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Following up with my post from Tuesday about the land in Dlebta that was sold to a Saudi prince, Pierre Daher, the person who had shared the original picture which went viral on Facebook, had the following to say in order correct the information I had shared in my post about the sale:

This picture is not representing the Dlebta valley Sold. This is the very nearby area of Harissa Valley! The red line represents the Harissa valley and has NOT been sold. Dlebta is just in the top right corner of the picture outside the red frame.

For reference, you can check out the post in question here and the picture here. In the meantime, these are the facts regarding the land sale, according to this article by Annahar and other sources:

  • The decree to authorize the sale of the land to the Saudi Prince was passed…

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LGBT bloggers, organizations and individuals are asked to share this letter, the signatories want ” AUB’s LGBTQ students know that there are many faculty and staff at AUB who are their allies and support them in their expression and would fight to ensure a safe and secure space for them to grow.”

(the letter below is to be re-blogged and shared):

To: AUB Faculty and Staff


Subject: Hate speech and bigotry on AUB campus


This letter is in response to the homophobic article published in Outlook titled “Please me at any price” (Issue #21, Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012, http://issuu.com/outlook-aub/docs/issue_21_44/15)


As members of the AUB community, we are committed to meeting the highest standards of integrity and ethics and should ensure our students do the same. The article in Outlook goes against basic human values in general and those of AUB in particular.


A respectful, fact-based discussion…

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No h8 Lebanon

Cola W Calset

SAM_6365 edit
While going through one of the good and well-known Lebanese blogs; Beirut NTSC, I noticed one blog post. This post is a photo of a LEBIDAHO (Lebanon’s IDAHO | International Day Against Homophobia) poster that has been defaced (as the post stated). The campaign came after the infamous Mohamad Sibai article (it happened to be this way) and people (especially bloggers and activists) were still hyped about homophobia and such an [AUB] tragedy.

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I read the post of Elie Yesterday, and if the story is true it is Outrageous, here is the link  I recommend it big time : Massive Land Sold in the Lebanese Keserwen Area, Near Harissa, To a Saudi Prince ;

The picture is impressive, and I am asking the government and our MPs, what have you done with the law detailing how can lands be sold in Lebanon??

if this news is verified, I understand why I needed to buy a small tiny appartment in the “banlieue” of Beyrouth at such a Big amount of money!

as for the formal news as it has been published by NNA سياسة – ابي نصر استغرب بيع احدى تلال حريصا لامير سعودي: آمل من “المالية” أن تعطينا الأرقام عن العقارات القابلة للاستثمار

Rita Chemaly

Land in Harrissa Kesrwan presumably sold to a Saudi Prince

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Dear Readers,

Kindly find below the latest issue of the Middle East & North Africa Gender and Development e-Brief (No 120)

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The Middle East &North Africa 
“Gender and Development E-Brief”
Issue #120
May 2012



Women Continue to Show Power in Protests in Egypt

Stop Lowering Minimum Age of Girls for Marriage in Egypt Campaign

‘Women’s NGO takes pro-FGM Parliamentarian to court’ also in Egypt

Muslim Woman Defends Burqa at European Court

Women Harassed for Not Wearing Full Face Veil in Yemen

Kurdish Female Migrants Find Isolation in Istanbul

Media’s treatment of women damages self-esteem

Women See Worrisome Shift in Turkey

Saudi Feminism: Between Mama Amreeka and Baba Abdullah

In Yemen, eating is a luxury millions struggle to afford




CRTD.A launches its improved website

G8 – Women’s Human Rights Agenda

Rural Women & Migration

ILO World of Work Report 2012 – Crisis Impacts on Women

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I watched the first show of Lil Nasher, I usually like to watch the show, but 2 weeks ago, Tony Khalifeh had angered me big time.

He was “Fulminating” against a movie he didn’t even watch.

he was “protecting” a religion in a way that made me say ” kaffarratouni“;

directly after watching the show of Tony, and hearing priests asking to ban the movie, that has sexual content, and sexual “iihaa2”,

we went to watch the movie… I liked the pictures, the colors, I felt I was watching an “arte” movie… and for me it was a “nice movie”… with some great “jeu d’acteurs”!

