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it is difficult almost impossible for women in Lebanon to access the high political sphere and be a decision maker.

why? the reason are numerous , in my previous posts I have descibed them and analysed them.

now a National Campaign is stating it clear: ENOUGH!

here is the short movie that you might have seen on the Lebanese TV stations.

Rita Chemaly

rita chemaly women in governance Lebanon

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I am chocked, I just watch the episode of 7ki Jelis on You tube again, and I’m still chocked.

a woman that is a Judge has beaten and acted violently on 2 other people : one man and another woman.

more chocking that this Judge in Lebanon has terrorised other neighbors and didn’t let them approach to help the woman she has beaten so violently!

in my opinion this Judge must be Judged for exercing extra powers, as well as exercing Violence against other people whether they are women, men, elderly, foreign refugees!!

She needs to Be CRIMINALISED by her own institution: The Judiciary system in Lebanon, as she is Very Badly Representing it!! she needs to be also “kicked off” by other orders or networks she is member off.


OMG!!! we are working on empowering women, and combating Gender Based Violence, but with such a behavior that is inexplicable such a person is showing us how much work we still need to do!!!

Rita Chemaly

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V-Dem opens a Call for Postdocs and Research Fellows!

Dear Global V-Dem Team,

Varieties of Democracy Institute is excited to announce a Call for 4-6 positions as Postdocs and Research Fellows at the Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg, who will join V-Dem and Governance and Local Development-G projects.

Some positions are funded by the Swedish Research Council-grant, others are funded by Wallenberg Academy Fellow and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond- grants.

More information could be found through the links below.

Application deadline for all positions is January, 23 2015.
For further information please contact:
Professor Staffan I. Lindberg at staffan.i.lindberg@pol.gu.se or
Head of Administration, Anna Engqvist at anna.engkvist@gu.se

Varieties of Democracy
Postdoc (2 years)Online application: Please click here. 
Research Fellow (1-2 years)Online application: Please click here. 
Governance and Local Development in MENA
Postdoc (2 years): Online application: Please click here.
Research Fellow (1-2 years): Online application: Please click here. 

Please spread the information widely in your networks! 

With best regards,

V-Dem Team

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