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Depuis 2009, pas d’elections au Liban.

Les elections sont supposees etres periodiques, or depuis 2009, nous les citoyens et citoyens qui ont 21 revolus, n’avons pas eu le droit de nous exprimer sur nos choix politiques et sociaux.

2018, enfin, les elections sont entrain de se preparer pour ceux et celles qui vivent au Liban et qui ont tous leurs droits civils et politiques,

et surtout, les Emigres Libanais ont pu aussi s’exprimer pour la premiere fois, avec des elections dans les pays du monde arabe, et partout dans le monde.

Enfin, les choix sont aux citoyens et citoyennes et cette premiere merite d’etre chaudement applaudie, meme si les taux de participation pour cette premiere restent faibles,

je vous laisse avec 2 sources sur les chiffres et statistiques de ces elections des emigres

  • statistics (2) on voters of Lebanese emigrants 2018 source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs http://mfa.gov.lb/arabic/home/taamim/statistics-elections
  • Numbers of L’Orient le Jour:  France, 4 660 électeurs sur 8 644 inscrits ; en Allemagne, 4 988 électeurs sur 8 355 inscrits ; en Suisse, 438 sur 889 ; en Australie, 6 602 sur 11 443 ; en Suède, 1 106 sur 1 910 ; en Grande-Bretagne, 961 sur 1 824 ; en Belgique, 785 sur 1 053 ; en Côte d’Ivoire, 1 585 sur 2 345 ; au Nigeria, 907 sur 1 253. Source: L’Orient Le jour https://www.lorientlejour.com/elections/article/1113029/problemes-de-communication-entre-les-emigres-et-les-ministeres-de-linterieur-et-des-ae.html




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Voila, nous avons recu par courrier les brochures des candidats a la 10eme circonscription , les francais qui vivent a l’etranger peuvent choisir un ou une candidate et le ou la suppleante .

pour des infos sur le role des deputes, et leur suppleants: je vous attache le lien Wikepedia des dernieres elections de 2012. je vais essayer de suivre les campagnes de pres pour voir quelles sont les causes qui sont portees par les francais qui resident au Liban,

aussi, cela me donne de l’espoir, je reve d’organiser des elections au Liban

Rita Chemaly

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Achkout Municipal Council 2016 one Women on board Rita Chemaly

ACHKOUT Results for the Municipal Council 2016 Elections . Source Elections.gov.lb

Youpiii!!! The Ministry of Interior in Lebanon is doing great in Publishing Online the results of the elections of the municipal councils in Lebanon!!


I am sooo happy to be able to access such information!

Yippee!! It will be better if for the directorates other than Beirut we can have the results by Kalam and Ghouraf. It is needed to see how voters voted, to whom, was it different if they are women and men, (Gender segregated data and even as we have them communities segregated data!)  and what was the “abstentions”  numbers in each kalam /ghouraf!

Here is a sneak peak from the elections, of my beloved  Home Town Achkout! Yeyyy!!!!

Numbers and stats will mean something soon!!! Access to information is Important in the state of Law!

Rita Chemaly

I’m waiting for the Chouf results !!! hurry hurry in uploading them!

Elections results in Lebanon Rita Chemaly



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Researcher and Coordinator
Duty Station: Beirut, Lebanon
Section/Unit: Democratic Governance
Reports to: Chief Technical Advisor and Head of Research
Project reference: 00085494
Budgeted level: SC-7
Source of Funding: 00085494
Duration of Employment: 8 months (Renewable)
II. Scope/Objective

The Common Space Initiative (CSI) project supports consensus building, sustainable civil peace, constitutional strengthening and stakeholder dialogues in Lebanon. This support will be provided through technical assistance, technical information and shared knowledge resources, collective and action research, common meeting spaces for stakeholders, expertise and other essential resources.