During the entire show I was waiting to see what the “hell” made this big “polemique” against the movie, me a “religious person” couldn’t find anything to say… the priest in the Khalifeh show, said, “I stayed more than 3 minutes because of Tony”, euh….  the first 3 minutes and more of the movie are about a family going to the south in a car, hearing on the radio the war news of Lebanon…. are those 3 minutes offending ya priest??

the priest was asking “reclaiming” from the biggest authority in Lebanon to stop the movie, this priest, I am sorry he is a priest, was outraged, angry,

Dear sir, for me you are not a priest, you are a “pathetic pantin” who is frustrated sexually, you can’t even see a women dressed in “hafer ” way….

this “pathetic pantin” even dragged with tony khalifeh the other priest, Pere Fady Tabet, to say that the movie is “mousi2” for the church dogma… even though another priest abou kasm or abdo kasm or something… said, it contains harmful pictures, but it is not “mousi2 for the church dogma”…. cool hein??? they havent watched the movie and they want to CENSOR IT!?!!!! sorry to say what the F…!?!!??!

No to CENSORSHIP!!! Yes for the freedom of expression!! yes for the freedom of artistic expression!!!!

you could have asked for a special mention, such as the ones E begins its program with ” no for sensitive viewers” or “16 years old” … but asking for BANNING IT?!!!! we are LEBANON, the country of artistic creation, production!!! not the country of censorship and Banning!!!!

I am outraged by the “Church” reaction, I am sorry for the “small minds” of those who didnt even watch the movie and talk about him that way.

a fellow blogger , Elie, in ” a separate state of mind” a blog that I encourage you to read and follow,  expressed what I feel greatly!

here is a part of what I feel!! “This is pitiful. This is a disgrace. This is an insult to our intelligence and our freedom. This is an insult to Christianity, an insult to the Bible and an insult to anything Jesus Christ stood for.

Christian priests, are you happy? I am a Christian and I’m telling you – you are disgusting. You are so narrow-minded that if I tried to look through the hole that is your mind, the only thing I can see is emptiness. Is that what they teach you at whatever school you go through to become priests? To close in your mind and get offended at anything that touches on your religion in a way you find unfavorable?

How does this reflect on us, Christians, when your narrow-mindedness if the only thing people can see of us? Have you perhaps wondered that if some people decided to convert from Christianity because of a movie like Tannoura Maxi, however unlikely that may be, it’s not the movie’s fault but it’s your own? Or it’s perhaps because you don’t want the reality of having so many people with so little faith on your hands that you are panicking about anything and everything?” Source: Tannoura Maxi is Banned in Lebanon a post by the blog a separate state of mind http://stateofmind13.com/2012/05/21/tannoura-maxi-is-banned-in-lebanon/

dear Church men… do open your mind for the love that is the pilar of our religion.

As the great priest (I think Catholique) at ste Rita Church said yesterday evening during his “homelie”, God do not need us to “ternish” his image, your reaction, is ternishing his image.

Love between a man and a women is NORMAL, stop changing it and transforming it to something people should be guilty for and stop dramatizing it….

for those interested in reading the great reactions written here and there, I luved what Pierre wrote in al Akhbar about the same issue,

and again, bravo for the producer, director and all the crue of the movie, I luved it, especially my old school comrade role, you were astonishing in it, my friend from the church, you played your role magnificently too…


Rita Chemaly

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Sustainable Economic Opportunities for Women – Phase Two A regional initiative

Vacancy announcement for  Policy Dialogue Coordinator Post
Immediate recruitment
1 year post- Full-time- With possibility of extension

May 2012


In early 2011, CRTD.A launched the second phase of the Sustainable Economic Opportunities for Women initiative in Lebanon and three other Arab countries (Egypt, Jordan and Morocco).

This regional initiative aims at contributing to the setting up of local and regional monitoring of processes for the formulation of socio-economic policies and strategies as well as mobilizing and engaging civil society organizations and relevant social institutions to engage in policy dialogue on engendering socioeconomic policies and strategies.  This is based on engagement in dialogue on women’s economic contribution, the enjoyment of economic rights and what constitutes a comprehensive definition for women’s work.

