Information technology hardware includes printers, scanners, laptops, desktops, network. Responsibilities include evaluating fitness of hardware for usage, making recommendations for upgrades, repairs and replacements as appropriate.
  • Ensure both hardware and software are maintained.
  • Act as a technical resource to all SFCG staff in resolving problems with business applications and information technology hardware.
  • Implement a regularly scheduled backup plan for all users.

Basic Requirements

Academic & Technical:




 – Bachelor Degree in Accounting or finance



 – Previous experience with NGOs is an asset



 – At least 2 years of experience in Accounting Field



 – Fluency in written and spoken English and Arabic



 – Expert in main computer applications (Microsoft Office Applications…)



  – Knowledgeable in the financial and accounting systems






    – Excellent Interpersonal and communication skills



   –  Languages: Arabic: Fluent English: Fluent 

Application Process

STARTING DATE : Immediate.  We’re looking for people who can start as soon as possible or within the next few weeks.



Each application package should include the following:



•           Job title for the role you are applying for in subject header of the email

 •           Cover letter with the applicant’s current contact information

 •           CV (including detailed work experience, education/degrees)  –  3pages maximum

 •           Professional References (minimum of three, with complete contact information)

 •           Kindly do not send supporting certificates and documents at this stage

 •           Letter and CV should be saved into one Word or PDF document and sent to:  Lebanon@sfcg.org

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Full Time Job Vacancy (6 months with the possibility of extension)

Project Officer
For the Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Program
At The Forum for Development Culture and Dialogue (F.D.C.D.)
The Project officer will support the peacebuilding program of  FDCD in designing, implementing and following-up with local projects in Lebanon that targets various focus group all over the country.
Major Tasks:
• Assisting the Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Program Coordinator in implementing and following up running peacebuilding projects in Lebanon.
• Monitoring and assisting in the evaluation process for several projects.
• Establishing contact and maintaining correspondence with individuals and institutions within the project work of  PBCR-FDCD.
• Implementing peacebuilding conference in different Lebanese regions.
• Assisting in Planning and executing training programs in peacebuilding, leadership, conflict prevention and relevant topics.
• The Job Holder may be assigned to other tasks related to the implementation of different F.D.C.D. projects.
• BA degree required in social work, political science, peace and conflict studies or relevant majors.
•  1 year experience in N.G.O. Work
• Knowledge in peacebuilding and conflict resolution techniques 
• Lebanese nationality
• Excellent communication skills in Arabic (written and Oral)
• Good Communication skills in English (written and Oral) – French is a Plus
• Able to travel to different geographical region in Lebanon
• Able to work under Time Pressure and Deadlines 
• Computer Skills ( Word, Excel…)
• Able to start working by May – June 2013
This Position is set for 6 months period ending on the 31 of December 2013. Could be extended in case of Program Renewal.
How to Apply:
Send your Two Pages C.V. To : info@fdcd.org – State in the subject : Project Officer Vacancy – PBCR – FDCD.
Deadline for applicants: 23th of April 2013
–Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be called for an interview

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Citizens Exchange Programme 

Call for Applications
* Are you a member of an organisation in one of the 42 Euro-Med countries?
* Would you like to take part in a unique training opportunity in another Euro-Med country?
* This is your chance. Apply now through your organisation!
In the framework of the “DAWRAK-Citizens for Dialogue” (2012-2014), the Foundation is launching the 2nd Call of Citizens Exchange Programme for Euro-med civil society exchanges, that will be taking place between the 1 July and 31 December 2013.
To apply for the traineeship you are kindly asked to use the online form
Applications must be in English, French and Arabic. Applications sent to any of the ALF staff members email addresses are automatically excluded from the call.
In case you have questions please contact us cep.applications@bibalex.org
Deadline for receiving applications: 14 April 2013 at 16:00 EGY time

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to all my foreign friends, to the husband of helene, of Souad, to Mathieu, to Catherine, to franzi, to Aicha, to Bea, to Iza, salsoul ( u understand lebanese better than me) bref, you are my friends, and when you come to leb, or hear some lebanese talking don’t say ouchh… now there is an application that teaches you how to speak the great “hi kifak ca va” dialect!
Jana, my long time friend from university sent me the update and the news related to the application.
also, I couldn’t but notice the yummy home page of the app, here it is below for you:
“Marhaba, you are about to download this application because you have a spouse or a Lebanese acquaintance, and you’ve been lost in translation when she/he speaks in lebanese, especially with family or on the phone with his/her mother in law! And you are so eager to speak this language …
Or it may be your Lebanese origins that lead you to take courses in lebanese dialect, to reconnect with them, or just to share with family when you visit the Land of Cedars.
But you may also be one of those people who are passionate about Lebanon, who knew about it through a friend, a private or professional trip, a book or a documentary. And you are curious about this dialect…
this is how the application home page explains it all… http://www.keefaktheapp.com/index.html

A new application Made by Lebanese to the World, is taking lots of space, virtually!
Friends, try it and tell me if you understand me or others when we talk!!
as for the developers, good work, I will try it too!!

Good luck!!
Rita Chemaly

You may also check KEEFAK through the below links:


– FB Page: facebook.com/keefaktheapp

– Twitter Account: @KeefakTheApp

– YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TFqUvjYiGVE

keefak application lebanon rita chemaly

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Internship: Social and Solidarity Economy

Closing date: 22 Apr 2013
Vacancy number: INT065

UNRISD is now accepting applications for an internship position, under the supervision of the Deputy Director, in the area of Social and Solidarity Economy.
Required qualifications: Currently enrolled in a Master’s or PhD degree programme in the social sciences;
Good understanding of social economy, sustainable development and social movements issues;
Excellent communication skills including written and spoken fluency in English and experience in editing English texts; good working knowledge of French and Spanish desirable;
Proficiency in MS Office package.

Responsibilities: Follow-up activities related to the 6-8 May 2013 UNRISD conference on the Potential and Limits of Social and Solidarity Economy, These are likely to include assisting with editing, preparing publications, updating the website, serving as a communications focal point and other tasks.
Conducting background research on social and solidarity economy issues;
Identifying governmental, intergovernmental and civil society actors and networks supporting social and solidarity economy initiatives and informing them of the outcomes of the UNRISD project on the Potential and Limits of Social and Solidarity Economy;

The deadline for applications is 22 April 2013. The internship will be ideally for three to four months, starting mid-June 2013.

If you are interested in the work elaborated above and have the corresponding qualifications, please apply online by clicking the button below and clearly specify your qualifications. Please note that due to limited staff resources only those candidates who are short-listed will be contacted.

In accordance with the rules and regulations of the UN Internship Programme, this internship is not financially remunerated. UNRISD is not responsible for interns’ travel expenses to and from Geneva, or for their medical insurance for the period of assignment.
Source: http://www.unrisd.org/80256B3C005BF3C2/search/75625F6BE218C77BC1257B350029BEE1?OpenDocument&utm_campaign=email_alerts_weekly_1_4_2013&utm_medium=email_html&utm_source=en&utm_content=content_link&cntxt=A9003&cookielang=en#top

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Immediate Recruitment Announcement 

Gender Equality Team Coordinator

One year full time contract renewable

CRTD.A is announcing an immediate vacancy for the Gender and Equality Team Coordinator.


The Gender and Equality Team is entrusted with spearheading the Arab Women’s Right to Nationality Campaign, implementing the Leadership capacity building programme, engaging in CRTD.A’s work within the regional “Equality without Reservation Coalition” as well as developing and disseminating knowledge and communication material on gender equality in Lebanon and the Arab region.