Under the overall supervision of the Chief Technical Advisor and guidance of the Head of Research, the Researcher and Coordinator will be providing support in coordinating all policy dialogues facilitated by CSI as well as providing research support needed in the development of public policies.

III. Functions / Key Results Expected

1. Support and coordinate Dialogue Forums & Expert Committees by liaising with members on needs identified by the group, research, reports, knowledge resource, membership participation, and planned activities.
2. Coordinate, liaise, and follow-up on communication between concerned parties, partners and members of Dialogue Forums and Expert Committees. This will include taking minutes of non-formal dialogue meetings, sharing all information in a timely fashion, support and respond to the needs of participants.
3. Participate and assist in the coordination of activities of Dialogue Forums and Expert Committees in the framework of each group’s terms of reference and the Common Space procedural principles.
4. Work closely with the Head of Research to provide knowledge resources and coordinate the provision of information in public policy dialogues, civil peace and consensus building initiatives of the Common Space.
5. Conduct research on public policies as directed by the Head of Research and support in the drafting of concept notes and TOR for commissioned research/external researchers.
6. Follow up with all external experts on the delivery of outputs in a timely matter and in a way that would meet the criteria set and quality standards
7. Provide support in expanding the network of experts and partners as needed to support all dialogue groups and consolidate knowledge provision and expertise.
8. Support the Head of Research and the Shared Knowledge Coordinator the development of all CSI publications
9. Support the Head of Research in the drafting of all needed reports including: dialogue reports, quarterly reports. Annual reports and other when requested.
10. Support the Head of Research on related tasks when needed
IV. Competencies

• Demonstrated conceptual and analytical ability.
• Excellent inter-personal skills and ability to resolve problems independently.
• Proven team worker’s skills.
• Demonstrates commitment to UNDP’s mission, vision and values.
• Displays cultural, gender, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.

V. Recruitment Qualifications

Education: University Degree (Bachelor or equivalent) or Graduate Degree (Masters or equivalent)  in Political Science, International Relations, Economics, Sociology, or related fields.
Experience: A minimum of 4 years of relevant work experience with a University Degree or 2 years with a Graduate Degree.
Language Requirements: Fluency in written and oral Arabic and English. Knowledge of French is a plus.

To apply : http://www.undp.org.lb/jobs/VacancyApply.cfm

good  luck!!!

Rita chemaly


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As a mother of a young baby boy, looking for a school in #Lebanon,  I was happy to read the last decision taken and published in the official  gazette ( Source: No 23 of the 4/6/2015)  in Lebanon by the Ministry of work ( Circular Nb 2068 ). Now the employees having a work contract can benefit from a scholarship allowance  for the education of their kids at school for the 2014 and 2015 educational year. 🙂 As for the sums allocated, here is a brief about what has been decided:

  • 300 000LL for students in public schools;
  • 750 000LL for students in private schools or universities;
  • 450 000LL for students enrolled in the Lebanese university;

As the Circular says: the children must be between 4 and 25 years old. If the employee benefits from an allowance that is higher than this one, it shouldn’t be changed. this is what is written in the text. For more details attached the picture of the official gazette/ JARIDA RASMIYA Even if the sums are “tight” this IS a GREAT Step for WORKING parents!!!!!! Now Make sure to ask your accountant and boss to IMPLEMENT This Marsoum!!! youhou! Below is a picture of it! Rita Chemaly20150611_124035 AND HERE IS THE CLEAR PICTURE OF THE MARSOUM EDUCATION ALLOWANCE LEBANON PAGE 1 OFFICIAL GAZETTE CHEMALY RITA EDUCATION ALLOWANCE LEBANON PAGE 2 OFFICIAL GAZETTE CHEMALY RITA

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I am chocked, I just watch the episode of 7ki Jelis on You tube again, and I’m still chocked.

a woman that is a Judge has beaten and acted violently on 2 other people : one man and another woman.

more chocking that this Judge in Lebanon has terrorised other neighbors and didn’t let them approach to help the woman she has beaten so violently!

in my opinion this Judge must be Judged for exercing extra powers, as well as exercing Violence against other people whether they are women, men, elderly, foreign refugees!!

