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yes, for the first time, I am writing not about a political fact, not something related to public policy or Human rights… or is it?

Safety? with a mean we use each day, some of us more than 3 hours or 4 a day! I’ve got this mail from francois, you may want to look at this short movie and try the experience yourself!


POPCORN (This will blow your mind)This is probably what it does to our brain cells – like putting your head in a microwave .
Check this out! And we’re supposed to believe that cell phones are safe?
Click on the word ‘POPCORN’ below and watch.


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Les technologies de la communication et la modernité du système politique libanais

Étude de cas centré sur les NTIC, et l’utilisation des Réseaux sociaux

 par Mlle Rita CHEMALY

Chers amis, et amies,

je vous prie de voir dans le lien ci joint la présentation que j’ai fait concernant la recherche que j’ai prépare pour avoir mon DEA.

durant 3 ans je n’ai fait que rechercher des documents, assister à des séminaires et conférences, rencontrer des gens sur le sujet des Nouvelles technologies de l’information les NTIC, les médias sociaux, facebook, les blogs, twitter et autres.

Enfin, j’ai pu réaliser la recherche, et je publie en pièce attachée la présentation orale illustraive.

Dans l’espoir d’avoir vos commentaires, et qu’elle puisse servir aux étudiants chercheurs, activistes et les intéressés par ce sujet


 Presentation recherche de Rita Chemaly

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Job Vacancy – Country Representative Lebanon 

Diakonia is a Swedish non-governmental development organisation, created more than 40 years ago by five Christian denominations. Diakonia works in partnership with over 400 civil-society organisations in 34 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Together with our partners we work with a long-term and rights-based perspective within the following thematic areas: democracy, human rights, social and economic justice, gender equality, and peace and reconciliation. Diakonia’s vision is for each and every human being to live a dignified existence in a just and sustainable world, free from poverty. Our mission is to change unfair political, economic and social structures that generate poverty, oppression and violence.

Our Regional Office for the Middle East is situated in Jerusalem; we work in Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq. 

Position:                                     Country Representative Lebanon
Placement:                                 Beirut
Period:                                        Permanent Employment (with 3 months probation period)

Work Percentage:                    100%
Deadline for applications:       7 April 2001


Diakonia is seeking to appoint a Country Representative for its Lebanon Office.

Responsible to:
                        Regional Manager


1.      To be Diakonia’s official representative in Lebanon

2.      To develop, manage and implement Diakonia’s Country Programme in Lebanon on the basis of Diakonia’s established guidelines, policy,   strategy planning, budget and other steering documents

a.      To develop and implement strategic plans for the programmes in Lebanon in accordance with Diakonia’s priorities and national development priorities.

b.      To seek/solicit new funding opportunities and draft applications to donors.

c.      To sign on behalf of Diakonia partners’ contracts, and consultancy contracts and monitor compliance of signed agreements.

d.      To lead and guide the Lebanon country programme; identify potential partners, oversee their programmatic development, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and when decided phase out projects. Develop and maintain strong relations with the partners. Ensure effective advocacy, communication and networking through partnerships and collaboration. 

e.      To ensure high quality of programmes, i.e. that a rights-based and results-based management approach is fully incorporated into all phases of programme management, that evaluations are effectively conducted and the results are discussed and used to improve programme performance and that commitment and institutional and thematic capacities partners are effectively gained and promoted.

f.        To follow up and approve payments to partners and projects after approval of narrative and financial reports, audits, applications, annual plans and assessments etc., in accordance with Diakonia’s Project management manual

3.      To be the employer’s representative with personnel and managerial responsibility, and working environment responsibility for personnel at Diakonia’s Country Office.

a.      To lead and run a country office in Beirut with locally recruited staff.

4.      To elaborate and follow-up the office budget.

5.      To provide Diakonia’s Head Office and Regional Office with updated and relevant information about the situation in the region and among partners to be used for various needs.

6.      To participate in various regional working groups and coordinate or lead delegated joint processes in different areas such as strategic/programming, thematic/methodological and financial/administrative coordination, development and reporting.

7.      To support the mainstreaming of gender in the organization and contribute to a more equal society through gender conscious behavior, role modeling, and openness towards capacity building.