The initiative includes three inter-related strategies namely knowledge production and dissemination, capacity building and awareness raising as well as policy dialogue.

To date, the implementation of the project has advanced significantly with various research and capacity building activities taking place in addition to launching the project communication and social media tools.



Policy Dialogue Coordinator Post

is seeking to recruit a Policy Dialogue Coordinator to undertake the following:

● Engage positively and constructively with the project partners in Lebanon and in the region
● Organise local and regional activities
● Develop papers, documents, briefs and research reports
● Operate and populate the project blog and other communication and social media tool
● Support the project team and external consultants and consultants
● Write up monthly progress and narrative reports


Key Competencies

● University degree in social sciences or related field especially economy and/or public policy
● Good knowledge of gender equality and gender analytical frameworks (with emphasis on institutional analysis)
● Demonstrable experience in policy dialogue

At least 3 years of experience in a policy and/or research and/or advocacy related field and preferably within the NGOs sector

Expertise and skills:
● Understanding of gender and economy issues in the Arab region
● Familiarity with and understanding of policy dialogue processes
● Understanding of issues related to gender and public policy in the Arab region
● Ability to provide training in policy dialogue
● Able to work independently and as part of a team
● Demonstrates good judgment and effective decision making skills

: Excellent knowledge of English and Arabic. French is a plus.

Interpersonal skills, ethos and values

● Commitment to work ethics and to adhering to CRTD.A work policies

● High sense of responsibility and engagement

● Excellent written and verbal communication skills

● Commitment to gender equality and social justice

● Ability to meet multiple deadline

● Willing to learn

● Ability to work smoothly and successfully with groups with multiple interests, objectives and perspectives

● Willing to travel within the region


Interested candidates should send a CV, three references and a letter of motivation to vacancy@crtda.org.lb.


Deadline for application: 1 June 2012

Applications will be processed on a rolling basis.
Only short listed candidates will be contacted.
No phone calls please.

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an electro-mechanical engineering company, that has its office in Jal-El-Dib, needs an Executive Secretary, for a full-time job, starting July 1, 2012.

to read the Job Description please click on the link below

Job Description-Executive secretary for electro mechanical company

to apply please send your cv and your cover letter to info@smart-mep.com 

Good Luck



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yesterday coming back from a beautiful sunny day on the beach, I watch the TV at night, to see that “schools and university should close”, 5 minutes later, after this information went viral on all TV stations and radios, the minister sent a denial, the schools and universities are not closed”;

It took me 3 seconds to remember that in Lebanon, closing schools is “not good at all”, that means something “Serious” happened;

watching Men El Ekhir , and zapping to New TV,  the news finally broke, clashes in Tripoli, Naameh, Burning tyres, Death of a Cheikh in Akkar, … the news smelt rotten, disgusting and more disgusting (and as the users of Twitter say #TFEH ) when the clashes began in Tariq el Jdideh in Beirut “rifles, rockets” “sawarikh” near the Arab University of Beirut … again TFEH…. Disgusting news for my “beloved” country.

Are those Sectarian clashes based on Political affiliations, to some “rotten” leaders? Or clashes based on the tensions and the crisis in Syria? no one knows…. as Imad says, some are swearing that some “Movements” do not have anything to do with the clashes that happened yesterday… others repeat from “informed sources” that those were Future affiliated pple on the streets…

the hole picture for me is disgusting, when someone dies, because the army has shot dead a cheikh, it is not the stability of the country that must be shaken, but the judiciary power, they must work as hard as they can to discover the “truth nothing but the truth”. Investigations must be kept far from politics, and if there is a fault, the judges should punish the perpetrators.

the bright part after the clashes is the web users activism online, some being cynical, others using black humor, others actively campaigning for the civil peace… here is a snapshot of the pictures going viral on the web scene…

Lebanon boils after sheikh killing

Clashes in Beirut end, 3 dead

at the end, as a symbolic action to refuse this violence circle, Join the movement for peace, at 6 pm at Martyr Square, Downtown Beirut.

