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My friends know that we barely go out without our kids. Jn at 4 , needs to run and  play and enjoy his childhood. Bb raf at 3 months is still bf,

Finding open spaces with green trees and games for jn in beirut and where rody and I can watch him playing safely is our weekly search .

Last week we found this park just in Beirut, next to city center hazmieh called Yuppie park.

A big space with trees and more than 13 games for children for all ages. Small, toddlers and teenagers. Entry fees is 10 000LL for a child, and 5000LL for adults. If you go out you have to pay again, and no food is allowed inside.

There is a small place selling icecream chips and chocolate inside and… what I disliked : arguileh. Horrible arguileh in a park for kids 😦 😦

Positive points:  that there are parts where arguileh is  not allowed and others where you see on each table more than 5 arguileh.

I loved the place, safety is on the parents though to follow their children ( i mean run after them). 🙂

Toilets were clean too, also there are loads of garbage baskets and tables and chairs for parents to sit. I enjoyed sitting under the trees in the middle of beirut, while jn was discovering the pirates boat.

I advise this park for parents with kids! Mine enjoyed the tyrolienne and the big high toile d’araignee…

Ps: il y a du sable, donc vaut mieux ne pas mettre des sandales  mais des baskets pour les enfants et nous.

Below are some pics from the place

Rita em jn w raf


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What to do with your kids when they can’t go out to bike ( garbage is everywhere on the streets) or have a simple walk? ( because in Lebanon streets are  smelly)?

Rana is a mum of 3 children, she is a  great mum! She has  invited all the neighborhood kids to a very simple fun and yummy activity.  Cup cakes decoration.

The aim is to bring some simple cup cakes, a pack of chocolate vermicelle and some colorful vermicelle, some chocolate chips colored (smarties) , a pack of nutella. Each Child had a special plate and they had to dig in the nutella put it on their cup cake and decorate it as they feel.

Kids enjoyed the nutella as much as expressing their feelings by spraying smarties and vermicelles on z cakes!

Here are exclusive pictures taken in hrajel ! #livelovelebanon and z wonderful parents children can rely on to have fun!

Rita or em jn

I will add Jn picture as soon as I get it!! 🙂

Here is Jn beautiful Chocolate smile ! Thks Rana for it!!

Here is Jn beautiful Chocolate smile ! Thks Rana for it!!

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As a mother of a young baby boy, looking for a school in #Lebanon,  I was happy to read the last decision taken and published in the official  gazette ( Source: No 23 of the 4/6/2015)  in Lebanon by the Ministry of work ( Circular Nb 2068 ). Now the employees having a work contract can benefit from a scholarship allowance  for the education of their kids at school for the 2014 and 2015 educational year. 🙂 As for the sums allocated, here is a brief about what has been decided:

  • 300 000LL for students in public schools;
  • 750 000LL for students in private schools or universities;
  • 450 000LL for students enrolled in the Lebanese university;

As the Circular says: the children must be between 4 and 25 years old. If the employee benefits from an allowance that is higher than this one, it shouldn’t be changed. this is what is written in the text. For more details attached the picture of the official gazette/ JARIDA RASMIYA Even if the sums are “tight” this IS a GREAT Step for WORKING parents!!!!!! Now Make sure to ask your accountant and boss to IMPLEMENT This Marsoum!!! youhou! Below is a picture of it! Rita Chemaly20150611_124035 AND HERE IS THE CLEAR PICTURE OF THE MARSOUM EDUCATION ALLOWANCE LEBANON PAGE 1 OFFICIAL GAZETTE CHEMALY RITA EDUCATION ALLOWANCE LEBANON PAGE 2 OFFICIAL GAZETTE CHEMALY RITA

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