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I m clinging to my seat,

I want to remain in power,

Mass demonstrations and gatherings are the fact of rebellious people….


yes for freedom of speech,

yes for freedom of thought,

yes for a plural democracy,

yes for my right to have a decent job,

yes for my right to a democratic governement,

yes for Equal rights between all citizens,

No for military dictatorship,

No for gaz attacks ( sally my friend in Egypt-Cairo told me that there is a lot of gaz in the streets),

People of Egypt, dear Courageous demonstrators, you are voicing out our frustration, you are leading the way as your fellow Tunisian did, for people to make the choices and the reforms they wish.

No more double standards by big powers in looking at the situation!

The people are saying what they want, can’t You hear them?

Stop being afraid for your interests in the region,

the Nile land said what they felt about the concessions, and the compromises other did in its name!

The words chanted by the People in the streets, and retransmitted throughout social media, and mass media are simple:

“The people want the regime to fall!”

Dear Egyptian friends Long Live your ACTION!


©  Rita Chemaly. www.ritachemaly.wordpress.com

the people want the regim to fall

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Recently, Ft Rami Choullami, published a book in arabic, about death and time in a novel, he based his study on the analysis of the novel LIKA’ « Meeting »  of Mikhail Naima.

Who is the author? ( other than a very good friend and priest ) , and what is the book about?

please scroll down the page!


Antonin Monk,

Father Rami is born in 1976, in Syria at Benias El Sahel.

He Holds a B.A. in theology from The Catholic university of Lyon France,
He also holds a M.A. in Arab literature  from the University of  Holy Spirit Kaslik, Lebanon.
Professor at the Antonine University Baabda, his courses are related to research and analytical skills.


الموت وزمن السرد الروائي دراسة تحليلية لرواية لقاء لمخائيل نعيمة

الموت وزمن السرد الروائي

دراسة تحليلية لرواية لقاء لمخائيل نعيمة

الاب رامي جورج شلمي

الموت وزمن السرد الروائي

كتاب جديد للأب رامي شُلَّمي ينطلق فيه من تعدد مفاهيم الموت عند البشر (الفناء، والتقمص، والقيامة). ومن فكرة تأثير مفهوم الموت عند الإنسان في مفهومه للحياة والخلاص، وبالتالي في مفهومه للزمن. وبما أن العمل الروائي هو عمل إنسان في الزمن، وهو في النهاية سرد لأحداث زمنية، فقد طرح المؤلّف الإشكالية التالية: هل يؤثر مفهوم الموت، عند الكاتب الروائي، في زمن السرد الروائي؟ وبالتالي، هل دراسة تقنية الزمن في رواية ما، تساعد على استخلاص مفهوميّ الموت والخلاص عند الكاتب الروائي؟ـ
للإجابة على هذه الإشكالية، قام المؤلّف بدراسة تحليلية لرواية لقاء لميخائيل نعيمة، بغية الوصول إلى مفهومي الموت والخلاص عند نعيمة، وبالتالي البحث عن المصادر الفكرية التي تأثر بها الكاتب للوصول إلى هذين المفهومين
الموت وزمن السرد الروائي من منشورات الجامعة الأنطونية، حالياً في المكتبات

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Vacancy: Consultant

Dears. please Find below a call for immediate recruitment by CRTDA:


Gender Audit Consultant
Immediate Short-term Recruitment

CRTD.A has launched last year the Regional Economic Empowerment Programme (REEWP, funded by CIDA and Oxfam-Quebec). The programme combines components including knowledge research and dissemination, counselling services, starting up and/or consolidating women economic initiatives, advocacy, and policy work to support women’s economic empowerment at the grassroots level as well as contributing to strengthening women’s position at the level of social and public institutions.

Within the framework of the REEWP project, CRTD.A is offering a short-term consultancy for an expert to undertake a “gender audit” of an institution involved in women’s economic rights and participation.

The main objective of the gender audit is to promote learning and policy dialogue on how to effectively implement gender mainstreaming in the policies, programmes, activities and public structures which impact, influence and shape women’s economic rights, empowerment and participation.