8.      To assist the Regional Office in other tasks when delegated from the Regional Manager.

 Required Qualifications: 

          ·    University Degree in Business Administration, Development Studies or Socio Economic Studies
 ·     8 years of relevant working experience from development work, preferably  with an INGO
 ·      Managerial experience.
 ·      Project Management and analysis, Rights Based Approach, LFA, thorough knowledge of Monitoring, Evaluation and Networking skills
 ·      Substantial understanding of the role of civil society in development in the Middle East.
 ·      Leadership and decision making skills
 ·      Analytical and critical thinking
 ·      Conflict resolution and crisis management
 ·      Verbal and written communication skills in English and Arabic
 ·      Computer competence
 ·      Ability to travel frequently

Cover letter and curriculum vitae, including references should be submitted by email to Diakonia by 7 April 2011 at vacancies_diakonia@palnet.com
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

 Diakonia is an equal employment opportunity organization.

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Job Vacancy for Immediate Recruitment Program Assistant Organization Background ARC is an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to build on the capacities of each person and on people’s experience in order to develop knowledge and translate rights into reality. It adopts a holistic and integrated approach to development, and practices collective work through consultation, networking and partnerships. ARC’s objectives are to produce resources, develop capacities and generally nurture the resource culture in the areas of primary health care, community development and childhood in the Arab region. ARC is an organization with a long and successful history in participatory and proactive health, education and training resources development. ARC is seeking a Program Assistant for immediate recruitment. Primary Responsibilities The Program Assistant’s primary role is to support the Regional Program Coordinator in the work of developing the different projects and in responding to program requirements. Program Support (75%) ● Keep an on-going communication with partners ● Assist with activities including the preparation for and hosting of events ● Help develop materials and resources to assist reporting ● Undertake and complete research assignments, as requested ● Respond to general inquiries related to the needs of the programme ● Help manage online resources ● Help develop databases for the programme Administration (25%) ● Maintain accurate records ● Compile meeting minutes and help document programmatic activities ● Help maintain the programmatic portion of the websites ● Assist operational staff with administrative tasks QUALIFICATIONS ● BA degree in human sciences, preferably psychology and / or education ● Experience and interest in working with children and youth ● Demonstrated exceptional research and writing skills and strong oral communication skills ● Ability to digest technical documents, perform emission calculations, data analysis, and present results in a simple and understandable fashion ● Strong experience Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and data bases CHARACTERISTICS ● Detail-oriented, ability to multi-task and manage time well ● Strong interpersonal communication skills ● Works well in a team, is a quick learner, and focuses on high productivity and results ● Professional, friendly, and enthusiastic personality ● Self starter with a proactive attitude and who can anticipate needs COMPENSATION Depending on experience APPLICATION PROCESS Interested candidates should submit the following documents to arcleb@mawared.org ● Letter of interest ● CV ● Report-writing sample (maximum of 5 pages)

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Les amis, si certains sont au Canada, et peuvent se liberer, les seminaires me paraissent tres tres interessants!

au Liban, nous vivons une periode transitionnelle, ou les missions de paix jouent un role important.

a vous l’annonce!


Droits et démocratie est heureux de collaborer à la diffusion des

Séminaires d’été 2011 de la Chaire Raoul-Dandurand

organisés par l’Observatoire sur les missions de paix et opérations humanitaires
de la Chaire Raoul-Dandurand et la Faculté de science politique et de droit de l’UQAM

Séminaire d’approfondissement des missions de paix des Nations Unies
Du 2 au 13 mai 2011

  • Scrutin au Sud Soudan et ses conséquences, Fabienne Hara, International Crisis Group
  • Rôle des militaires dans les opérations de maintien de la paix, Général (Ret) Gaston Côté
  • Régime des sanctions des Nations Unies, David Biggs, Secrétariat de l’ONU à New York
  • Participation du Canada dans les missions de paix, Michel Duval, ancien ambassadeur du Canada auprès des Nations Unies
  • La lutte contre l’impunité et la protection des droits de la personne au Darfour, Fannie Lafontaine, Université Laval
  • Opérations électorales, d’Haïti à la Côte d’Ivoire, Marcel Blanchet, ancien Directeur général des élections du Québec
  • Problématique des droits de l’homme en opération de paix et  réforme de l’État de droit en Haïti, Danièle Saada, ex-directrice de la justice et l’État de droit de la MINUSTAH.

Informations générales sur les séminaires –  Questions fréquemment poséesS’inscrire

Séminaire d’approfondissement des opérations humanitaires
Du 23 mai au 3 juin 2011

  • Action humanitaire et responsabilité de protéger, Wolf-Dieter Eberwein, directeur de Voice, qui réunit 80 ONG européennes
  • Défi de la coordination humanitaire, avec un responsable du bureau de la coordination des affaires humanitaires (OCHA) à New York
  • Analyse de la crise en République démocratique du Congo (RDC), Jean-Charles Dupin, Représentant d’OCHA à Bunia en RDC
  • Simulation d’une journée sur l’intervention internationale et le droit international, dirigée et conçue par Éric Marclay, chef adjoint des opérations pour le Moyen-Orient et l’Afrique du Nord au Comité international de la Croix-Rouge
  • Sécurité et environnement humanitaire, Bogdan Dumitru, vice-président des programmes internationaux de CARE Canada
  • Problématique de l’assistance alimentaire, Richard Veenstra, directeur d’Action Contre la Faim/Canada
  • Gestion opérationnelle des opérations humanitaires, Yvan Conoir, coordonnateur des Séminaires.