Key tasks and responsibilities


● Provide support and accompaniment to the GET team members

● Develop action plans for the Nationality campaign and ensure implementation and monitoring

● Develop leadership and related capacity building programmes

● Provide timely and comprehensive reports on activities

● Liaise and collaborate with other CRTD.A teams

● Engage with CRTD.A national and regional partners



Key competencies


● Up to 5 years of experience in a related field

● A relevant university degree

● Excellent written and verbal communication skills in Arabic and English

● Ability to coordinate a small team and develop workplans

● Reliable and able to meet deadlines

● High interpersonal skills

● Commitment to gender equality and social justice


Deadline for application: 15 March 2013


Interested candidates should send their CV, a detailed motivation letter and three references to vacancy@crtda.org.lb.  Please indicate “Gender and Equality Team Coordinator “in the subject line.


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

اعلان عن توظيف فوري

منسق/ة لبرنامج المساواة في النوع الاجتماعي

عقد عمل لمدة سنة قابل للتجديد


تعلن مجموعة الأبحاث والتدريب للعمل التنموي عن حاجتها للتوظيف الفوري لمنسق/ة لبرنامج المساواة في النوع الاجتماعي.


تتضمن مسؤوليات منسق/ة برنامج المساواة في النوع الاجتماعي، دعم حملة “جنسيتي حق لي ولأسرتي” وتطويرها، تنفيذ نشاطات التدريب على القيادة النسائية، تعزيز مشاركة مجموعة الابحاث والتدريب للعمل التنموي في الحملة الاقليمية “لتحالف المساواة دون تحفظ”، تطوير التنسيق، التواصل، تطوير ونشر المعرفة حول المساواة في النوع الاجتماعي في لبنان والمنطقة العربية.


مهمات منسق/ة برنامج المساواة في النوع الاجتماعي:


– تأمين الدعم وادارة فريق المساواة في النوع الاجتماعي

– تطوير خطط عمل حملة الجنسية وضمان حسن المتابعة والتنفيذ

– تطوير برنامج القيادة وبناء القدرات النسائية

– رسم الخطط التنفيذية ووضع تقارير دورية حول سير العمل

– التنسيق والتعاون مع فرق العمل الاخرى في مجموعة الابحاث والتدريب للعمل التنموي

– التواصل مع شركاء وشبكة علاقات مجموعة الابحاث والتدريب للعمل التنموي في لبنان والمنطقة العربية


على المتقدم/ة للوظيفة أن تتوفر لديه/ها المواصفات التالية:


– خبرة في مجال مماثل تصل الى 5 سنوات

– حيازة شهادة جامعية في الحقل الاجتماعي

– اتقان كامل للّغتين العربية والانكليزية قراءة وكتابة

– قدرة على التخطيط  وادارة فريق العمل

– صفات شخصية عالية، تتسم بالجدية وبالقدرة على الالتزام بالمهل المحددة


آخر مهلة لاستلام الطلبات: 15 آذار 2013


على المرشحين/ات المهتمين/ات إرسال سيرتهم/ن الذاتية، إضافة الى رسالة تعريف شخصية، وثلاثة اسماء لاشخاص معرّفين، على العنوان التالي: vacancy@crtda.org.lb، على أن يتم الإشارة في عنوان الرسالة الى “منسق لبرنامج المساواة في النوع الاجتماعي


ملاحظة: سوف يتم الاتصال فقط بالذين/اللواتي يتم اختيارهم/ن للمقابلة.



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ToR_PAR-Coordinator_Lebanon (2)

ToR_PROWD_Communication Consultant

Cover of Ilo report working with domestic workers 1980-2012

Cover of Ilo report working with domestic workers 1980-2012

ILO in lebanon is seeking for a national research consultant and a communication consultant for a project aiming to promote the rights of Women Domestic Workers;
Kindly find attached the 2 TORs related to the counsultancies,

also, for you to know more about ILO work in this field,
I am attaching the link of a report of 92 pages related to the program : PROWD OF ILO: Promoting Rights of Women Domestic Workers Programme (PROWD); The report is intitled “Working with Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon (1980-2012): A mapping of NGO services ” and has been prepared by Marie-Jose Tayah,
the direct link to the report is http://www.ilo.org/public/english/region/arpro/beirut/downloads/events/2012/prowd_2012/report.pdf

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دعــوة مشـاركة


حضرة السيدات والسادة الكرام ،

الانتخابات هي حجر الأساس في بناء الديمقراطية، والتنافس الحر بين المرشحين والمرشحات هو أساس كل عملية انتخابية سليمة. فلا إنتخاب من دون امكانية الإختيار ولا اختيار بغير وجود مجموعة من المرشحين والمرشحات  يحملون  أفكاراً أوبرامج متنافسة.

الفوز في الانتخابات هو أمر شديد الصعوبة، ولكن ما هو مؤكد ان عملية الفوز تصبح أكثر سهولة إذا عرف المرشح، سواء كان رجلاً او إمراة، كيف ينظم حملته، وكيف يواجه المصاعب والتحديات التي قد تعترض طريقه.

فإذا كنت تطمح لأن تكون مرشحا، سواء كنت رجلا او إمراة، وترغب في إدارة شؤون حملتك بشكل فعال من الناحية التنظيمية أو توّد المشاركة في تنفيذ حملة مرشح ما، فان “مركز الشراكة للتنمية والديمقراطية” اللبناني وبالتعاون مع “مؤسسة فريدريش ايبرت” الألمانية  وضمن مشروع ” خطط  وفوز”، سيوفر لك الدعم التقني والمراجع الأدبية المفيدة خلال الورشة التدريبية التي سيقيمها على مدى يومين من الساعة 9:00 ق.ظ – 3:00 ب. ظ  في بلدة حاكور-عكار، أوتيل جنة عرقة (825041-06).

التاريخ: 26 و27 كانون الثاني 2013

عنوان الورشة: تنظيم حملة انتخابية فعالة

مضمون الورشة:

● دور النائب ومسؤولياته

● تخطيط الحمـلة الانتخابية

● تعريف البرنامج الانتخابي وتحديده

● تشكيل الفريق الانتـخابي

● تطوير الإستراتيجية الدعائيـة والإعلامـية

● تمويـل الحملة الانتخابيـة

المشاركة مجانية والأماكن محدودة، سارع الى ملىء استمارة مشاركة على الرابط التالي في مدة أقصاها 20 كانون الثاني 2013 :


لمزيد من المعلومات الاتصال بمركز الشراكة للتنمية والديمقراطية على الرقم 01303911  أو على البريد الالكتروني التالي: pcdd@pcdd.org

[i] مركز الشراكة للتنمية والديمقراطية هو منظمة غير حكومية مستقلة . تتجسد رؤية المركز في التوصل الى مجتمع مدني ديمقراطي ، قادر على التأثير في السياسات العامة. وهو يهدف الى دعم منظمات المجتمع المدني، وتعزيز الشراكة والمساهمة في الشأن العام من خلال تنفيذ مشاريع في مجال التنمية والديمقراطية  والعمل على تنمية القدرات والمهارات التي تمكّن الافراد والمنظمات من النهوض بمجتمع مدني حيوي.  www.facebook.com/pcdd.lb – www.pcdd.org

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NCLW is requesting a webmaster for its offices in Hazmieh.
The annoucement can be found on NCLW website :
للعمل في مقر الهيئة الوطنية في الحازمية webmaster مطلوب

ترغب الهيئة الوطنية لشؤون المرأة اللبنانية التعاقد مع Webmaster للعمل في مقرّها في الحازمية.

