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I have tried fun zone reyfoun this summer, and we went there at least 7 times this summer. We just loved it. Kids and parents. Big , open space for kids to run, plenty of chairs for parents, safe games. I just love this place for my kids to play.

Although the resto is in my opinion average. Average taste, service slow. We ate there each time, but it s not my favorite. The good thing is it is open on the kids zone. We can watch the kids play and run in all the games. Usually in reyfoun what i prefered and suggest is to eat at kababji/avenue and then go down to fun zone, where kids can have water and juice.

In antelias, tonight was my first experience, i guess after trying reyfoun and all the space and the new games there, and the numerous games for all ages, i am disappointed. Old games, some neglected (attached pics) , the space is not that big. And unlike reyfoun there is no accompagnatrice in each game.

What shocks me everywhere in fun zone and other places, is the arguileh for parents at the resto. Thanks god it s only in the resto that it is allowed.

The space is clean too, the cleaning lady tours the place all the time. At the end, for grading and rating for reyfoun fun zone i grade 9/10 for antelias fun zone 5.5/10.

Below are some pics from antelias:


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Lebanese MPs have voted the amendment of the #rape #Law marriage article 522!!

looking forward for other Steps Forward for Women’s rights in Lebanon!!

Below are some of the articles covering this great Step FORWARD for Lebanese Women

Al Joumhouriya http://www.aljoumhouria.com/news/index/378460

Future TV network



Source : Lebanese MPs abolish rape in Article 522 of penal code

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A new episode in Gender based violence, was highlighted during a discussion on Women rights! The Discussion was organised by proeminent NGO , RDFL. A Lebanese member of Parliament (re-conducted illegally) went out of the paper prepared by him or « for him?? » and said that a women has a role in pushing men to rape […]

via Blaming the Victim because she « asked » for rape Lebanon policy maker fail — Ritachemaly’s Blog

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Tomorrow the lebanese parliament will meet, during a General assembly meeting aiming to… legiferate. The number 6 point of the agenda of the legislative session is the deletion of article 522 of the penal code, also known as the rape marriage law.

Lebanese NGO Abaad has launched a massive campaign urging parliament to #undress522 ,  clearly stating that “A White Dress Doesn’t Cover the crime. 

Recently Kafa also launched a massive campaign showing that such marriage is similar to a condoleances.

As a woman activist, as a feminist, as a mother, as a citizen , I urge our members of parliament to abolish Article 522 of the Lebanese Penal Code. Tomorrow we need to win this battle. We need , as recently in Jordan to amend the penal code and uncover all rape crimes!!! 

Rita chemaly

updated : the Lebanese Parliament voted for the amendment of Article 522 of the penal code on the 16 of August 2017

Abolish522_ web.jpg

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My husband was with our kid at the mall.  Our baby needed diaper change. The husband couldn’t change diaper of our baby in the mall in the wc of “gents.” He had to enter the WC of the ladies as the changing table is there. He had no pb doing it, but … The cleaning lady asked my husband, “Mister where is madam? “. And the ladies there where asking him the same but with more into the question : ” yi niyyela em madam ! wayn el madam?”

Short story that shows with the questions my husband received and the reactions  how women are directly linked to care work , to the sphere of home, children , and how fathers who want to be active participants in their children life not only “breadwinning” is not yet common in Lebanon.

Parity in parenthood and gender roles is one of the issues that absolutely needs to be worked on.

Equality in gender roles is needed, perpetuating the20170721_204612 thinking that women are only there to cook clean and take care of children staying in a closed sphere, the house,

And that husbands can’t perform household tasks and need to be the breadwinners, and stay in the public sphere , show how much inequality is the common sense.

Now to Geant mall dora, you need to add a wc where women and men can change their children, this simple commodity show how equality is a goal that is easy to attain when there is a will.

Rita em jn w raf



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As a workaholic, i was dreading the maternity leave. What should i do? How will i fill up my days?

I totally forgot that sleepless nights, make room for sleepy days. Some days, i just can’t open my eyes, i breastfeed on automatic mode!

Maternity leave helps the mother to heal from surgery, and the experience of giving birth, and… to adapt to the new born rythm of sleeping and eating and getting together.

A needed time for mother and child.

Some facts: Maternity leave should last at least 14 weeks,

Parental leave, or paternity leave of at least 1 month to be taken during the first year of a child is also needed!

Em jn w rafael


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Women in Lebanon face soo many challenges:

In the media, in the society, in her marriage a woman in Lebanon is stereotyped, conditio ned , and has a minimal access to basic rights.

NATIONALITY? she still can’t transmit it to her children!

Political participation and leadership roles? we have only 3% of women parliamentarians, only One woman as a minister, we Need a Quota of at least 30% of the seats !

Harassment? At work there is no clear article against it in the Labor law! Sexual harassment needs to end!

Our Penal Code? It permits in 2017 to a rapist to Marry his Victim!

Living in a patriarchal, sectarian society makes of all women fighters !

I will never give up in asking for our rights!

Basic Fundamental rights of Women in Lebanon!



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