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Voila, nous avons recu par courrier les brochures des candidats a la 10eme circonscription , les francais qui vivent a l’etranger peuvent choisir un ou une candidate et le ou la suppleante .

pour des infos sur le role des deputes, et leur suppleants: je vous attache le lien Wikepedia des dernieres elections de 2012. je vais essayer de suivre les campagnes de pres pour voir quelles sont les causes qui sont portees par les francais qui resident au Liban,

aussi, cela me donne de l’espoir, je reve d’organiser des elections au Liban

Rita Chemaly

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My friends know that we barely go out without our kids. Jn at 4 , needs to run and  play and enjoy his childhood. Bb raf at 3 months is still bf,

Finding open spaces with green trees and games for jn in beirut and where rody and I can watch him playing safely is our weekly search .

Last week we found this park just in Beirut, next to city center hazmieh called Yuppie park.

A big space with trees and more than 13 games for children for all ages. Small, toddlers and teenagers. Entry fees is 10 000LL for a child, and 5000LL for adults. If you go out you have to pay again, and no food is allowed inside.

There is a small place selling icecream chips and chocolate inside and… what I disliked : arguileh. Horrible arguileh in a park for kids 😦 😦

Positive points:  that there are parts where arguileh is  not allowed and others where you see on each table more than 5 arguileh.

I loved the place, safety is on the parents though to follow their children ( i mean run after them). 🙂

Toilets were clean too, also there are loads of garbage baskets and tables and chairs for parents to sit. I enjoyed sitting under the trees in the middle of beirut, while jn was discovering the pirates boat.

I advise this park for parents with kids! Mine enjoyed the tyrolienne and the big high toile d’araignee…

Ps: il y a du sable, donc vaut mieux ne pas mettre des sandales  mais des baskets pour les enfants et nous.

Below are some pics from the place

Rita em jn w raf


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Eager to tell you about the MOOC  on Gender Based violence in the context of migration!

The course will begin on May 15!

what is a MOOC? a MOOC is Massive Online Open Course , that is offered for free by the Global Campus of Human Rights coordinated by the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC).

The Mooc addresses gender, migration, and Human rights studies. The Lecture I participate in, is related to gender based violence faced by migrants and asylum seeking girls in the MENA region. The Political Sciences Institute (ISP) of Saint Joseph University part of the Arab Master in Democracy and Human Rights,  has worked hard while dedicating a team to gather data, prepare, review, shoot, edit and produce the MOOC on GBV addressed by migrants girls and women in the region.  Examples for this specific lecture are taken from the newest published reports in the region related to GBV and SGBV.  Sexual Exploitation, trafficking  Statelessness, Child Marriage, Schooling and access to education are presented. Also main International Instruments addressing GBV are presented.

The MOOC is a free course of 5 hours per week, for 6 weeks, that is open to “upper year undergraduates; postgraduates; NGO activists and practitioners interested in interdisciplinary human rights, gender equality, women’s empowerment, migration; young lawyers and social scientists; active and motivated citizens from around the world.”

I am very excited to be part of this Global Campus MOOC, and to have prepared the first MOOC addressing GBV and women’s rights in the region. Can’t thank enough the team who helped put all the lecture together (ISP team you rock! )  as well as the friends who helped gather the latest information in a very short deadline. (Special thanks to Ghida, Hayat, Raghda, Zeina, Myriam, and special thanks to Jihad who filmed and edited the lecture ).

Stay tuned  and follow the link to participate and enroll  in the MOOC! https://www.eiuc.org/education/global-campus-mooc-gbv-migration.html 

In solidarity from Lebanon

Let us address GBV in our region and internationally with sustainable solutions!

Rita Chemaly



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