Key Responsibilities:

● Literature review of pertinent documents
● Develop indicators
● Design tools for data collection
● Undertake data collection
● Interview key informants
● Analyze findings
● Draft gender audit report
● Finalize report based on feedback from CRTD.A /REEWP

Key Competencies:

● University degree in social sciences or equivalent
● Demonstrable experience in qualitative and action oriented research
● Specific experience in gender audits
● Demonstrable conceptual, analytical and practical knowledge of gender and development and gender analysis
● Strong command of and excellent writing skills in English and Arabic
● French is a plus
● At least 5 years of experience in similar contexts
● Demonstrable commitment to gender equality and social justice

The assignment is being offered starting 14 February 2011 and until April 2011
Interested candidates should send their CVs + motivation letter + 3 references to vacancy@crtda.org.lb
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. No phone calls please.

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Les femmes et le droit au Liban

Une conference en langue arabe et en francais est organisee par L’IFPO, au CCF le 16 fevrier.

Quels sont les droits des Femmes Libanaises quant a la nationalité,

le titre de la conférence est “les femmes et le droit au Liban”, avec la participation d’un anthropologue, d’une activiste de la société civile et d’un juge.

Un sujet brûlant qui touche de nombreuses Libanaises, mariées a des étrangers, notamment des français.

a vous l’affiche de l’événement!


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I felt frustrated, ashamed and furious yesterday when I saw what happened during the riots, the riots for expressing the “rage” of some Lebanese! During the ” day of rage” as it was called by some people.

Destroying the live press car of Al-Jazeera?!

New TV,  girl being beaten and intimidated?!

By whom? The political party or force that usually claims the state of Law? The so called “ democracy”?

The state of law I live for, advocate for, and hope for? A state where the balance of things is equal to all?

The army not doing anything to stop the masses from burning a building where the press was trying to hide in?

A press-car, Burned and Destroyed?

Lebanon was always known for its Freedom of EXPRESSION and thought!!!

Sectarian banners again? Friends tell me, that this is Not true!!! Shiia/ Sunni? No way…I totally refuse such an equation! Such sectarian talk! And sorry for the word: Rubbish!  I thought that we can all have new banners:  ACTING FOR DOWNING THE COST OF FUEL AND MAZOUT, for people to be able to go to work and be productive, for people to be able to have a little warm house!! (Little because house prices are Exorbitant!) …

My right for a State of Law where citizens are equal!

New Banners like: My Right for Clean Water, Full time Electricity, Free Education, and Free Hospitality! in the 21th Century!

No, what I heard yesterday is totally different, I Heard a call for a “Person” and not for a Campaign, If I’ m wrong correct me.

People saying “Hariri or No one?!” What?!

Please tell me that I was having a bad dream!

I heard an MP, on Al Jazeera, telling the anchor that this was a political message to the opposition and Mikati the Prime minister who was chosen by 68 Members of Parliament in Lebanon.

Dear MP: A political message is a message we give using political tools? Or is it a message we give through violence? throught threatening the citizens, telling them the Economy will go more down, the Financial system cannot afford losing Lebanon’s Foreign friends?! Are those Lebanon’s friends, or some people friends? Please do tell me that when the People of a Country, the Tax Payers,  do help us after a war,  they are helping the People of Lebanon and not some People in the political sphere, for them to remain in their positions and seats!

A political message in a state of law, is given by telling and pushing people to burn Tires?ARE YOU SURE?

I saw women, and Men doing it! No gender differences yesterday! Good point hein!?

Men and Women in the streets, can’t you write petitions? Can’t you Light Candles? Can’t you try to write letters, and Articles in the press, Maybe take action and steps permitted by the Consitution, or Law of Law, instead of acting like … I can’t even tell whom, or what!? There is a way called peaceful collective actions, Gene Sharp talked about it, I discussed it in my book about the 14 of Marc 2005. Can’t you read it?

A political message, by Burning the garbage tanks? !  Poor Sukleen, and burning Tires? Poor the Green Lebanon and the Cedar Country! Am I the only one who thought that there is Enough pollution in Lebanon?

Am I the only one who thought that I DO NOT WANT to take any party,

That my country can live without a person, but not without its INSTITUTIONS? Not without Civil Peace? Not without “alternance”  in the political sphere?