She needs to Be CRIMINALISED by her own institution: The Judiciary system in Lebanon, as she is Very Badly Representing it!! she needs to be also “kicked off” by other orders or networks she is member off.


OMG!!! we are working on empowering women, and combating Gender Based Violence, but with such a behavior that is inexplicable such a person is showing us how much work we still need to do!!!

Rita Chemaly

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I was the guest of the full stop program on sat 7 arabic in which I talked about Human trafficking :

in this context we  tackled the issues of child soldiers, the role of states, prostitution, domestic work, child marriage, selling organs….

to watch the full episode in arabic here is the youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDWsmBEd91k&feature=youtu.be&a


Rita Chemaly

Author and researcher in political sciences

I was the guest of Full Stop Program of Sat7 Arabic to talk about Human Trafficking July 2014

I was the guest of Full Stop Program of Sat7 Arabic to talk about Human Trafficking July 2014

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Le nombre de Femmes en Politique au Liban est a mon avis honteux.

Une seule femme au Gouvernment en 2014: Le celebre pouvoir executif reste en deca de nos expectations d’activistes et de citoyens et citoyennes.

4 femmes au Parlement: Notre celevre pouvoir legislatif gagne une des pire places dans le nombre des femmes au monde.

WomenInParliament_LEBANON Rita Chemaly

Statistiques sur le nombre de femmes au parlement libanais (2014) Source IPU

Voici une des illustrations prises de “L’inter Parliamentary Union:


Que faire pour que le Liban ne soit pas a la traine dans la participation politique des femmes?

Mettre en place des cellules de travail politique et strategique dans tous les partis politiques.

Non les femmes dans les partis politiques ne sont pas uniquement la pour creer des comites de Brunch, Breakfast et VIp soirees. Ni sont la juste pour les comites de bienfaisances.

Elles ont leur mot a dire en ce qui concerne l’economie du pays, le travail informel, la strategie de defense, la politique exterieure et interieure , l’armee et autres….

Allez citoyennes de ma patrie, ecrivons, actons et participons activement aux Choix de Notre Cite!

Rita Chemaly

Pour plus de details sur le systeme politique libanais et la participation des femmes, il est possible de checker mes articles precedents:

For a list of all related articles in different languages:

Rita Chemaly

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Oui, le Liban est une grande boutique ou tous vos droits peuvent être achetés et vendus.

La corruption régnE, et le maitre mot “ikramiyeh” “rachweh” = les tips!

La flash mob organisée la semaine dernière par Sakker el Dekkeneh a vendu dans les routes de Beyrouth tous genres de papiers administratifs importants “permis de conduire”, baccalauréat, brevet, permis de port d’armes, même des parties des trottoirs publics et des plages publiques ont été mis en vente!!

oui j’ai participe a la Flash Mob, oui j’ai été heureuse des réactions de plusieurs personnes qui m’ont dit: non nous on n’aime pas la corruption.

En espérant avoir plus de pareils citoyens,

c’est leur et Notre rôle de fermer la Boutique et les boutiques Libanaises.

Rita Chemaly

voila le lien de la flash mob: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk6wYu_767c

rita chemaly activism against corruption

“Dekkeneh” en arabe signifie boutique qui vend de tous: épicerie, produits pharmaceutiques, cigarettes, ….

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Young merchandisers selling fake products have taken the streets of Beirut …. their aim selling fake driving licences, gun licenses, and other administrative documents to cars… #dekkenetelbalad has decided to tackle corruption by doing a street performance and checking if citizens will do their job: Report corruption. And STOP Bribery….


Holding rubans of ID Cards , publication transportation red numbers, even world cups, the activists are knocking on the windows of the cars and selling the message! You buy your right???!!