الشروط المطلوبة:

1.    University Degree

2. Knows Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)

3.    Knows Adobe Photoshop

4.    Basic Knowledge in HTML/CSS, JavaScript

5.    Basic Knowledge in SQL Server Databases.

6.    Knowledge in Computer Support

7.    At least 2 years experience

Send your C.V. to: info@nclw.org.lb – or Fax 05/955103

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Facebook attempts to shut down the voice of the Uprising of Women in the Arab World
For Arabic and French please scroll down:

للعربية برجاء النظر للأسفل

Facebook attempts to shut down the voice of The Uprising of Women in the Arab World

Nov 7, 2012 – On the morning of November 7, 2012, the 5 admins of The Uprising of Women in the Arab World log into Facebook, to find out that one’s account has been blocked for 30 days, another for 3 days, 2 others for 24 hours, and 1 other received a warning notification.

According to Facebook, those persons had violated its policy by sharing a post asking for supporting Dana Bakdounes on Twitter. The message that was sent to the admins as the reasoning for the ban from Facebook was: “You have posted a content that violates Facebook Community Rules, the post says: Follow us on Twitter @UprisingOFWomen. Support Dana with hashtag #WindToDana”
Dana Bakdounes is one the hundreds of women and men who participated in the Uprising of Women in the Arab World campaign, holding a sign expressing the reason why they support this uprising. Dana’s slogan stated: “I am with the uprising of women in the Arab world because for 20 years I wasn’t allowed to feel the wind in my hair and on my body”, and her picture showed an unveiled woman carrying her passport with her picture when she was veiled.

Dana’s picture was initially posted on October 21, among many other photos and statements of women and men of various religious beliefs and practices (some women were veiled, some unveiled, some in niqab…), all demanding women’s rights and equally enjoying the freedom of speech, in a secular space that promotes tolerance and embraces the differences. But on October 25, Facebook chose to censor Dana’s image and to suspend for 24 hours the account of the admin who posted it. This incident provoked an outrage among the defenders of freedom of speech who started sharing Dana’s picture all over Facebook, Twitter and other media channels.

On October 28, persuaded that Facebook had mistakenly taken down the photo due to abusive reports of haters of the Page and that the photo held no offensive content, and seeing that it was all over the web, we uploaded it again. A few hours later, Facebook removed it again and blocked another admin’s account for 7 days.

However on October 31, Facebook restored Dana’s censored photo to The Uprising of Women in the Arab World page without any notice nor explanation, although it didn’t lift the ban on the admin’s account which ended on November 5.

On November 7, all 5 admins of The Uprising of Women in the Arab World’s Page received threats by Facebook for the reasons mentioned earlier that their accounts may be permanently deleted. The repeated temporary blockades on the admins’ personal accounts with no clear motive or explanation show a direct attack on The Uprising of Women in The Arab World’s Page. It also raises serious questions about the true intentions behind FB’s policies, and whether Dana’s “controversial” image is a mere excuse to shut down the voice of the Uprising of Women in The Arab World.
(Note that during the past 3 weeks, we have wrote to Facebook several times asking for explanation about their censorship but received no response at all.)

Today more than ever we want to say to the world that our voices will not be silenced, not by Facebook, nor by patriarchy, dictatorships, military rule and/or religious extremism. They may be temporarily denied, overlooked, censored or whitewashed, but only to be uttered once again. We will continue to write on the dividing walls of fear, submission and defamation, if not tear them down.

The Uprising of Women in the Arab World has already hit the streets! Our slogan is printed on t-shirts in Damascus, riding bicycles in Marseille, being tagged from walls of Mohamed Mahmoud street of Cairo to private home walls in Riyadh, and will soon be all over the world. Schools and universities are organizing workshops inspired by the campaign, films are being shot, music composed, as tens of thousands of women have  decided that enough was enough. The wall of silence has been broken. The revolution continues.

– Ends –
موقع التواصل الاجتماعي “فايسبوك” يحاول إخماد صوت انتفاضة المرأة في العالم العربي
نوفمبر 7، 2012في صباح السابع من نوفمبر 2012، حاولت الناشطات الخمس المشرفات على صفحة “انتفاضة المرأة في العالم العربي” الدخول إلى حسابات الفايسبوك الخاصة بهن ليكتشفن بأنه قد تم حظر حساب إحداهن لمدة 30 يومًا، وحساب أخرى لمدة 3 أيام، بينما تم حظر حساب مشرفتين أخريين لمدة 24 ساعة، كما تلقت إحداهن إخطارًا تحذيريًا بشأن استعمالها للفايسبوك.
ووفقًا للفايسبوك، فإن هؤلاء الناشطات قد انتهكن سياسة الموقع عندما وضعن نداءًا نصيًا يطلبن فيه دعم السورية دانا بقدونس على موقع تويتر والتغريد عنها. وقد كانت الرسالة التي بعث بها فايسبوك لمشرفات الصفحة لتفسير سبب الحظر من على الموقع كالتالي: “لقد شاركتن بوضع محتوى يخالف القواعد المجتمعة للفايسبوك” وضحت رسالة الفايسبوك بأن هذا المحتوى هو الجملة النصية التي نشرتها الصفحة كالتالي: “تابعونا على حسابنا على تويتر @UprisingOFWomen ، ادعموا دانا باستخدام هاش تاغ #WindToDana”.
دانا بقدونس هي واحدة من مئات النساء والرجال الذين شاركوا في حملة انتفاضة المرأة في العالم العربي والذين أرسلوا بصورهم وهن/هم يحملون لافتات يعبرون فيها عن الأسباب التي من أجلها يدعمون هذه الانتفاضة. أما الشعار الذي اختارته دانا وحملته في مشاركتها فكان: “أنا مع انتفاضة المرأة في العالم العربي لأنني كنت محرومة لمدة 20 سنة من أن يلامس الهواء جسدي… وشعري”، وكانت في صورتها تقف دون حجاب للرأس بينما تحمل اللافتة وجواز سفرها الذي يظهر صورتها في الماضي عندما كانت ترتدي الحجاب.
وقد نشرت الصفحة صورة دانا بقدونس لأول مرة بتاريخ 21 أكتوبر 2012 مع العديد من الصور والعبارات الأخرى  لنساء ورجال من مختلف المعتقدات الدينية والممارسات (بعض النساء يرتدين الحجاب وبعضهن يرتدين النقاب وأخريات لا يرتدين الحجاب..)، بحيث يطالبون جميعهم بحقوق المرأة ويتمتعون بالتساوي بحرية التعبير في مساحة علمانية تحث وتشجع على التسامح وتقبّل الاختلافات. ولكن في تاريخ 25 أكتوبر، قام موقع الفايسبوك بحجب صورة دانا بقدونس كما أوقف حساب إحدى المشرفات التي رفعت الصورة على الصفحة لمدة 24 ساعة. أثارت هذه الحادثة موجة من الغضب بين المدافعات والمدافعين عن حرية التعبير والذين بدأوا على الفور بمشاركة صورة دانا على الكثير من الصفحات والحسابات الشخصية على الفايسبوك، وتويتر، ووسائل التواصل والإعلام الأخرى.
في 28 أكتوبر، أعادت الصفحة رفع ونشر صورة دانا بقدونس بعد اقتناع المشرفات بأن فايسبوك قد قام بحجبها عن طريق الخطأ نتيجة للبلاغات المسيئة التي قام بإرسالها كارهو الصفحة، حيث أن الصورة لا تضم أي محتوى مسيء ولا تنتهك قواعد الفايسبوك، إضافة إلى أنها قد انتشرت بكثافة على الإنترنت وعلى الفايسبوك نفسه في صفحات أخرى. إلا أنه وبعد ساعات معدودة، قام موقع الفايسبوك بإزالة الصورة مرة أخرى، وحظر حساب واحدة أخرى من المشرفات على الصفحة  لمدة 7 أيام.
لكن في 31 أكتوبر 2012، تراجع الفايسبوك عن حذف صورة دانا التي حجبها مسبقًا وأعاد نشرها من تلقاء نفسه على صفحة انتفاضة المراة في العالم العربي دون تقديم أي إخطار أو تفسير لأسباب الحذف أو الاسترجاع، في حين أن إدارة الفايسبوك لم تتراجع عن قرارها بحظر حساب مشرفة الصفحة التي لم تستعيد حسابها إلا في 5 نوفمبر 2012.
في تاريخ 7 نوفمبر 2012، تلقت جميع المشرفات الخمس لصفحة انتفاضة المرأة في العالم العربي إخطارات تهديد من إدارة الفايسبوك بأنهن قد يتعرضن لتعطيل حساباتهن بشكل دائم للأسباب المذكورة سابقًا. إن هذا الحصار المؤقت والمتكرر التي تفرض على الحسابات الشخصية لمشرفات الصفحة ودون أي دوافع واضحة أو تفسيرات تكشف عن هجوم مباشر على “صفحة انتفاضة المرأة في العالم العربي”. كما أنها تثير تساؤلات خطيرة حول النوايا الحقيقية وراء سياسات الفايسبوك، وإذا ما كانت صورة دانا بقدونس “المثيرة للجدل” هي مجرد ذريعة تستخدم لإخماد صوت انتفاضة المرأة في العالم العربي (جدير بالذكر أن فريق عمل الصفحة وعلى مدى 3 أسابيع، قد قام بالتواصل مع إدارة الفايسبوك عدة مرات للاستفسار عن توضيحات بشأن قرارهم بحجب صورة دانا وحظر الحسابات الشخصية للمشرفات ولكن دون تلقي أي ردود من الفايسبوك حتى الآن).
اليوم أكثر من أي وقت مضى نريد أن نقول للعالم بأن أصواتنا لن يتم إخمادها، ليس بواسطة الفايسبوك، ولا بواسطة المجتمعات الذكورية ولا الدكتاتوريات ولا الحكم العسكري ولا التطرف الديني. وقد يتم إنكارها مؤقتًا، أو تجاهلها، أو حجبها أو إزالتها، لكن ذلك لن يؤدي إلا إلى إطلاق أصواتنا من جديد. سنستمر بالكتابة على حواجز الخوف والخضوع والتشهير، هذا إن لم نهدمها تمامًا.
إن انتفاضة المرأة في العالم العربي قد وصلت بالفعل إلى الشارع! شعارنا اليوم مطبوع على بعض القمصان في دمشق، ومعلق على بعض الدراجات الهوائية في مرسيليا، ومرسوم على الجدران بدءًا من شارع محمد محمود بالقاهرة وصولاً إلى جدران المنازل في الرياض، وسينتشر هذا الشعار قريبًا حول العالم. لقد بدأت المدارس والجامعات بتنظيم ورش عمل استلهمتها من حملتنا، هناك أفلام يتم تصويرها، ومقطوعات موسيقية يؤلفها أصحابها دعمًا لانتفاضة المرأة بعد أن قررت عشرات الآلاف
من النساء أنهن قد اكتفين من واقعهن الأليم.
لقد كسرنا حاجز الصمت. الثورة مستمر.
– انتهى –