Informations générales sur les séminairesQuestions fréquemment poséesS’inscrire

Séminaires d’approfondissement de la consolidation de la paix
Du 13 au 17 juin 2011

  • Commission de consolidation de la paix – Bilan et défis à venir, Carolyne McAskie, ex-Sous-secrétaire générale chargée du bureau d’appui à la consolidation de la paix, Nations Unies
  • Commissions vérité et réconciliation, Stéphane Leman-Langlois, Université de Montréal
  • Évolution du concept et des pratiques de la consolidation de la paix, Nicolas Lemay-Hébert, directeur de l’Observatoire sur les missions de paix et opérations humanitaires
  • Processus d’évaluation stratégique post-conflit, avec un expert du Secrétariat des Nations Unies
  • Reconstruction post-catastrophe, Diego Osorio, Banque mondiale Haïti
  • Processus de justice et reconstruction en Colombie, avec une experte nationale
  • Réforme du secteur de la sécurité, Laurent Banal, Colonel, expert DDR/RRS aux Nations Unies
  • Processus de justice transitionnelle, Zoé Dugal, Centre Pearson
  • Le Canada et la consolidation de la paix, avec un représentant du Ministère des Affaires étrangères du Canada (START)

Informations générales sur les séminaires –  Questions fréquemment posées –  S’inscrire

La date limite pour acheminer une demande d’inscription est le vendredi 1er avril 2011. Programme en cours de développement et sujet à changements.

Tél.: 514 987-6781 ; Fax : 514 987-8502


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A beautiful country I visited for a very short time,

now suffering from a crisis internal and regional one.

the stories and news I m receiving from Bahrain are mitigated.

I just hope for this country peace, and development based on tolerance, respect, and freedom of all citizens.

below dear friends and readers you may read pieces of what I m getting from Bahrain. the sources are sometimes known, sometimes not.

for all Men, Women working in Bahrain and living there, courage, and hope that the citizens of the country can truly live in a country for all, without discrimination for any part.

I am not sure of the source of the first link:  the pictures are not for young children to see or read. What I Refuse and do not tolerate are the Sectarian talk and comments on those pictures! NO  TO SECTARIAN DISCRIMINATION AND DIVISION IN BAHRAIN


in my opinion this message ” invitation for love” is to spread widely!


Invitation for Tolerance and Respect in Bahrain

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Law and Conflict Summer School – July 2011 المدرسة الصيفية حول القانون والنزاعات المسلحة – تموز

يتشرف بيت عامل لحقوق الانسان، وهو جزء من مؤسسة عامل، بدعوة الحقوقيين وناشطي حقوق الإنسان إلى تقديم طلبات الإنضمام إلى المدرسة الصيفية حول القانون والنزاعات المسلحة، التي ستنظم في بيروت ابتداءا من الاثنين 11 تموز 2011 ولمدة اسبوعين.

تهدف المدرسة الصيفية حول القانون والنزاعات المسلحة إلى رفع مستوى المعرفة بالقوانين المحلية والدولية في العالم العربي، وتعزيز المفاهيم المرتبطة بقانون النزاعات المسلحة وترسيخها في المجتمع المحلي. كما وتهدف إلى تزويد خريجي الحقوق وخريجي العلوم السياسية والصحافة والعلوم الاجتماعية الناشطين في مجال حقوق الإنسان، بالخبرات القانونية والحقوقية، وحثهم على تطبيقها في ميادين عملهم المختلفة لحماية المدنيين واللاجئين أثناء النزاعات المسلحة وفي حالات الطوارئ. هذا ما سيجعلهم أكثر قدرة على توثيق الحقائق ورصد انتهاكات حقوق الإنسان التي تمارس في مجتمعاتهم في فترات الحرب والسلم.

للمزيد من المعلومات ولمراجعة شروط تقديم الطلب، يرجى مراجعة الموقع التالي

باللغة العربية


باللغة الإنجليزية


لتقديم طلبات الانضمام إلى المدرسة الصيفية، الرجاء تعبئة الاستمارة الالكترونية على هذا الرابط:



المهلة النهائية لتقديم الطلبات: 30 نيسان 2011. يتم قبول الطلبات تباعاً، وبالتالي نشجع تقديم الطلب بأسرع وقت ممكن.