Am I the only one who prefers to have a country living from its own productive sectors and not because we take projects and we take funds from foreign institutions?! Iranian , Arabic, European, American, and others?

I was not the only one telling Stop, I took this post from Afif’s blog, I hope you can read it, and react to it too!

Another post that I find myself writing out of surprise and out of being ashamed of my fellow Lebanese.

For years now those in government, have been talking about democracy, about the rule of law, about using institutional channels to work rather than going on the ground, burning tires, closing roads and threatening. I sincerely supported them in the concept of rule of law and all that( though I do not support them in their political views, neither support the other side for sure)

Yet, at the slightest chance of threat to lose their positions in government through the same democratic and institutional patterns, they lose their logic and sense and then directly head to the streets.

Those same politicians who have been warning the Lebanese from any sort of chaos and street fights just few days ago…are now calling on their supporters to go to the street, to block roads, burn tires and participate in showing their “rage” (according to one of their spokesman’s choice of words).

I wonder if any of our politicians (from both sides) and their supporters (and I stress on supporters because I don’t blame the politicians as much as I blame those who vote for them!!!) have any sense of logic and honesty. Any kind of values and principles to live by and look up to…

I sincerely, honestly, deeply feel ashamed of those Lebanese who are cheering for this party or that. I pity those who are actually answering the call to go to the streets, those puppets that easily get exploited by the politicians to provoke chaos in our beloved country.

I dare you to say ENOUGH! Enough hypocrisy! Enough bullshit! Enough spreading fear amongst our streets and homes! ENOUGHHH!!”



©  Rita Chemaly. www.ritachemaly.wordpress.com

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Not pro-confessionalism?

For a state where the citizens can be equal, and can mix normally and naturally without prejudice and discrimination: moral, social and political?

Al-Ayam publishing house is hosting a movie called Hanine, that features peace and love between confessions in a country like Bahrain: The movie screening is on sunday 30 of January 2011.

I hope to see more of those kinds of work, films that advocates for mutual acceptance and understanding.

Especially that I belong to a country Lebanon where confessions are the core stone between citizenship and the state.


Haneen Movie Bahrein

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Dears, you may have heard about the Human RIGHT FESTIVAL,
The 2011 Human Rights Film Festival will take place from 27th to 30th of January 2011 at Cinema Metropolis Empire Sofil, Beirut.Festivals play a powerful role in turning a delicate issue, like human rights abuses (torture and arbitrary detention, women’s rights, rights of refugees and migrant workers) in an accessible way for the general public.

As festivals reach a big audience, this is an important goal that we are willing to achieve through the screening of a series of documentaries on human rights in Lebanon.
The event will last 4 days and each one will focus on a specific human right issue:
Women’s rights – 27/01/2011
Refugees’ rights
– 28/01/2011
Migrants’ rights and discrimination
– 29/01/2011
Detainees’ rights and arbitrary detention
– 30/01/2011

The program includes screening of human rights documentaries, artistic performances related to the same issue (music or theatre), speakers and panel discussions with the public.

The Festival will also host photo exhibitions, a selection of human rights publications available from the project’s Documentation Centre, will see the presence of all the 13 associations taking part at the “Human Rights is Lebanon” Coalition and much more!

Do not hesitate to Look at the program and come! The Festival is free to all!


Thursday 27th January 2011 – Women’s rights       su

18.00 – OPENING: Lawyer Ziad Baroud – Minister of Interior and Municipalities / Mrs Angelina Eichhorst, Ambassador Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon / Mr Fateh Azzam – OHCHR Regional Representative for the Middle East / Representative of COSV

18.40 – My Nationality is a Right for me and My Family by CRTD.A

19.00 – About Latifa and Others… by Farah Sami Fayed, Kafa (Enough) Violence & Exploitation

19.55 – Survivor by Kafa (Enough) Violence & Exploitation

20.05 – For you by Multimedia Virtual Space for Human Rights

20.10 – Poetry “I got flowers today” by Carmen Leboss

20.20 – Speaker presentation on Women’s rights in Lebanon and open discussion with Ms Zoya Rouhana – Director of Kafa (Enough) Violence & Exploitation / Ms Mona Oufeich – Minister of State