Facebook tente de faire taire la voix du soulèvement des femmes dans le monde Arabe

7 Novembre, 2012Le matin du 7 Novembre 2012, les 5 admins de la page “The Uprising of Women in the Arab World” se connectent à Facebook pour découvrir que le compte de l’une a été bloqué pour 30 jours, de l’autre pour 3 jours, de 2 autres pour 24 heures et enfin la dernière reçoit un avertissement comme quoi son compte sera bloqué de même.
Selon Facebook, ces personnes ont violé les règles du réseau social en partageant un post qui appelle à soutenir Dana Bakdounes sur Twitter. Le message reçu par les 5 admins visant à expliquer la raison du blocage de leur compte est le suivant: “Vous avez posté un contenu qui viole les Règles de la Communauté Facebook, le post disait: Suivez-nous sur Twitter @UprisingOFWomen. Soutenez Dana avec le hashtag #WindToDana”.
Dana Bakdounes une parmi des centaines de femmes et d’hommes ayant participé à la campagne du soulèvement des femmes dans le monde Arabe, à travers une pancarte exprimant la raison pour laquelle elles/ils soutenaient ce soulèvement. Le slogan de Dana dit: “Je suis avec le soulèvement des femmes dans le monde Arabe parce que pendant 20 ans, je n’avais pas le droit de sentir l’air dans mes cheveux et sur mon corps”. Sa photo montre une femme non-voilée brandissant son passeport où elle apparait voilée.
La photo de Dana a été posté pour la première fois le 21 Octobre, parmi de nombreuses autres photos de femmes et d’hommes de croyances et pratiques religieuses différentes (certaines femmes voilées, d’autres non voilées, d’autres portant le niqab), tous réclamant les droits des femmes et bénéficiant à égalité de la liberté d’expression, dans un espace laïque qui promouvoit la tolérance et embrasse les différences. Cependant le 25 Octobre, Facebook décide de censurer la photo de Dana et de suspendre pour 24 heures le compte de l’admin qui l’a postée. L’incident provoque un scandale parmi les défenseurs de la liberté d’expression et ceux-ci partagent la photo de Dana partout sur Facebook, Twitter et autres médias.
Le 28 Octobre, persuadées que Facebook avait enlevé la photo à tort en prêtant attention aux signalisations abusives des haïsseurs de la Page et que la photo en question ne comportait rien d’offensant, et voyant qu’elle avait déjà fait le tour du web, nous l’avons repostée. Quelques heures plus tard, Facebook la censure à nouveau et suspend le compte d’une autre admin pour 7 jours.
Pourtant le 31 Octobre, Facebook restitue la photo censurée de Dana sur la page de The Uprising of Women in the Arab World, sans notice ni explication, tout en refusant de lever le blocage sur le compte de l’admin, qui a duré jusqu’au 5 Novembre.
Le 7 Novembre, tous les 5 admins de la page The Uprising of Women in the Arab World’s sont simultanément averties par Facebook qu’elles risqueront la supression totale de leurs comptes respectifs, pour les raisons mentionnées en début de ce communiqué. Les blocages temporaires continuels de leurs comptes personnels sans motif ni explication démontrent qu’il y a une attaque directe sur la page The Uprising of Women in The Arab World. Cela soulève aussi des questions sérieuses sur les réelles intentions de la politique de Facebook, et l’on se demande si la photo “controversée” de Dana n’est pas simplement une excuse pour faire taire la voix du soulèvement des femmes dans le monde Arabe.
(Il faut noter qu’au cours des 3 dernières semaines, nous avons écrit plusieurs fois à Facebook pour demander des explications et n’avons obtenu aucune réponse).
Aujourd’hui plus que jamais, nous voulons dire au monde entier que nos voix ne seront pas réduites au silence, ni par Facebook, ni par le règne du patriarcat, la dictature, le régime militaire et/ou l’extrémisme religieux. Elles pourraient être temporairement niées, négligées, censurées ou blanchies à la chaux, mais seulement jusqu’à ce qu’elles soient émises à nouveau. Nous continuerons d’écrire sur les cloisons de la peur, la soumission et la diffamation, jusqu’à pouvoir les briser.
Le soulèvement des femmes dans le monde Arabe est déjà dans la rue! Notre slogan, imprimé sur des t-shirts à Damas, se promenant en vélo à Marseille, taggé sur les murs de la rue Mohamad Mahmoud au Caire et aux maisons privées à Riyadh, sera bientôt partout dans le monde. Les écoles et les universités organisent des ateliers inspirés par la campagne, des films sont en préparation de tournage, des musiques en composition, au moment où des dizaines de milliers de femmes ont décidé qu’elles en avaient assez.
Le mur du silence a été brisé. La révolution continue.
– Fin du communiqué –
For more information regarding The Uprising of Women in the Arab World page:
Email: arabwomenuprise@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/intifadat.almar2a
Twitter: @UprisingOfWomen
Support us on the Online Protest in Solidarity with “The Uprising of Women in the Arab World” Page and its Administrators
The links to these press releases are below:
Best Regards,
Admins of the Uprising of Women in the Arab World Page

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Communication Officer / Reporter

About IOCC

International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) is a US-based international relief and development agency established in 1992 by the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas (SCOBA). It offers emergency relief and development programs to those in need worldwide, without discrimination. IOCC has been working in Lebanon since 2001 and has more than a decade of experience in implementing community-driven programs that address a broad range of social issues, from relief to community development and education.