Amel House of Human Rights, which is a part of Amel Association, has the pleasure to invite candidates to apply to the two week Summer School on Law and Conflict, organized between the 11th and the 22nd of July 2011, in Beirut.

The main objective of the summer school is to raise the level of knowledge about the legal framework and concepts applicable to armed conflicts.

The Law and Conflict Summer School also aims to equip mainly graduates of law, but also human rights activists and researchers, with the necessary knowledge for the protection of civilians, refugees and other vulnerable groups during armed conflicts or emergency situations. The objective is for this knowledge to be integrated into the work sphere; in law firms, research centers, international organizations, and local and regional NGOs.

For additional information and for application requirements, in English:


For additional information and for application requirements, in Arabic:



To apply to the Summer School, kindly fill the online application at the following link:



Deadline to submit applications: 30 April 2011. Short listed candidates will be contacted only. Early applications are encouraged.

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Dear Friends,

Cartes pour le Recital de Foi et Lumiere

As some of you may already know, I am volunteering since 2007  in Faith and Light . An association that works for people with mental handicap. The association assembles  volunteers of all ages, people with mental handicap and their parents, sisters, brothers,  in what we call communities.

The communities are divided according to the geographical  regions ( to help the group to meet in a near place to all). The activities are many, their aim is to recognise the other person, with mental disorder as a Person, as a Human Being, with full rights . the right to live in dignity, the right to live in the society, the right to have friends….

Do not hesitate to visit the entire trilingual Page I publish and update about faith and light activities in Lebanon!

I took the rest of the msg from richard event on Facebook. ” At the heart of these communities are people with a more or less serious intellectual disability: children, adolescent or adults.

Foi et Lumiere gives to persons with an intellectual disability the possibility of recognizing and using their gifts and discovering the joy of friendship. To the parents, Foi et Lumiere gives s…upport in their trials and helps them to better appreciate the inner beauty of their children. A number of them, in turn, become a source of strength and assistance to other parents who are crushed by their suffering and their daily difficulties.

It was thanks to persons with an intellectual disability, I also came to understand that there is another world, a world other than that of competition, money and material pleasures; those who are week and poor invited me into a world of tenderness and fidelity, of listening and of faith. There I understood the real meaning of Love.

In return, I am inviting you on April 9 at 19:30 to join the famous Abir Nehmeh for a recital in St Elias Church in Antelias. This event will help raise money for Foi et Lumiere and help it organize its activities. There are invitations for 20,000LL, 30,000LL and 50,000LL. If you want to do something noble this blessed season, why don’t you go listen to Abir’s Angelic voice.

Thank you for your consideration. Foi et Lumiere couldn’t do it without
the generosity of donors like yourself.

If you require additional information about Foi Et Lumiere, please contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may also visit http://www.foietlumierelb.org/english/indexeng.html online or contact them directly by phone at: Tel/Fax: + 961 4 525045 Mobile: + 961 3 799408″

Your support is very important!!!


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Each sunday, the young are protesting agaisnt a sectarian state where confessions ( religious communities to be more specific) have the predominance over the relation to the state.

With this in mind, all sorts of abuses and violations to equality, between men and women, and between women, are numerous.

the protests gathered mo0re than 8 thousand people sunday march 2, the people are voicing out their need and will to be considered Full Citizens!

plz see below the poster of the nationality campaign Jinsiyati hakkoun li wal li ousrati, which is encouraging also the protesters!

To read more articles about the subject and the consequences and effects of the sectarian state do not hesitate to read the posts below:



Poster of the Nationality Campaign for March 20 Protest against sectarianism


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1- with ILDES

2- with crtda: knowledge and research full time officer;

3 with crtda : full time nationality campaign coordinator;


توظف الإيلدس (المؤسسة اللبنانية للتنمية الإقتصادية والإجتماعية)
مندوب عنها لتأسيس وتطوير”جمعية منتجي الزيتون في لبنان” ( ADOL )

المؤسسة اللبنانية للتنمية الإقتصادية والإجتماعية “الإيلدس” هي جمعية مدنية ناشطة منذ عام 1986 مع اللبنانيين المهجرين بسبب الحروب لتسهيل عودتهم وتجذرهم في اطار عودة العيش المشترك. 

لهذا الهدف تعمل المؤسسة على تطوير انتاج الزيتون من لبنان انطلاقاً من منطقتي صيدا وجزين. 