This time the gathering was at mar mikhael burj hammoud intersection. … soon other lebanese streets will be taken over! !!

Report bribery and corruption at   http://www.sakkera.com/

Rita Chemaly


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rita chemaly activism against corruption and bribery in Lebanon fake diplomas rita chemaly activism against corruption and bribery in LebanonIMG-20140511-WA0007

free electricity, free diplomas, big fat awards form Lebanon, and the fashion is to take it from other countries too 🙂

have you witnessed the new tags on Beirut streets?

You can get your free brevet or bac, without “antiseches”, without even going to the exam…

the same for Driving license!!! who said euno “sa33abouwa”?? in Lebanon it is easy to get a driving license as a gift for your sweet 18!! 🙂

you want the nationality for your foreign kids “wlak” buy it from the dekkeneh, sooo easy, bring some cash and stop mobilizing and participating to all the protests to transmit it to your children…. bring your liras and dollars and get it 🙂

what else do you need? you will get! I need to build and take some few meters from the “trottoirs”, it is easy to get it from Dekkenet el Balad….

for you here are the latest pictures and you can call and get your grosseries from el Dekkeneh 🙂

Rita Chemaly

Citoyenne Libanaise


attention, par ce billet je n’ encourage absolument pas au manque d’ethique, mais met en lumiere une nouvelle initiative qui sera lancee au Liban pour dire non a la corruption et au clientelisme.

‪#‎Dekkenetelbalad‬   #دكانة_البلد  an initiative that can get you free driving licence in Lebanon, & free diplomas ! wayni el dawli?!! let us take a stand against ‪#‎bribery‬ and ‪#‎corruption‬ in ‪#‎Lebanon

Rita Chemaly

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anew study about corruption in 3 sectors in lebanon has been released.

i skimmed through it, it has been prepared by 3 consultants.

the study is in arabic .

for those who are interested here is the brief that is published on the undp website:


Corruption was the first instigator for the Arab revolutions; will it be an agent for change in Lebanon? Or is it rooted deeply in the political system and public administration where its beneficiaries are many and therefore difficult to eradicate? Corruption in Lebanon has reached alarming levels of damage to the needs and fundamental rights of citizens, such as water, health and education reaching a state where citizens are serving the interests of politicians. Lebanon is mired in a crisis of its political system and the legitimacy of all institutions in the last period of time spanning in nearly a decade, posing an urgent need to break the current situation through a radical change in the political system eliminating the risk of engaging in internal violence.

to download the full study here is the link:



UNDP corruption study lebanon corruption undp study corruption

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Finally a big compilation work was done and published and released!! All legislation related to women ( prepared, drafted, amended ) was compiled and categorised and published in one document.

Finally constituents can now ask their Member of Parliament of the status of each legislation that has not been studied neither voted!

Finally we Lebanese citizens can now know Which Member of Parliament has presented which law, draft law or project law.

the big data collection was undertaken by the NCLW and published in 2013. the compilation is available online for download at the E-portal Publication center http://e-portal.nclw.org.lb/getattachment/bfc56361-71c6-47b8-abf6-f342a330bc58/legal-study-final-PDF.pdf.aspx

For the researchers and activists and other interested in the topics here is a snapshot of the table of content :

For the others here is the pdf file you can download from here to : Legislation law draft law proposal related to women rights in Lebanon 2000 2013

 rita chemaly



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if you are interested in the status of Lebanon and whether Lebanon has ratified , accessed or signed a treaty, convention, protocol…

please do find attached this great map I found on the United Nations Website (United Nations treaty United Nations treaty collection, direct link, https://treaties.un.org/ , last accessed on January 21 2014.  )

the full treaty name is here, the date of signature or ratification is also featured

Good luck for all the researchers!

Rita Chemaly

LEBANON Treaties signed

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I am a new mother of a 3 months little boy and Leaving the newborn after 49 days is Horrible!