(For more information on IOCC, please visit our website at www.iocc.org).

Title: Communication Officer / Reporter  

Summary: The IOCC Middle East Regional Office is seeking an experienced Communication Officer/Reporter, based in Lebanon, to produce media stories on program achievements, which serve as a useful tool for communicating the benefits of the relief programs. These stories are produced for publication on IOCC’s global website, newsletters, the donors’ websites and publications, amongst other venues.

The responsibilities for this position include: extensive writing, editing, and proofreading, producing multimedia material; acting as the lead “storyteller” for the agency; contributing to the website; expanding IOCC’s social media presence and impact; and working collaboratively with staff, volunteers, and other stakeholders to ensure that IOCC stories convey the importance and the impact of the work done.

Essential functions include [but are not limited to]

§  Writing media stories and creating multimedia material that highlight how IOCC’s programs are helping to transform the lives of vulnerable target populations;

§  Carrying out the field work and interviews with program counterparts to collect information for the stories;

§  Timely submission and editing of all documents

Qualifications and Requirements:

§  Three to five years’ experience as a journalist, with preferably at least one year experience working in Lebanon and/or the Middle East;

§  BA in Journalism, communications or related field and work experience;

§  Superb writing and editing skills; the Communication Officer / Reporter will be a skilled, enthusiastic, and creative storyteller;

§  Ability to draw together multimedia features such as text, sound, graphics, photography, and video to create and maintain a distinctive and compelling agency “voice”;

§  2-3 years of social media experience; helpful to have an in-depth understanding of social media platforms, their participants and their community dynamics (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and how they can be used in different scenarios.

§  Ability and willingness to travel to surrounding countries;

§  Frequent field visits;

§  Self-motivated and able to take initiative with minimal supervision;

§  Fluency in English (written and oral) and Arabic;

§  Good command of Microsoft Office applications;

§  Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

Application and contact details:

Interested qualified candidates are requested to submit their resumes to  ilebanon@iocc.org by Friday, November 9, 2012. To ensure the timely review of your credentials, please insert “Communication Officer/Reporter” in the subject line of the email. No phone calls please. Top-rated candidates will be contacted

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for Save the children

Job Vacancy Finance and Grant Officer:

The Finance and Grants Officer will:

  • Prepare donor financial reports and proposal budgets, and ensure all donor requirements are complied with and that proposals and reports are submitted on time.
  • Maintain the accounting and financial records and contribute in preparation of all periodic financial statements and reports as per general instructions from SCI, and to prepare any other necessary report and compilations as requested by the Country Director and Finance Manager
  • Assist in preparing budgets for the country Office and updating the cash budgets reports, and controlling the financial reports of the office, and advise on how to best utilise a programme’s funding portfolio.
  • Prepare management reports for budget holders to monitor budgets on a regular and timely basis
  • Monitor monthly expenditure by checking all invoices other claims and receipts for accuracy and in conformity with purchase orders and quotations as well as actually delivered goods and services when applicable.
  • Manage the Country Office’s records and contributions in relation to taxes, social security, health insurance, monthly salaries and other social service as and when applicable.
  • Assist the auditors as required, generally and in their yearly reviews.
  • Do the book-keeping on daily basis by parking transactions on Agresso.
  • To review and monitor payments and financial reports from Partner Organizations and support them with needed financial training to comply with SCS and donors requirements.  Hence, conduct field visits to partners for monitoring and capacity building purposes.
  • To maintain the fixed assets register.
  • To manage finance department filing and documentation.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Finance or Business Management
  • At least 2 years’ experience
  • Able to work within a team
  • Very good written and spoken English and Arabic languages and communication skills
  • Availability for internal travel and little external travel.
  • Organized with good in time management, and respect deadlines
  • Trustworthy
  • Analytical skills and accuracy
  • Prior experience with donors’ requirements and NGOs is an asset

STARTING DATE: Immediate.  We are looking for candidates who can start as soon as possible or within the next few weeks.


Please note that the closing date for applications is Monday 5 November 2012.

The selection committee will review all applications as they are received. All applicants must meet the minimum requirements described above, and those unable to meet these requirements will not be considered. No further information will be given over the phone.

Please note: due to the critical nature of this recruitment, applications will be reviewed as they are received and successful candidates contacted on an on-going basis.

Each application package should include the following:

•           Job title for the role you are applying for in subject header of the email

•           Cover letter with the applicant’s current contact information

•           CV with detailed work experience, education/degrees – 3 pages maximum

•           Professional References (minimum of 3, with complete contact information)

•           Kindly do not send supporting certificates and documents at this stage

•           Letter and CV should be saved into one Word or PDF document and sent to:Lebanon.vacancies@savethechildren.org

Applications not including all of the above information will not be reviewed. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

We need to keep children safe so our selection process reflects our commitment to the protection of children from abuse.  All applicants will be subject to Save the Children’s usual Child Safeguarding Policy and reference checking process.


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I hate to see such messages on my feeds:

I have covered the user’s name maybe they’ll be more mature in there comments next time,

in such difficult times, LEBANESE should all WORK together for PEACE !!!  And the RULE OF LAW;

after Beirut explosion, that my colleagues and I heard from museum square while having lunch,

I was on twitter, Facebook and internet to follow what happened;

we now know that this is an explosion, political or not I don’t care:

it is important to reduce risks for those who were injured:

this is what I propose:

1- donating blood: in all Beirut Hospitals for those who were injured

2- keep calm and let the inquirers find out what happened;

3- mobilise for those who lost their homes, cars and assets with such an explosion…

4- Leave the scene for Red cross and defense! .. observers can you evacuate the scene ? and let people do their work and save Lives??

hatred message among diverse Lebanese will not help in constructing a COUNTRY!!

May God help all those who were injured,


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Regional Economic Empowerment of Women Project


Regional Business Development Knowledge Initiative


Announcement for immediate recruitment

of a short-term consultant for workshop coordination


Within the framework of its Regional Economic Empowerment of Women Project (REEWP), CRTD.A is leading on an internal regional learning initiative for project partners, focusing on “opportunities and challenges for marketing”. REEWP is a regional project managed by Oxfam-Québec and funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), covering four countries (Tunisia, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon), and aiming at creating an enabling environment for the sustainable economic development of women and economic empowerment opportunities in the Arab region.

The main goal of this regional initiative is to reflect and share knowledge on experiences and best practices in marketing of women’s crafts and food processed goods as well as build the capacities of key partners’ organisations (KPOs) and selected counterparts for creating sustainable marketing initiatives.