عنوان الوظيفة:

مندوب مكلف بتأسيس وتطوير جمعية منتجي الزيتون في لبنان.

المسؤوليات المحددة:

–         المساهمة في صياغة النظام الداخلي والنظام الأساسي لجمعية منتجي الزيتون في لبنان، يتضمنان انشاء فروع لها في كل المناطق اللبنانية.

–         القيام بحملة من الإتصالات مع منتجي الزيتون اللبنانيين (انطلاقاً من منتجي اقضية صيدا وجزين) من اجل خلق نواة للجمعية وتوسيع هذه النواة تدريجياً وتنظيمها.

–         تنظيم نشاطات مع اعضاء الجمعية تهدف الى بلوغ اهدافها ومنها:

–          تحسين نوعية وكمية الزيتون المنتج ومشتقاته عبر برامج محددة

–          الدفاع عن حقوق ومصالح منتجي الزيتون اللبنانيين.

–          دعم وتطوير تسويق الزيتون ومشتقاته (زيت، زيتون المائدة صابون، جفت) في لبنان والخارج.

           –         التعاون مع كل الفاعلين في القطاع على الصعيد اللبناني (منظمات زراعية، معاصر، تجار، موردين للمدخلات، مهندسين زراعيين، …)

           –         انشاء وتطوير علاقات فعالة مع المؤسسات العامة المعنية بانتاج الزيتون ومشتقاته (وزارات الزراعة، والبيئة، والإقتصاد والتجارة، والصناعة، الجامعات، مراكز الأبحاث، المدارس المهنية…)


الكفاءات والخبرات المطلوبة:

–         خبرة في عمل الجمعيات او/و النقابات

–         مستوى تعليم جامعي (اقتصاد او علوم اجتماعية، او زراعة، او ادارة اعمال…)

–         الإستعداد للعمل في الأوساط الريفية في كل لبنان ابتداءاً من منطقتي صيدا وجزين

–         معرفة جيدة باللغات : العربية، والفرنسية، والإنكليزية

–         سهولة التنقل في لبنان

–         خبرة في العلاقات مع المزارعين من كل المناطق، والطوائف، والإتجاهات السياسية


شروط العمل:

–         المندوب هو تحت المسؤولية المباشرة لعضو مجلس ادارة الإيلدس المسؤول عن تنفيذ المشاريع ومتابعتها. ويرفع له تقريراً اسبوعياً عن نشاطه.

–         يستعمل سيارته الشخصية لتنقلاته ويتلقى تعويضاً مقابل ذلك

–         يعمل بدوام كامل : 6 ايام اسبوعياً على اساس، ثماني ساعات يومياً يمكن ان تعدل حسب علاقاته مع المزارعين.


صاحب العمل:

المؤسسة اللبنانية للتنمية الإقتصادية والإجتماعية – ايلدس- (منظمة غير حكومية لبنانية)

العنوان: جل الديب – بناية هاربويان-  بلوك أ – شارع ب ث – رقم 10 – الطابق الأول

تلفون: 6-710535 – 715535/04

فاكس: 710537/04

  ildes@sodetel.net.lb :بريد الكتروني

 www.ildeslebanon.org :الموقع الالكتروني


الراتب الشهري:

 اضافة الى الإشتراك بالضمان الإجتماعي : 1085 يورو يضاف اليها تعويض النقل المحدد بالقانون.

للإتصال : بطرس لبكي : 729494/03

ILDES seeks to recruit a delegate to start the
(Association of Lebanese olive growers” (ADOL”

L’Institut libanais de Développement Economique et Social (ILDES) is an NGO established in 1986 and working with the internally displaced people in order to reinsert them in their loalities of origin and to promote multi-confessional  conviviality. It  is mainly working towards the development of the olive sector in the cazas of Jezzine and Saida in South Lebanon.

 ILDES is looking to hire


 Delegate in charge of creating and developping an association of Lebanese olive growers ADOL.

To contribute to the drafting of statutes and internal regulations of ADOL,
To provide for the gradual establishment of branches in all Lebanese regions (cazas).
To conduct a campaign with Lebanese olive growers (starting with the cazas of Saida and Jezzine), in order to create a core then gradually extend the nucleus and organize it.
To organize with members of ADOL activities to promote the goals of the ADOL, example:
  ·   to improve the quality and quantity of the production of olives and their derivatives
  · To defend the rights and interests of the Lebanese olive growers.
  · To promote the marketing of olive oil and its derivatives (oil, table olives, soap, in Lebanon and on international markets)
  · To cooperate with all other stakeholders involved in the Lebanese olive oil sector (agricultural organizations, mills, traders, input suppliers, agronomists, etc.)
  ·To establish effective relationships with public institutions involved in olive cultivation (Ministries of Agriculture, Environment, Economy and Commerce; Universities, research centers, technical schools, etc.)