At 49 days, the little child is NOT sleeping at night yet, the little child needs to be nursed each 2 hours at least, he needs to be Breastfed,  at 49 days a little new born needs his parents and his Mother!!!!!

As for the mother, she needs to rest after the labour of the delivery and she needs to take care of herself and of her newborn! 49 days is not Enough for WORKING WOMEN in Lebanon!!! I can assure you, EVEN though I’m known as a workaholic and even though I love my work!

For working parents in Lebanon, the 49 days that are counted since the day of the delivery as per the labor law (even weekends are counted) are clearly Not Enough!

If I had not managed to take my personal vacation leaves after those 49 days, I would have left JN with his grandparents because I am lucky enough to have them.

But thinking of those parents who do not have a grandma who can take care of the newborn when the mother and dad are working , this is heartbreaking!

Lebanese Parliament members SHOULD MEET AND VOTE DURING A GENERAL ASSEMBLY on the draft law aiming at making the Maternity leave of 70 days!

this is the least women of Lebanon can accept!

Rita Chemaly a new mother who is waiting for the amendment of the Labor Law!

Ritachemaly campaign maternity leave

Some articles about the same issue:



Members of Parliament we Want an Extension of the Maternity Leave In Lebanon 


Maternity Leave In Lebanon is in the drawer of Parliament because of Political problems

March 21 is mother day but in Lebanon women are not treated fairly maternity leave is a must

en Avril Le Conseil des Ministres Allonge le Conge maternite a 10 semaines

Lebanese Mothers: Missing Their Babies … an article about maternity leave by C.Benoit

Le conge maternite au Liban en route vers la ratification finale

A step Forward to women’s rights … Maternity leave in Labor law is amended

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lebanonMy friends are posting pictures of their children at school with the Lebanese flag, chanting the national hymn,

Yes, symbols are a necessity, symbols may help in the creation of a “national” “unity”.

But which unity? which nation??

a nation that does not give the civil and political rights to half of its citizens?

women are not citizens, …. their are 2nd class citizens!!

a nation where the citizens pay member of parliaments , for them to stay home or bribe pple instead of legiferate??

our parliament is not able to meet in a general assembly to vote for important laws !!!

a nation where security = zero and less??

even on  the roads safety doesn’t exists… people can get smashed in their cars, watch young kids doing circus exercises on their motorbike on the roads, or get burned after an explosion!!!

a nation where politics = political heritage, = patriarchy = feudalism = I must be the wife, the sister, the daughter of a “martyr” !!

a nation without a law regulating political parties!!!!!

do I continue??

oh I can’t forget and shouldn’t miss the unforgettable :

a nation in which citizens are not equal!!! yes yes!! my nation “state” is all that, and bardo I ‘ll continue to protest, mobilize and struggle for the country I do love!! a country I wish will be able to progress and transform in a ” state of law”

Rita Chemaly


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To continue with the series related to pregnancy and newborns,

for the moms to be in Lebanon, the first test to do is the pharmacy test:

1- First test if you think you maybe pregnant:

I bought a Clearblue test from a pharmacy at 12 000LL.

if the + appears, it means you are pregnant! and you can begin offering champagne to your family (you cannot drink champagne, you will drink some water ).

ps: in 2 words this test is easy to use, the pharmacist will recommend you to do it in the morning, you should do pipi (urine) on it, and look at the screen, 2 minutes after you may be sure if there is a plus or a minus.

in brief, this test measures an hormone that exists in the urine. the Human chorionic gonadotropin (hcG) is a hormone produced initially by an embryo  in the early stages of pregnancy.

here are 2 snapshots for the easy digital test:



2- Call your gynecologist, or choose a good one (after asking some of your friends and relatives):

If you call the gynecologists in Lebanon, all will give you a meeting one month after, you did the clear blue test ( I tested it! I was impatient of making sure that I am pregnant, but no, all the secretary, even with all the “habibteh” involved, will make sure for you to take an appointment one month later.