More specifically, the objectives of this initiative are conceived to be inter-connected as follows:


a.  Gain practical exposure to actual marketing experiences and tease out tangible dos’ and don’ts.

b.  Gain a better conceptual and practical understanding of the impact of macro and micro contextual factors, which would determine the effectiveness, and viability of a marketing operation.

c.  Reflect collectively on potentially new and promising marketing initiatives.

d.  Provide a space for KPOs and counterparts to develop their own skills for improving their marketing initiatives.

e.  Contribute to strengthening relations amongst KPOs and between KPOs and their own contexts.



Two activities are envisaged to take place from October 2012 to March 2013, namely a regional exchange workshopfollowed by a capacity building training workshop.


CRTD.A is seeking to recruit a short-term consultant to serve as the coordinator of the regional BDS learning initiative.


The tasks and responsibilities of the consultant have been set as follows:


1.  Undertake all the logistical and administrative preparations for the two activities

2.  Develop the needed documentations and research papers

3.  Liaise with the facilitators to be recruited for each event

4.  Liaise with partners and stakeholders

5.  Attend the two events and prepare the reports and minutes of the two events


The ideal candidate should meet the following requirements:


1.  University degree in social sciences or humanities

2.  Excellent organization and coordination skills

3.  Familiarity with issues related to economic empowerment and marketing as well as gender equality

4.  Excellent writing skills in both English and Arabic

5.  Excellent communication skills

6.  Ability to work under pressure and meet multiple deadlines


The successful candidate is expected to work up to 30 days during a 5 month long period.


Interested candidates should send their CV, a detailed application letter and three references to vacancy@crtda.org.lb  Please indicate “BDS Consultant” in the subject line.


Selection is on an immediate and rolling basis. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.





المشروع الإقليمي لتمكين النساء إقتصادياً

إعلان لتوظيف فوري

منسق/ة المبادرة الإقيليمية لتبادل المعرفة

في إطار عمل المشروع الإقليمي لتمكين النساء إقتصادياً، والذي تديره منظمة أوكسفام كيبيك، بدعم مالي من الوكالة الكندية للتنمية الدولية، والذي يهدف إلى المساهمة في توفير البيئة الملائمة لتحقيق التنمية المستدامة للنساء وزيادة فرص التمكين الاقتصادي لهن في المنطقة العربية، تقوم مجموعة الأبحاث والتدريب للعمل التنموي، بتنفيذ مبادرة إقليمية لتبادل المعرفة وبناء القدرات بين شركاء المشروع حول الفرص والتحديات التي تواجه تسويق المنتجات الحرفية والغذائية النسائية.
تهدف هذه المبادرة الإقليمية إلى تبادل الخبرات، دراسة التجارب الناجحة في التسويق، وبناء قدرات الشركاء الرئيسيين للمشروع من اجل خلق فرص تسويقية مستدامة لمنتجات النساء.


حددت اهداف هذه المبادرة على الوجه التالي:

أ. إكتساب معرفة تطبيقية قائمة على تجارب فعلية في التسويق الأمر مما سيساهم في تحديد خيارات ملموسة خلال عملية التسويق.

ب. تعزيز الفهمين النظري والعملي لعوامل الإقتصاد الكلي والجزئي، المؤثرة في العملية التسويقية.

ج. التفكير معاً حول مبادرات تسويقية جديدة وواعدة.

د. توفير مساحة للشركاء الرئيسيين للمشروع لتطوير مهاراتهم الخاصة بتحسين المبادرات التسويقية

ه. توثيق عرى العلاقات ما بين الشركاء أنفسهم، وبين الشركاء ومحيطهم.


بموجب الخطة الموضوعة للمبادرة، سيتم تنظيم نشاطين خلال الفترة الممتدة ما بين أكتوبر 2012 ومارس 2013، الأول، ورشة عمل إقليمية لتبادل الخبرات حول موضوع التسويق، والثاني، ورشة تدريبية لبناء القدرات في مجال التسويق.


لذلك، تسعى مجموعة الأبحاث والتدريب للعمل التنموي لاستخدام خبير/ة بعقد استشاري قصير الاجل لشغل وظيفة منسق/ة للمبادرة الإقليمية لتبادل المعرفة.


وبموجب عقد العمل المقترح، يتولى/تتولى الخبير/ة المهمات والمسؤوليات التالية:


1.  إنجاز جميع الإستعدادات اللوجستية والإدارية الخاصة بالنشاطين المذكورين أعلاه

2.  إعداد كل الوثائق والأوراق البحثية المطلوبة

3.  التنسيق مع الميسرين/ات الذين سيتم تعيينهم لكل نشاط

4.  التنسيق مع الشركاء  وكل المعنيين الآخرين

5.  حضور الورشتين وإعداد التقارير الخاصة بهما فضلاً عن تدوين محاضر الإجتماعات


على المتقدم/ة للوظيفة أن تتوفر لديه/ها المواصفات التالية:


1. حيازة شهادة جامعية في العلوم الاجتماعية أو العلوم الإنسانية

2.  مهارات تنظيمية وتنسيقية ممتازة

3.  معرفة بالقضايا المتعلقة بالتمكين الاقتصادي، التسويق، والمساواة في النوع الإجتماعي

4.  قدرة ممتازة على الكتابة باللغتين العربية والإنجليزية

5.  مهارات تواصل عالية

6.  قدرة على العمل تحت الضغط والإلتزام بالمواعيد النهائية


تستغرق المهمة الإستشارية 30 يوماً تمتد من تشرين الأول 2012 وحتى نهاية آذار 2013.


على المرشحين/ات المهتمين/ات إرسال سيرتهم/ن الذاتية، إضافة الى رسالة تعريف شخصية، وثلاثة اسماء لاشخاص معرّفين، على العنوان التالي: vacancy@crtda.org.lb، على أن يتم الإشارة في عنوان الرسالة الى “وظيفة إستشاري/ة لمنسق المبادرة الإقليمية لتبادل المعرفة


تجري عملية فض الرسائل وإختيار المرشحين/ات فور بدء استلام الطلبات على أن يتم الإتصال فقط بالمرشحين/ات الذين واللواتي يقع عليهم/ن الاختيار للمقابلة

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Job Reference no.
Middle East, Eastern Europe and CIS
Position Type
Fixed Term
Job Type
Closing date for applications
(UK Time)
16 October 2012

MEAL Officer


JOB FAMILY: Programme
SALARY: $Competitive
LEVEL: D1 National

OXFAM PURPOSE: To work with others to find lasting solutions to poverty and suffering.
TEAM PURPOSE: To work as part of the AMAL programme management team to effectively deliver the AMAL programme for maximum benefit for women in the Middle East and North Africa region.

JOB PURPOSE: To lead and support the development and implementation of effective and coordinated MEAL systems for the AMAL programme to support quality delivery as per Oxfam standards.

For more information about Oxfam’s work in the Middle East, please visit our website.




Oxfam has been working in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region for over five decades. Over the past four decades it has been promoting gender equality and supporting women’s right to participate and be represented in governance and decision-making structures and processes.

This focus is complementary to other areas of Oxfam’s work on women’s rights and to the broader goal of Oxfam to contribute to a ‘world without poverty.’ Oxfam is committed to supporting women, men and children, living in poverty, to claim their rights to sustainable livelihoods, to basic social services, to life and security, to be heard, and to an identity.

AMAL is a three-year multi-country programme to be implemented jointly by Oxfam GB, Oxfam Novib, Intermon Oxfam and partners. It is aimed to promote active participation and leadership of women in the MENA region, including the poorest and most marginalised women, in local, national and regional governance structures and decision-making processes. By doing so, the programme aims to ensure that they have a say in formulation and/or their needs and priorities are reflected in socio-economic policies and practice at all levels. The programme is set to be implemented in the OPTs, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen.