 Qualifications and experience:
  ·   Experience in associational and / or Trade Unions activities
  ·   University Level (economics or sociology or agriculture or management etc.)
  ·  Availability to work in rural areas throughout Lebanon beginning in the regions of Saida and Jezzine.
  ·  Good knowledge: of Arabic, French and English
  ·  Geographic mobility
  ·  Experience in dealing with farmers in any region, religion and political persuasion.

 Working conditions:
  ·  He reports directly to Administrator of ILDES in charge of the implementation and monitoring of projects to whom he sends a weekly activity report.
  ·  He uses his personal vehicle for his travel and shall be compensated for that.
  ·  He works full time, six days a week, on a basis of eight hours per day (this may vary according to the relationship with growers).

 The employer:
L’Institut Libanais pour le Développement Economique et Social -ILDES (Lebanese NGO)
Address : Jal El Dib – Rue BC – No10 – Imm. Harboyan- Bloc A- 1rst floor.
Tel : 04-710535/6   et 04-715535
Fax : 04-710537
Email : ildes@sodetel.net.lb
Website : www.ildesliban.org

 Salary (in Euros) social security contribution included : 1085 euros + transportation fees.
Contact person: Boutros Labaki – 03/ 729494

L’ILDES recrute un déléguépour fonder une
” Association des Oléiculteurs Libanais ” (ADOL)

L’Institut Libanais de Développement Economique et Social (ILDES) est une association non gouvernementale active depuis 1986 qui travaille avec les populations déplacées par les guerres pour leur permettre de se réimplanter dans un contexte de convivialité multicommunautaire.

Dans ce but il travaille notamment pour le développement de l’oléiculture au Liban et à partir des régions de Saïda et de Jezzine.

Titre du poste :

Délégué chargé de la formation et du développement d’une association des oléiculteurs libanais.

Responsabilités spécifiques :

– Contribuer à la rédaction des statuts et du règlement interne de l’A.D.O.L, prévoyant la création progressive de branches dans toutes les régions libanaises (cazas).

– Mener une campagne de contacts avec les oléiculteurs libanais (en commençant par ceux des cazas de Saida et de Jezzine), dans le but de créer un noyau fondateur puis étendre ce noyau progressivement et l’organiser.

– Organiser avec les membres de l’A.D.O.L des activités visant à promouvoir les buts de l’A.D.O.L, comme :

·  Améliorer la qualité et la quantité d’olives et de leurs dérivés produits, par des programmes appropriés.

·  Défendre les droits et intérêts des oléiculteurs libanais.

·  Promouvoir la commercialisation de l’olive et de ses dérivés (huile, olive de table, savon, grignons, au Liban et à l’extérieur)

· Coopérer avec tous les autres acteurs de la filière oléicole au niveau libanais (organisations agricoles, pressoirs, commerçants, fournisseurs d’intrants, ingénieurs agronomes, etc…)

·  Etablir des relations efficaces avec les institutions publiques concernées par l’oléiculture (Ministère de l’Agriculture, de l’Environnement, de l’Economie et du Commerce, Universités, centre de recherche, Ecoles techniques, etc…)


Qualifications et expériences acquises:

–   Expérience associative et/ou syndicale

–   Niveau Universitaire (économie ou sociologie ou agronomie ou gestion…)

–   Disponibilité au travail en milieu rural dans tout le Liban en commençant par les régions de Saida et Jezzine.

–   Bonne connaissance : Arabe + Français + Anglais

–   Mobilité géographique

–   Expérience de relations avec des agriculteurs de toute région, confession, et tendance politique.


Conditions de travail :

–   Il est placé sous la responsabilité directe de l’Administrateur ILDES en charge de l’exécution et du suivi des projets auquel il envoie un rapport d’activité hebdomadaire.

–   Il utilise son véhicule personnel pour ses propres déplacements et est indemnisé pour cela.

–   Il travaille à temps plein, six jours par semaine, sur une base de huit heures par jour pouvant varier en fonction des relations avec les oléiculteurs.


L’employeur est :

L’Institut Libanais pour le Développement Economique et Social -ILDES (Organisation Non Gouvernementale libanaise)

Adresse : Jal El Dib – Rue BC – No10 – Imm. Harboyan- Bloc A- 1er -tage.

Tel : 04-710535/6   et 04-715535

Fax : 04-710537

Email : ildes@sodetel.net.lb

Website : www.ildesliban.org

Salaire + CNSS en Euros : 1085 euros + Indemnité légale de transport.