Rita Chemaly

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Excellent de Humus Nation

“تخلف” ماكسي

a vous de lire tout l’article ici 

عطفاً على ما تناقلته وسائل الإعلام حول موضوع فيلم “تنورة ماكسي” الذي يعرض في دور السينما وتدور احداثه حول قصة حب بين كاهن وفتاة أبان الحرب الأهلية سنة ١٩٨٢، والهلوسة والإستنكار والشجب وهزة البدن الذي رافقاه بحجة أنه يشوه الديانة المسيحية، يهم وكالة الأنباء الرسمية توضيح التالي:

أولاً، ليس كل فيلم تتداخل في قصته ديانة أياً كانت، بحاجة لصك براءة من الطوائف ال-١٢٥٤٦ المعترف بها رسمياً في البلد حتى يعرض في دور السينما. وعلى فكرة، تلفن القرن الثامن عشر وقال إنو “محاكم التفتيش” خلصت من زمان وترك خبر للذين ما زالوا مؤمنين بها ضرورة “قرص” الذات ليتأكدوا أنهم في القرن ال-٢١.

ثانياً، يا ليت ينتفض ممثلو الطوائف على الفقر والأمية والجهل والبطالة والهجرة المستمرة للشباب والنهب المتواصل لمقومات البلد والرشوة والفساد قبل أن ينتفض عنفوانهم على فيلم. عفواً، إنو ما في شي تاني تعملوا خالو؟! عملوا شي إلو طعمة وشو بدكن بالأفلام! استرو شي عيلة فقيرة مثلاً، بتحسوا حالكن “مليون دولار”! عن جد جربوها ما بتندمو.

Suite sur “تخلف” ماكسي

Tannoura Maxi to be banned in Lebanon?

from the http://news.beiruter.com/node/99739

It was the summer of 82, when a priest, about to be ordered, was exhausted by temptations and an arrogant girl felt passionately in love… A sifted memory and a personal history of a narrator who tells with nostalgia and poetry the meeting of his parents until their marriage. [IMDb]
The Church apparently didn’t like Joe Bou Eid’s movie and saw it offending to priests and Christianity. It’s simple though: If you don’t like it, don’t go watch it because banning it will not get more people to Church.

Excellent de Hachem :

رأي خاص- مجوهرات زغيب تهين وتحتقر ملهمة مصمميها … والمرأة ضحّية من جديد

سنسمح لأنفسنا اليوم بأن نعرض عليكم اعلاناً لمجوهرات زغيب مجاناً مع العلم اننا عادة “ما منعملها” لأي كان مجاناُ الا حين يكون الاعلان لأهداف اجتماعية وانسانية واحياناً ثقافية ، ان كان يستحق الحدث الثقافي دعمنا ،
ولكن لفتني هذا الاعلان كثيراً لأنه يروّج لتصميم جديد لعقد من الماس في حين تظهر المرأة بطلة الاعلان من “الزنّار ونازل” …مع علمنا بأن عقود الماس توضع عادة حول الاعناق وليس حول “السيقان”، الاّ ان كانت الموضة قد تغيّرت وتبدّلت سنة2012،

a vous de lire la suite sur Bisara7a

la zakaran wala ounssa

Pity to read such articles in a medium  intended for youth,

instead of being used as an awareness tool for diversity, respect of human beings, the words used are shameful “pity” “shafaka”, “tachwih”,  “raza2el” bad things, and last but not least comparing homosexuality to drugs! hein!? I still believe in a church (=mass of people) who can truly and without exceptions believe in the image of God… we are all at his image, if “you” like it or not…


instead of importing diversity, respect, the article use the word “shame”, “pity” and morals to make from homosexuality a sort of “decease” .

Christianity and other religions

this articles is one that in my opinion is nice! in the same issue of Kif Chabab el youm, Previously (booed, and shamed).