Key Responsibilities


  • To develop programme MEAL systems in accordance with Oxfam standards
  • To ensure relevant Oxfam team, partners, target groups and community capacity building and participation in MEAL
  • To provide analysis and presentation of MEAL data


For more details, please read the attached job profile (below).


Skills and Competence



  • Knowledge and experience of establishing and maintaining effective monitoring and evaluation systems for development projects
  • Experience of gathering, analysing and presenting quantitative and qualitative data
  • Proven ability to work effectively with others – strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent facilitation and training skills
  • Good organisational skills including accuracy, consistency, attention to detail and patience
  • Ability to show perseverance, tenacity and the ability to work under pressure
  • A strong focus on results – sets goals, plans and prioritises effectively, monitors quality and progress of work against plans, establishes high level of performance and sets an example to others
  • Demonstrable understanding of gender and rights based approaches to development
  • Experience of using participatory approaches in development projects
  • Able to communicate effectively in written and spoken English and Arabic
  • Commitment to Oxfam’s values


  • Previous experience with Oxfam
  • Previous experience of working on projects related to women’s empowerment
  • Ability to speak French


  • Ability to travel extensively in the region

How to Apply

For a more detailed overview of the role, please read the attached job profile.
Applications must be submitted online via the link below, by Tuesday 16th October 2012.

Applying for a job? Here is a guide to help you make the most out of the application process.

Vous souhaitez postuler à une offre d’emploi ? Ce guide vous aidera à maximiser vos chances. .


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The Social Good Summit is where big ideas meet new media to create innovative solutions. Held during UN Week, the Social Good Summit unites a dynamic community of global leaders to discuss a big idea: the power of innovative thinking and technology to solve our greatest challenges. This September, we want YOU to join the conversation with leaders and citizens from around the globe. The most innovative technologists, influential minds and passionate activists will come together with one shared goal: to unlock the potential of new media and technology to make the world a better place, and then to translate that potential into action.


This year’s Social Good Summit will be more engaging than ever. People from around the world, in both the developed and the developing world, will unite in person and online to participate in The Global Conversation – the world’s largest conversation on how technology can grow communities and improve life for all of us as we move toward being a networked society. The Social Good Summit in New York City takes place September 22 – 24, 2012, but this is just the beginning of the global conversation.


On September 24, 2012 the Social Good Summit is coming to China and Kenya. Key leaders and citizens of Beijing and Nairobi will unite and explore the same themes that inspired the birth of the Social Good Summit. You’ll hear directly from these countries via Livestream, and can witness the live intersection of New York, Nairobi and Beijing on Monday morning from the stage of the 92Y in New York City.

The 2012 Social Good Summit is brought to you by Mashable, 92nd Street Y, the United Nations Foundation, Ericsson, the United Nations Development Programme, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


You can take action by joining this global conversation:


-Attend the Social Good Summit in New York City from September 22 -24

-Organize or attend a Social Good Summit Meetup in your own hometown or anywhere around the world as part of The Global Conversation

-Watch the Summit on YouTube and interact in real-time with the Social Good Summit community via social media with the hashtag #SGSglobal


to know more about the event:


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SHARE Beirut is a weekend-long public, free and non-commercial hybrid event blending an Internet culture and technology related daytime conference with dynamic cutting-edge music festival by night. It will bring together hundreds of passionate people, forward-thinkers, cultural creatives, activists and artists from Lebanon as all around the world for talks and parties in 72 hours of powerful gathering to share ideas, knowledge and creativity.


It’s about understanding and celebrating Internet culture and all the aspects of open, decentralized and accessible forms of communication, exchange and creation. It’s about empowerment of individuals and networking of like-minded people. It’s about setting the values and new standards that will prevent any kind of oppression, censorship and surveillance for future generations. It’s about understanding alternative economic, cultural and educational models. It’s about Internet ecology and struggles to protect Internet as open and free territory for all of us. It’s about energizing sub-cultural groups and praising diversity that these cultures are bringing. It’s about promoting open access to software, hardware, information, knowledge, science, government, design and almost everything else that can be open. It’s about sharing. It’s about how to do it yourself. But mostly, it’s about cats doing flips, birds flying over the moon and robots making biiips.


During the 3 days of the conference Beirut will become the world’s epicenter in exchanging progressive ideas and knowledge on Internet culture, society, technology, music and new media. The lectures and talks will be given by leading international stars in these fields, world-class bloggers and artists who will educate the audience on new forms of activism and approaches in using advanced technologies and the latest tools to create, influence and affect. Discussions will delve deep into the underground of the Internet subcultures and explore groups that fight for digital and human rights, free information flow and access, improving transparency, and protecting the privacy of fellow peers and residents. The event will be accompanied by an intensive music program, which will be simultaneously organized in several well-selected clubs and alternative venues in Beirut. Contributors and visitors who obtain one of 1500 unique free wristbands will get access to both day and night events where many local, regional and international artists will perform for audiences who will share vibes and energy to celebrate the Internet as open and free territory for all.


From 5th to 7th of October (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) 2012.
Get ready and don’t plan anything else for this weekend. 🙂

FB Event I Google Calendar I ICal


Yes. Even though the main venue is huge and several clubs are on board, capacity is limited, so it is important that you register for the event. Around 1500 unique wristbands will give access to over 80 talks, exhibitions, concerts and DJ sets, so we encourage you to register as quickly as you can. Moreover, we encourage you to contribute and help us make this event even better.


Main conference venue is Solea V in Beirut – a dazzling and very hip venue promising to host large events, dripping with atmosphere. The center boasts a huge skylight, and an indoor tree under high ceilings. Night program venues, clubs and program are soon to be announced, so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter.

Location: Jisr el Wati, next to Jaguar Dealership Sin El-Fil
Capacity: 1500 people

Google Maps I Foursquare Location


Share is organized by Share Foundation, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to protecting the rights of Internet citizens and promoting positive values of openness, decentralization, free access and exchange of knowledge, information and technology. The activities of Share Foundation are supported by cooperation and friendship with a wide network of various institutions, individuals and organizations such as State of Exit FoundationGoogleVimeoMozilla Foundation.MeErste FoundationInstitute for Sustainable Communities,Electronic Frontiers FoundationPirate PartyFlattrDigitalna AgendaRepublica …


We are not looking for sponsors, we are trying to find partners who will share our vision of creating social and cultural impact on society.
Check our presentation (pdf) and contact us

Issues and topics that we are addressing are important for every system and society. Freedom of speech, ecology of media, internet neutrality, privacy and transparency should be on the list of priorities of any responsible government.
Check our presentation (pdf) and contact us

Contact us. We will try to help as much as we can in your activities. We can create this event together, give you opportunity to spend 3 days with an international expert in your field of work, give you a space and time to present yourself or even try to fundraise for your activities.

Do something together with us. We will organize a lot of collaborative activities before, during and after Share Beirut: remixing, crowd-designing, filmmaking, street art and interventions, flash mobs.
Here you can check some of our previous activities:

Donate (Karma +1).

Flattr this


Multiple award winning and Vimeo staff picked documentary about the first SHARE Conference that happened long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time at info@sharebeirut.net

The Force is strong with this event.




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My friend Iman, send me this link: a Facebook page with lot of pictures taken at a great non violent action, held in Amman for Equality!