 Personne – contacter: Boutros Labaki – 03/ 729494

Collective for Research & Training on Development – Action

REEWP Research and Knowledge Officer

Recruitment Announcement

Full Time Post – For Immediate Recruitment


CRTD.A has launched last year the Regional Economic Empowerment Programme (REEWP, funded by CIDA and Oxfam-Quebec). The programme combines components including knowledge research and dissemination, counselling services, starting up and/or consolidating women economic initiatives, advocacy, and policy work to support women’s economic empowerment at the grassroots level as well as contributing to strengthening women’s position at the level of social and public institutions.

Within the framework of the REEWP project, CRTD.A is seeking to full time employ Knowledge and Research Officer.

Key Responsibilities:
· Compiling and updating data related to women and the economy
· Processing data and producing specific knowledge material
· Leading on the dissemination of knowledge and data and resources
· Developing the knowledge and research component of the project
· Running and maintaining the project website
· Contributing to work on policy
· Working as part of both the REEWP project and overall CRTD.A teams

Key Competencies:
· Graduate level degree in social sciences or equivalent
· Demonstrable research experience with familiarity with both quantitative and qualitative approaches
· Significant ICT skills
· Very good writing skills in Arabic and English
· Good interpersonal skills and ability to work both independently and as a member of a team
· Strong gender analytical skills and commitment to gender equality and social justice
Interested candidates should send a CV, three references and a letter of motivation to vacancy@crtda.org.lb.

Deadline for application: 21 March 2011
Applications will be processed on a rolling basis.
Only short listed candidates will be contacted.
No phone calls please.

اعلان عن توظيف فوري 

منسق/ة لمشروع حملة جنسيتي حق لي ولاسرتي

عقد عمل لمدة سنة قابل للتجديد

منذ ما يقارب العشر سنوات، اطلقت مجموعة الابحاث والتدريب للعمل التنموي الحملة العربية لحق النساء بمنح الجنسية لاسرهن. على مدى السنوات القليلة الماضية، طورت حملة جنستي حق لي ولاسرتي في لبنان اسس عملها ووسعت نطاقه، حيث انشأت ايضا، الوحدة القانونية التي تسعى من خلالها لتقديم المشورة النفسية والقانونية والدعم للّبنانيات المتزوجات من غير لبنانيين.

وفي اطار استكمال وتطوير نشاط حملة جنسيتي حق لي ولاسرتي، تسعى مجموعة الابحاث والتدريب للعمل التنموي للتوظيف الفوري لمنسق/ة للحملة لتولي المهامات والمسؤوليات التالية:

–  متابعة تنفيذ جميع الأنشطة المرتبطة بالمشروع وفقاً للاهداف والتواريخ المحددة

– التواصل مع السلطات المختصة فيما يتعلق بالقضايا الخاصة بالحملة

–  العمل على اعتماد قانون جديد للجنسية

–  تنظيم لقاءات دورية مع نواب الكتل البرلمانية، السياسيين/ات والخبراء القانونيين

– إصدار بيانات عامة ومواقف سياسية واعلامية

– القيام بأية مهامات أخرى ضمن نطاق العمل الوظيفي


 المهارات الأساسية

– ثلاث سنوات خبرة على الأقل في مجال ادارة المشاريع والعمل المطلبي

– معرفة واسعة في مجالي النوع الاجتماعي (الجنسانية) والمواطنة

– اتقان فني التخاطب والتفاوض اضافة الى التمتع بقدرة عالية على تسيير الأعمال

– دراية واسعة بطرق التنسيق و ادارة عمل الفريق

– اتقان كامل للّغتين العربية والانكليزية قراءة وكتابة

يرجى من المهتمين/ات ارسال رسالة اهتمام مرفقة مع السيرة الذاتية المفصلة، مع ذكر اسماء لـ3 أشخاص معرّفين، وذلك الى العنوان التالي: vacancy@crtda.org.lb

سوف يتم الاتصال فقط  بالذين/اللواتي يتم اختيارهم/ن للمقابلة، ويرجى الاكتفاء بارسال الرسالة والسيرة على البريد الالكتروني.

Immediate Recruitment

Nationality Campaign Team Leader

Full-time, 1-year, renewable post

CRTD.A has launched its regional Arab Women’s Right to Nationality Campaign for approximately a decade now.  Over the past few years, the Nationality Campaign in Lebanon has developed in scope and has gradually included new and exciting initiatives namely a legal unit which seeks to provide advice and support to Lebanese women married to non-national men.