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here is an open invitation to the talk Hani Shukrallah is giving at AUB Monday 21 May at 4h.

do not hesitate to participate,

Rita Chemaly

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من قرار المديرة العامة لوزارة السياحة، القرار موجه لأصحاب المسابح والحمامات البحرية: اعتماد المساواة في استقبال الزبائن دون تمييز لجهة العرق او الجنسية والاشخاص ذوي الحاجات الخاصة المتمتعين بالاهلية القانونية”.
So the ministry of tourism has issued a statement targeting places that have pools and/or are located by the beach to not discriminate against their clientele based on their nationality, ethnicity or any disability.
It’s good to know that enough pressure has got us here, but we need your help and updates to be able to follow up with the implementation of this. So, if anything happens with you or around you; if you hear of anything or have a complaint about a specific beach, hotel or resort please send us the information.
Email us at antiracismlb@gmail.com

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Job vacancy- Program Manager for the Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB)

Reporting line: President of the association

Job description:

– Develop and Execute the LLWB action plan

– Plan, manage and Implement events

– Manage the database of members and LLWB contacts

– Update and Maintain the website

– Leads proposals and concept papers

– Responsible for the administration of the organization

– Manage the budget

– Search for funding opportunities

– Handle the PR of the association



– Proven, successful work experience in a program management role that includes a breadth of activities in event planning and management, communications, financial and narrative reporting

– Proficiency in English – written and verbal – and ability to produce required reports in English

– Demonstrated ability to execute work-related tasks in an effective and timely fashion

– Strong organizational skills, detail-oriented

– Effective communicator with both team members and external constituents

– Outgoing professional individual in one-on-one and large group settings

– Productive and confident team member who can effectively represent the association

– Strong competencies in basic office technologies: word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, email, and internet; comfortable with online forums, new media

– Ability to travel to meetings, as needed


Email: info@llwb.org

Job Vacancy – Advocacy Trainer- Oxfam GB

Oxfam GB is implementing a programme on social protection for widows in Iraq. The overall goal of the programme is to contribute to the most vulnerable population in Iraq – in particular widows – being protected through promotion of an equitable social protection system.

The programme focused on empowering widows through awareness and direct legal support, enhancing coordination among NGOs working on women’s access to welfare assistance;

building capacity for relevant departments at the governorate of Baghdad in charge of widows’ application, and advocacy and lobbying for gender sensitive social protection system in Iraq.

Oxfam GB is looking for a competent consultant to facilitate and train local partners in Iraq during a learning review of Social Protection Programme of Widows in Iraq.

Date of consultancy: from 6 until 9 June 2012.

Location: Beirut – Lebanon

Purpose of the consultancy:

Strengthening advocacy efforts for Oxfam GB partners on social protection and enhance engagement of different stakeholders in Iraq.

The consultancy scope will focus on the following:

1- Facilitate 2 days internal learning review on project implementation and lessons learnt. (6-7 June 2012)

2- Facilitate discussions during 2 days strategic meeting engaging different stakeholders, and guide participants towards developing national advocacy strategy. (8-9 June 2012) Detailed TOR will be shared with the selected consultant

Qualifications and Requirements:

– Fluency in Arabic and English as appropriate and a high standard of written presentations

– University degree, preferably in international relations, political science

– Specialized expertise in area of policy and advocacy

– Proven experience in facilitation and conducting participatory training

– Experience working in a multi-country context, particularly as related to social protection or/and gender equality programmes

– Knowledge of Iraq context is an advantage.

Interested candidates should send a CV, three references and a letter of motivation to eashmar@oxfam.org.uk

Deadline for application in 20 May 2012

Only short listed candidates will be contacted


Job Vacancy -Civil Society Program Specialist at Promoting Active Citizen Engagement (PACE)


Promoting Active Citizen Engagement (PACE), a three-year program funded by USAID/Lebanon, seeks to   trengthen civil society capacity to act as a catalyst for change through civic advocacy and participation. Through grants and technical assistance, the program partners with Lebanese civil society organizations across the country to support civic engagement, media activities, social entrepreneurship, and capacity building. PACE is recruiting a Civil Society Program Specialist to join its technical team. Applications will be accepted until May 17, but will be reviewed as they are received. Interested applicants are therefore encouraged to submit an application as soon as possible.


