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Women in Lebanon face soo many challenges:

In the media, in the society, in her marriage a woman in Lebanon is stereotyped, conditio ned , and has a minimal access to basic rights.

NATIONALITY? she still can’t transmit it to her children!

Political participation and leadership roles? we have only 3% of women parliamentarians, only One woman as a minister, we Need a Quota of at least 30% of the seats !

Harassment? At work there is no clear article against it in the Labor law! Sexual harassment needs to end!

Our Penal Code? It permits in 2017 to a rapist to Marry his Victim!

Living in a patriarchal, sectarian society makes of all women fighters !

I will never give up in asking for our rights!

Basic Fundamental rights of Women in Lebanon!



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International Women’s day in Lebanon, is a day to celebrate the Fight of all women and men for equal rights, and social justice.

The fight began with some winnings: the right to vote, the right to be elected, some recent rights in taxation laws….

but the Fight need to be pursued: in Lebanon, in the parliament, the percentage of women is of 3%, the women in Lebanon have to think twice before marrying a foreigner as their children won’t be considered lebanese, the Women in Lebanon can’t open bank accounts for their children and the list is long, I have blogged about it for years.

The Big Problem is for me that 2 Lebanese Women are not equal…. not only men and women are not equal, but 2 Lebanese Woman do not have the same rights, regarding marriage and its consequences.

this enforced by our Constitution giving personal status confessions in Lebanon the right to deal with all matters regarding marriage , inheritance, adoption, guardianship, divorce.

we need to amend the Personal status laws, for them to be more in favor of women, OR and which is way better, ask for a common civil law for all…

Happy International Women’s day, and happy fight for all….

Rita Chemaly


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