CRTD.A is now seeking to recruit a “Project Team Leader” for the Nationality Campaign in Lebanon.

Key tasks and responsibilities

1. Follow up on the implementation of the project activities, and making sure meeting the deadlines

2. Establish direct contacts with relevant authorities to communicate on critical issues related to the campaign

3. Advocating for new nationality law and executive circulars (by sector and by geographical location)

4. Organize regular meetings with Parliamentary blocks, jurists and legal experts

5. Issuing policy papers and communication material

6. Undertaking other tasks as required

Key competencies

1. At least three years of work experience in the field of project management

2. Extensive knowledge of overall gender and citizenship programs

3. Excellent communication, negotiation and facilitation skills

4. Familiarity with activities and team coordination

5. Excellent writing skills in Arabic and English

Interested candidates should send a detailed CV + 3 references + letter of motivation to vacancy@crtda.org.lb

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

No phone calls please.

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j ai étudie pour 15 ans dans un lycée laïc, ou les différences culturelles et religieuses étaient respectées!

je n’arrive pas a rester enfermée, encerclée dans un cercle communautaire précis, un cercle qui m’étouffe en tant que femme, et en tant que citoyenne.

hier, dimanche 6 mars,  mon rêve était très beau, plusieurs milliers de personnes demandaient comme moi, un état laïc, un état qui respecte les religions confessions, dans les sphères privées, et un état qui prône la laicité haut et fort!

jeune, enfants, vieux, vieilles, chiens, Tous et toutes étaient au rendez vous, pour dire non au système confessionnel, oui a la laicite, un Etat Laic qui respecte les droits de tous et toutes!

une très belle manifestation ou j’ai arboré toute fière ma propre affiche : oui a une loi unique et laïque pour le statut personnel au Liban!

قانون مدني موحد للاحوال الشخصية

a vous tous et toutes qui y étaient: Chapeau!


dears those are some of the pictures I took: to see all the photos do not hesitate to see my facebook album: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=283436&id=518151827&l=4ee5d4a54a

Children are with a Laic State

Karrahtouna! w Kahrabtouna Game over confessionalism

toutes pour une Etat Laic qui respecte les retraites

divided by religion divided on earth

Expiry date for confessionalism

Non au confessionalisme

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Une campagne née récemment au Liban, mobilise les citoyens a protester le dimanche, lors d’une marche pacifique contre le système confessionnel libanais. Je veux et Aspire aussi a être directement liée a mon Etat, Ma Nation et Non a ma communauté!


Oui, je soutiens cette initiative, Je répete, je Veux être Egale a tous et toutes dans mon pays. Sans discrimination de race, de religion, de confession, de nationalité, de statut social. Bek, Cheikh ou autre. Sunnite, Catholique, Chiite, Maronite ou autre. Homme, Femme ou autre.

A vous de voir le Poster qui circule sur la toile.


©  Rita Chemaly. www.ritachemaly.wordpress.com

Appel a la mobilisation contre le système Confessionnel Libanais

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The CEDAW: or the bill of rights for Women around the world.

A convention that has been ratified by Lebanon in 1996, but with exceptions, mainly on the article 16:  Marriage, and Family law. Yes Lebanon, one of the most modern country in the Middle East has used it s right to say no to some provision of international convention, provision that can help it s Women to be  Full Right Citizens, a first class citizen.

But no, the State has a confessional political and religious system, so  reservations have been made on an international convention. Reservation that nullify the convention and the gender equality in our beautiful and modern Cedar Country.

Reservation that deepens discrimination between people in My country.

Family law, adoption, inheritance are not regulated by a Unified code between all Citizens, but by personal religious courts.

That is why Lebanon has exercised  its right not to implement certain provisions of the treaty, even though Lebanon has signed and ratified the  CEDAW!

I am a lebanese women, a lebanese citizen and I aspire to be:

a complete Citizen, having the same rights as my fellow lebanese women citizen without regard to their confession.

a full right citizen.

I aspire to be:

a full right citizen, without discrimination between me and my fellow men citizen.

I aspire to have my Rights as a Human being related to a State not just to a confession.

Let me believe at home in my personal square and sphere,

let me be and react in a State where the Lebanese community prevails,

Yes I aspire to let the Lebanese Community Be.

Yes I want my state to lift the reservations on the CEDAW convention,

for me to be,



©  Rita Chemaly. www.ritachemaly.wordpress.com

Copyright permission is granted for publication.

Reproduction autorisée.

Friends I took this billbaord this morning: I saw this campaign 2 days ago on the Lebanese streets!!

Campaign to lift reservations on CEDAW art16

Campaign to lift reservations on CEDAW art16

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