Position: Civil Society Program Specialist

· Proactively identify and conceptualize potential civil society activities that advance program objectives,  including civic activism, advocacy, social entrepreneurship, and capacity-building grants

· Play a key role in soliciting and awarding grants in close coordination with the program team

· Analyze and evaluate grant applications and proposals to ensure consistency with program objectives and relevance to local context

· Provide technical oversight of a portfolio of grants and ongoing mentorship, guidance, and support to Grantees throughout the grant cycle, from initial design to closeout

· Manage implementation of all grants within assigned portfolio, maintaining continuous communications with grantees to remain up-to-date on their activities, progress, and plans

· Assist grantees in developing performance monitoring plans to assess the results and impact of their grantfunded  activities

· Conduct capacity assessments of grantees and contribute to developing capacity-building approaches and

activities to address identified gaps

· Conduct regular site visits and attend grantee-sponsored events and activities

· Identify and seize opportunities to promote civil society networking, partnerships, and coalition-building


· Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in social sciences, international development, or a related field

· At least 3 years of experience in civil society, community development, project management, or a related


· Field experience with local and/or international NGOs

· Up-to-date understanding and knowledge of political and social conditions in Lebanon

· Prior experience with and/or good understanding of donor organizations active in Lebanon, particularly


· Fluency in Arabic and English (written and verbal)

· Ability and willingness to conduct site visits throughout the country on a regular basis


Program Summary: Promoting Active Citizen Engagement (PACE), a three-year program funded by

USAID/Lebanon, seeks to strengthen civil society capacity to act as a catalyst for change through civic advocacy and participation. Through grants and technical assistance, the program partners with Lebanese civil society organizations across the country to support civic engagement, media activities, social entrepreneurship, and capacity building. PACE is recruiting a Civil Society Program Specialist to join its technical team. Applications will be accepted until May 17, but will be reviewed as they are received. Interested applicants are therefore encouraged to submit an application as soon as possible.

Company Profile: Management Systems International (MSI) is a global international development firm based in

Washington, D.C. providing specialized short- and long-term technical assistance. The firm has specific expertise

in the fields of civil society strengthening and democracy and governance. Over the last 10 years, MSI has  conducted 11 short- and long-term projects in Lebanon. For more information on MSI, please visit our website at

http://www.msiworldwide.com. To apply, please send your resume, cover letter, and biodata form to rsakkab@msilebanon. com as soon as possible. Applications will be reviewed as they are received and only finalists will be contacted. No phone calls please.

NOTE: Due to the urgent nature of this position, applications will be reviewed as and when received

Period: Three years

Salary: Based on experience and salary history

Interested applicants are requested to submit a filled biodata sheet that can be found on: www.usaid.gov/forms/AID1420-17.doc

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A lire dans le nouveau Spécial Mai 2012 ( en vente dans les librairies)

l’article de la rubrique Droits des Femmes, un article sur les violations des droits humains, le cas malheureusement célèbre des fées de logis étrangers au Liban.

Rita Chemaly

Droits des femmes ( dans le Special de Mai 2012, en vente dans les librairies) : article sur exploitation des employees domestiques au Liban, Par Rita Chemaly


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false ideas, opinions based on false religious ideologies, our student community should understant the impact of each word, and each sentence and idea that is circulating, especially when it is a wrong idea ( information) … rita


Dear Lojine Kamel,

Sometimes, it is nearly impossible to stay calm. Sometimes, calm and understanding is met with continued bigotry, and that’s when it becomes nearly impossible to not burst.

I am going to try my best not to be patronizing in this letter. You are a student, and you’ve found yourself at the heart of a controversy that you might not have been prepared to deal with. That’s precisely why I, along with others, have reached out to you, explaining clearly how to right the horrible wrong that you have done.

You have chosen to ignore us. You have chosen to ignore the gay community, AUB students, AUB alumni, and AUB professors. You have decided that you know better than all of us, and that’s why I kind of don’t feel bad if this turns patronizing.

You have dismissed the insult you have committed to the gay community and…

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Recap of the Homophobic Article by Mohamad Sibai in AUB’s Outlook.

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