A beautiful Human Chain was organised in Jordan, by the movement ” there is no ” HONOR in Crime”  25 of June 2012;

the Jordanian activists were holding banners that say: ” it is not “brave” for you to harass me” , a guy hold a banner ” I like to cook too”,

a woman waved a banner were it is written ” I am not oppressed, the veil is my choice”; A Man hold his banner ” I wash the dishes too”…..

and for you to see the great initiatives here are some of the pictures … again, great initiative!!

I tip my hat the to Jordanian activists , who organised this great campaign!!

Zaayi zayyak Jordanian Campaign… activist holding a banner saying that your mum and your sis are not F…. words!!


Jordanian Campaign… no to harassment

Jordanian Campaign: my life is more important than the family “dignity”


Jordanian Campaign ” I (A man) like to cook too”

Jordanian campaign I wash the dishes too

Jordanian campaign I am not oppressed

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a campaign by individual users to help keeping our internet safe and, keep hands off the internet freedom in Lebanon;

Dangerously,  and for the second year, Lebanese officials try to censor the internet sphere by laws;


to know more a great post by zeina http://zeinactivism.blogspot.com/#!/2012/03/all-you-need-to-know-about-lira.html

and http://josephchoufani.blogspot.com/2012/03/stop-daouka-lebanese-internet.html

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Company: E-Smart Solutions

Logo: cid:image001.jpg@01CD01F5.3CAE8CE0

Position Title: .NET MVC developer

Job Description

As our Developer, you will:
+ Be accountable for the development of specifications for complex applications or modifying/maintaining complex existing applications
+ Design, code, test, debug and document applications
+ Provide work direction, mentoring and advanced support to junior staff
+ Create and maintain information technology systems which meet the needs of the clients of Axiom Innovations
+ Work alone or in a team, be involved in the creation of program specifications, users meetings, project meetings, and all design aspects of program, testing and implementing systems
+ Work closely with the Team Manager to ensure that the corporate goals and objectives are being supported by the efforts of the group
+ On occasion will act as project leader with the responsibilities of coordinating a small project team
+ Coordinate efforts with other onshore and offshore Systems Developers to ensure that technical standards are complied with.



Min 3 year Experience and the following Qualifications:

+ Expertise using Visual Studio .NET, ASP.NET, C#, LINQ, JavaScript, MySQL 5 or higher, MS SQL Server 2005 or higher
+ Experience in development of multi-tier web and Windows based applications
+ Extensive experience with the development of .NET Web services and WCF
+ In depth knowledge of .NET Framework 2.0 or higher
+ Excellent knowledge of software design concepts and patterns
+ A minimum 5 years experience as a programmer/analyst developing multi-tier web and windows based applications
+ A minimum 3 years experience utilizing C#, Visual Studio .NET and .NET Framework 2.0 or higher
+ A minimum 5 years experience of MySQL server development with the ability to design relational databases, complex queries, stored procedures and DTS packages
+ A post-secondary education in computer science or equivalent
+ Experience with implementation of batch file processing
+ Exposure to Financial Services applications


Please forward  CV to jobs@axiominnovations.com


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ـــــ علم و خبر رقم 127/أد ـــــ

Arab Resource Collective ARC




ARC is a not-for-profit organization active in human and material resource development in health, education and community development .


ARC is seeking and ICT coordinator for immediate employment in its offices in Beirut.


Job Description JOB TITLE: ICT Coordinator



● Degree in computer science or related field

● Experience in Network Administration, general computer center troubleshooting andTechnical Support, web-mastering and basic desktop publishing

● Perfect knowledge in Windows; knowledge in Unix and Linux OS is a plus

● Perfect knowledge in content management systems (Joomla is a must, and Drupal is a plus)

● DB Administration using MySQL Database; Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL server is a plus

● Excellent English and Arabic languages writing and verbal skills

● Innovation, contributing with original and practical ideas and solutions to deal with challenging situation and to facilitate work progress

● Fast learner, analytical and practical thinking and skills, keen interest in learning and developing


Main Tasks:

1. Network Administration:

● Network troubleshooting and monitoring

● Connectivity troubleshooting (Internet, Internal/External Email System)


● USER POLICIES and Network Trafficking

● Backup officer



● Information organization, graphics development, web engineering, and web production

● WEB Administration Control Panel Management

● Implementing websites needed by the organization

● WEB updates and specific upgrades

● Initiate team members with their individual contributions to the website

● Be able to relay the important information regarding the purpose of the website, the content organization of the website and the specific needs of the beneficiaries.

● Web log files analysis and site maintenance

● Search engine optimization.


● Knowledge and experience in basic desktop publishing



● Salary based on qualifications.

● NSSF benefits.

● Transportation.

● Possibility to grow within the organization.


− For applying, please send your CV and letter of intent to arcleb@maward.org

− For more info please call Hiba, 01/742075

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Regulating blogs??? mais ils sont fous ou quoi?? a ceux qui veulent legiferer, qu’ils sachent au moins respecter les libertes, et comprendre les moyens utilises, bref, mustapha explique clairement ce que je veux dire et en mieux, je le “vole”!!!



So apparently our esteemed Minister of communications Walid Daouk is planning to discuss a draft law aimed at “regulating websites and protecting their owners”.

I’ve previously called bullshit on the claims that the government wants to protect us. Oops, I just wrote “bullshit” and broke clause #1 of the proposed law:

The publication by electronic means of material that affects public morals and ethics […] is prohibited.

I shudder to think what they’d do to Angie with such a clause. But hey, since the government wants to “protect” me, maybe I should go ahead and submit my real name, my contact info and my address as mandated by the proposed law, since the law says that websites should provide the details of their “manager in charge”.

Speaking of that “manager in charge”, you can only operate a website if you were never convicted of anything (sorry repentant ex-convicts, no blog for you). You can only “manage” one website at a time(Liliane, you’ll have to choose one of your blogs and one only). And most importantly, if you have legal immunity, you are not allowed to manage websites. So dear representatives of the Lebanese people in parliament, I’m sorry to announce that you are not allowed to have blogs and talk directly to your constituents.

Let me double down on breaking the first clause: This is a boat-load of crap! Not just because it’s hopelessly obsolete (Twitter? Facebook? Google Plus? anyone? Who is the “manager in charge” of such accounts?) but because it’s not enforceable and people are just going to ignore it and run loops around it.

Even the reasons for creating such a law are bogus. Each website, blog, or twitter account establishes its own credibility, and people who make stuff up or steal content are eventually shunned and lose influence (if they had any to start with). The mechanics of fairness and balance are inherent on the web, since it doesn’t cost you a thing to have a voice online.

So please, please, spare us your silly “protection”, and while you’re at it, shut down your utterly useless ministry.


source: http://beirutspring.com/blog/2012/03/07/the-lebanese-government-still-wants-to-regulate-your-blog/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+beirutspring%2Ffb_feed+%28Beirut+Spring%29

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j’etais extremement contente de voir cette carte, c’est la carte des itineraires des bus qui couvrent Beyrouth et ses alentours;

a la facon des cartes du metro parisien, cette carte ne peut que simplifier la vie de tous et toutes celles qui viennent au liban, et vivent au liban!


le projet parait -il est cree par Zawarib une compagnie qui s’introduit ainsi:

“From satellite images, through cartographers, street data collectors & graphics designers, we provide user-friendly, easy-to-read & colorfully designed map products.  We are the leading detailed map providers in Lebanon. Our maps can be purchased from bookshops, magazine stands, news kiosks and gas stations across Lebanon, as well as selected bookstores in London, Paris, Dubai, Cairo and on amazon.com and other such websites globally. Our projects include a variety of customized map products for touristic and promotional solutions for top brand Lebanese corporations and government institutions.  ”

source: https://www.facebook.com/messages/1786796169#!/zawarib

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