21.00 – Buffet

21.45 – The Adventures of Salwa by Nasawiya

21.50 – CEDAW by Multimedia Virtual Space for Human Rights

22.00 – A House Among Many Houses by Sana Atrissi

22.20 – Empty talk by Amanda Abou Abdallah

PHOTO EXIBITION “Behind the Doors” by Dalia Khamissy, Kafa (Enough) Violence & Exploitation

Friday 28th January 2011 – Regugees’ rights       su

18.30 – I Come from a Beautiful Place by Carol Mansour

19.10 – Testimonies from representatives of the Iraqi and Sudanese communities

19.35 – Improvisational music performance by Ashraf el-Chouli and Tarek Bashasha

20.00 – Speaker presentation on Refugees’ rights in Lebanon and open discussion with Mr Wadih Asmar – Secretary General of C.L.D.H. / Lawyer Nizar Saghieh / Ms Ninette Kelly – Representative UNHCR

20.40 – Break

21.00 – Ghaza Hospital by Marco Pasquini

22.25 – Till when by Multimedia Virtual Space for Human Rights

22.35 – Life from the BBC (Bourj al Barajneh Camp) by Jackson Allers

22.50 – 60 Units of Time3ounefWelcome to ShatilaLeaflets by Studio Camps

23.05 – Dream of Return by Multimedia Virtual Space for Human Rights

23.15 – The Kingdom of Women by Dahna Abou Rahme

PHOTO EXIBITION “MA BAAD AL LAHZA” photographs from the workshops in Beirut, Baalbak, Tripoli, Saida, Tyre by Zakira

Saturday 29th January 2011 – Migrants’ rights and discrimination     su

18.00 – Sayda by Michael Abi Khalil

18.20 – Les Femmes Bonnes by Corine Shawi

19.25 – Jadayel by Multimedia Virtual Space for Human Rights

19.30 – Being a Domestic Worker: Sri Lankiete Libnanieh by Wissam Saliby

19.35 – Merci Madame Najem by Shankaboot (Bassem Breish – Christian Bitsch)

19.45 – Forum Theatre about Migrant Workers by “Live Lactic Culture – Laban”

20.15 – Speaker presentation on Migrant domestic workers in Lebanon and open discussion with Dr Ray Jureidini – Professor at the LAU and human rights activist / Mr Nadim Houry – Director of Human Rights Watch / Dr Boutros Harb – Minister of Labour

21.00 – Break

21.20 – Zourouni koulli sana marra (Visit me once a year) by Siska  

21.40 – How Bitter My Sweet by Mohamed Soueid

23.10 – Fabraka by Siska

PHOTO EXIBITION “Unseen lives: Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon” by Matthew Cassel, Kafa (Enough) Violence & Exploitation

Sunday 30th January 2011 – Detainees’ rights and enforced disappearance     su

18.00 – Waiting for justice by Multimedia Virtual Space for Human Rights

18.05 – Prisoner=Human by Multimedia Virtual Space for Human Rights

18.10 – 12 Angry Lebanese – the Documentary by Zeina Daccache, presented by Catharsis-LCDT

19.30 – Music performance from the soundtrack of “12 Angry Lebanese” by Hussein Nouri, presented by Catharsis-LCDT

19.45 – Launching the DVD of the documentary “12 Angry Lebanese” in presence of some of the ex-inmates actors, presented by Catharsis-LCDT

20.20 – Testimony of Youssef Chaabane

20.35 – Speaker presentation on Detainees’ rights in Lebanon and open discussion with Mr Wadih al-Asmar – Secretary General of C.L.D.H. / Dr Omar Nashabi – Specialist in criminal justice and researcher on prison conditions

21.15 – Khiam by Joana Hadjitomas and Khalil Joreige

22.10 – Women Beyond Borders by Jean Chamoun and Mai Masri

23.10 – Ya Waladi: My Son by Lina Ghaibeh

23.15 – Here and Perhaps Elsewhere by Lamia Joreige

PHOTO EXIBITION from Catharsis theatre work in Roumieh Prison (Lebanon) by Dalia Khamissy

PHOTO EXIBITION from Compagnia della Fortezza theatre work in Volterra Prison (Italy) by Stefano Vaja

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