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What Aliaa Magda Elmahdy has done by publishing a picture of herself “menstruating ” with another one “defecating” on an ISIS flag is in my opinion neither beautiful, nor powerful nor empowering .

I am so sorry to say that the picture is disgusting,

to mobilise against ISIS, in my humble opinion we need to work on education, and socialisation since the beginning and the birth of each Child.

I know that ISIS and their rebarbative ideas and actions of robbing, murdering, killing, raping are a true horror, but I don’t think the picture of Aliaa might change anything!

instead these actions might be more productive! http://www.coptstoday.com/Hot-Issues/Detail.php?Id=81670

here is Al Arabiya coverage of the story


Rita Chemaly

the picture is cropped and taken from this post "Women’s Rights Activists Bleed and Defecate on ISIS Flag to (Apparently) Protest Islamic State’s Misogyny" http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2014/08/26/womens-rights-activists-bleed-and-defecate-on-isis-flag-to-apparently-protest-islamic-states-misogyny/

the picture is cropped and taken from this post “Women’s Rights Activists Bleed and Defecate on ISIS Flag to (Apparently) Protest Islamic State’s Misogyny”


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Following the ISIS symbols and categorisation in the Arab World , with the N for the ‪#‎Nazarene‬ – solidarity w/ Christians of Irak Mossoul,

on the Lebanese social  networks a picture was created with the letter “M”  M for that doesn’t matter to you, whether I am a Christian ” Masihi” in arabic, Whether I am a “Muslim” or an Atheist “Moulhid” ….

M means doen’t matter for you “Ma Khassak”  or in Lebanese almost a “fuck off”

Rita Chemaly



symbols against religious stigmatization in Lebanon and arab world Rita Chemaly 

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By Rita Chemaly



From Mossoul, to Lebanon, here are some of the pictures shared on Social Media related to the Symbols used by ISIS to categorise people.

Do you remember the star used by the nazis on the jewish houses?

and here we go again in 2014 in a part of the world that is used to people from different communities and with different beleifs to live together.

What was drawn on the houses of some people by ISIS, was used on Social Media by activists and users

here is the status that went viral on Facebook: ” Who you stand with? Many users are changing their profile pic to the letter ‘N’ for ‪#‎Nazarene‬ – solidarity w/ Christians of ‪#‎Mosul‬ ‪#‎ISIS‬


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