Lebanese MPs have voted the amendment of the #rape #Law marriage article 522!!

looking forward for other Steps Forward for Women’s rights in Lebanon!!

Below are some of the articles covering this great Step FORWARD for Lebanese Women

Al Joumhouriya http://www.aljoumhouria.com/news/index/378460

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Source : Lebanese MPs abolish rape in Article 522 of penal code

A new episode in Gender based violence, was highlighted during a discussion on Women rights! The Discussion was organised by proeminent NGO , RDFL. A Lebanese member of Parliament (re-conducted illegally) went out of the paper prepared by him or « for him?? » and said that a women has a role in pushing men to rape […]

via Blaming the Victim because she « asked » for rape Lebanon policy maker fail — Ritachemaly’s Blog

Tomorrow the lebanese parliament will meet, during a General assembly meeting aiming to… legiferate. The number 6 point of the agenda of the legislative session is the deletion of article 522 of the penal code, also known as the rape marriage law.

Lebanese NGO Abaad has launched a massive campaign urging parliament to #undress522 ,  clearly stating that “A White Dress Doesn’t Cover the crime. 

Recently Kafa also launched a massive campaign showing that such marriage is similar to a condoleances.

As a woman activist, as a feminist, as a mother, as a citizen , I urge our members of parliament to abolish Article 522 of the Lebanese Penal Code. Tomorrow we need to win this battle. We need , as recently in Jordan to amend the penal code and uncover all rape crimes!!! 

Rita chemaly

updated : the Lebanese Parliament voted for the amendment of Article 522 of the penal code on the 16 of August 2017

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My husband was with our kid at the mall.  Our baby needed diaper change. The husband couldn’t change diaper of our baby in the mall in the wc of “gents.” He had to enter the WC of the ladies as the changing table is there. He had no pb doing it, but … The cleaning lady asked my husband, “Mister where is madam? “. And the ladies there where asking him the same but with more into the question : ” yi niyyela em madam ! wayn el madam?”

Short story that shows with the questions my husband received and the reactions  how women are directly linked to care work , to the sphere of home, children , and how fathers who want to be active participants in their children life not only “breadwinning” is not yet common in Lebanon.

Parity in parenthood and gender roles is one of the issues that absolutely needs to be worked on.

Equality in gender roles is needed, perpetuating the20170721_204612 thinking that women are only there to cook clean and take care of children staying in a closed sphere, the house,

And that husbands can’t perform household tasks and need to be the breadwinners, and stay in the public sphere , show how much inequality is the common sense.

Now to Geant mall dora, you need to add a wc where women and men can change their children, this simple commodity show how equality is a goal that is easy to attain when there is a will.

Rita em jn w raf



Un coup grave pour les femmes libanaises: la loi electorale de 2017 ne comprend pas de quota pour les femmes.

Alors que le Liban a une des pires places concernant la participation politique des  femmes au sein du parlement, un tout tout petit 3% de femmes au sein de notre parlement en 2016.

avec une femme ministre au gouvernement, le Liban detient la pire des notes concernant la participation politique des femmes. la 143eme  place sur les 144 en ce qui concerne la participation politique.

Hier la coalition nationale pour les femmes en politique qui rassemble les ONGs, les activitistes et des entites etatiques qui ont pour mission l’avancee des droits des femmes, a hausse le ton.

les femmes libanaises sont pretes au combat, difficile certe, sans quota ou mesure positive de discrimination, mais pretes a s’allier et a se presenter aux elections .

en France dans le meme temps, une progression nette de 12 points pour les femmes dans l’Assemblee est soulignee par le Haut Conseil a l’Egalite.

une avancee de ” 12 points a été permise par l’effet conjugué des contraintes – loi sur le non cumul des mandats et doublement des pénalités financières pour les partis ne respectant pas la parité des candidatures – et l’objectif affiché de parité de la part du parti de la majorité présidentielle, arrivé largement en tête lors de ce second tour des élections législatives.”

Je ne peux que souhaiter a toutes mes amies partisanes au Liban , un combat difficile certe, de bien etre placee dans les listes des prochaines elections, et dans des circonscriptions ou elles peuvent gagner aussi.

en citant le Haut conseil a l’Egalite, je rappelle que ” la parité n’est plus une option mais une exigence démocratique. “


Rita Chemaly



Voila, nous avons recu par courrier les brochures des candidats a la 10eme circonscription , les francais qui vivent a l’etranger peuvent choisir un ou une candidate et le ou la suppleante .

pour des infos sur le role des deputes, et leur suppleants: je vous attache le lien Wikepedia des dernieres elections de 2012. je vais essayer de suivre les campagnes de pres pour voir quelles sont les causes qui sont portees par les francais qui resident au Liban,

aussi, cela me donne de l’espoir, je reve d’organiser des elections au Liban

Rita Chemaly


My friends know that we barely go out without our kids. Jn at 4 , needs to run and  play and enjoy his childhood. Bb raf at 3 months is still bf,

Finding open spaces with green trees and games for jn in beirut and where rody and I can watch him playing safely is our weekly search .

Last week we found this park just in Beirut, next to city center hazmieh called Yuppie park.

A big space with trees and more than 13 games for children for all ages. Small, toddlers and teenagers. Entry fees is 10 000LL for a child, and 5000LL for adults. If you go out you have to pay again, and no food is allowed inside.

There is a small place selling icecream chips and chocolate inside and… what I disliked : arguileh. Horrible arguileh in a park for kids 😦 😦

Positive points:  that there are parts where arguileh is  not allowed and others where you see on each table more than 5 arguileh.

I loved the place, safety is on the parents though to follow their children ( i mean run after them). 🙂

Toilets were clean too, also there are loads of garbage baskets and tables and chairs for parents to sit. I enjoyed sitting under the trees in the middle of beirut, while jn was discovering the pirates boat.

I advise this park for parents with kids! Mine enjoyed the tyrolienne and the big high toile d’araignee…

Ps: il y a du sable, donc vaut mieux ne pas mettre des sandales  mais des baskets pour les enfants et nous.

Below are some pics from the place

Rita em jn w raf


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