The gynecologist will do an ultra-sound / echography, the Social Security in Lebanon covers the test and the gynecologist tariffs.

in Lebanon each visit will cost you around 50 000LL to 60 000 LL (ultra-sound /  echography included) , some of those who think they can do miracles will take 80$, ultra-sound /  echography excluded.  I called more than 9 gynecologists in Lebanon (women and men) before choosing the one I felt the most comfortable with.

3- Tests before pregnancy – the Wedding tests that are an Obligation to do:

The gynecologist I chose, is excellent, he said to me why re-do all the blood tests, you did them before the wedding:

In Lebanon, all people who want to get married are Obliged to do some medical tests, by the Lebanese state.

the toxoplasmose, HIV, rubella, Hemoglobine…. are a must to check.

People will have to go to Adlieh, from the Syndicate of doctors, they will have to pay for the 2 forms they take to fill 🙂 around 30 $ we don’t remember exactly.

here are some snapshots of the forms to fill by both partners.




than you will have to go to a laboratory or an hospital to do the blood tests.

the cost of the blood test for men and women are below ( that is what we paid for them, in 2012).

around 137000 LL for a women and 98000 LL for the men.

below is a snapshot with the price of each test:

for both women and men:

women blood test for marriage and pregnancy in Lebanon

Men blood tests cost before wedding in lebanon

the toxoplasmose, will help women to know what to eat and not to eat during pregnancy,

and if each women has an allergy on cats, dogs or whatever.

4- Tests to do During Pregnancy:

on each visit, the blood pressure, the weight and an urine test for albumin and glucose are measured.

some gynecologists in Lebanon, will ask their patient to do some blood test each 3 months, to make sure of diabetes,

but my gynecologist, make sure that everything is fine by during an urine test during pregnancy using strips.

here is a snapshot of the test we do on each appointment.


before the  ultra-sound /  echography…..

those tests will take less than 5 minutes, and  are important it helps to know if there is a diabetes that is being prepared or preeclampsia, it means a lot of sweet or salt in the blood…. 🙂

I hope that this post and the information it has are useful to some…

Rita Chemaly

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discrimination men and women in lebanon rita chemalysocial security article amendment of article 14 in lebanon women rights

I cannot believe what I am reading on the website of the Parliament.

The Commission of Women and Children headed by MP Gilberte Zwein, has amended again the article 14 of the social security law, but not to end discrimination against women, on the contrary, by adding exceptions that were never in the first law before and exceptions discriminating more and more against women.

in Lebanon, if a woman works she is entitled to have social security, but as per article 14 of the social security law, just working man with unworking women can have their women benefit from social security. the equality in the lebanese social security law doesn’t exist!

A WORKING women cannot let her husband benefit from social security unless he is over 60 or deficient according to article 14.

The National Commission For Lebanese women prepared in 2011 a draft law, to amend the discrimination in article 14, and as stated in its annual report, members of parliament ( ZWEIN and Michel Moussa) Presented the amendment of the law.

The amendment presented in 2011, takes off all kind of discrimination and entitles the husband of a working  women to benefit from health care provided by the social security law if he doesnt work. the amendment prepared and presented has one goal: equality between lebanese women and men.

But while checking the lebanese parliament website http://www.lp.gov.lb/NewsPage.Aspx?id=10102 I read that the Parliamentarian commission on Women and Children met on october 2012, and amended the article 14, but not as presented in 2011 by Gilberte Zwein Herself, but with adding more and more discrimination against women husbands who work in liberal professions, or is enlisted in the commercial records of in the professions record!

here is the text for you in arabic!!!! 😦

زوج المضمون إذا كان لا يتعاطى عملا مأجورا، أو كان لا يتسفيد من تقديمات حصية، أو مساعدات مرضية من نظام الزامي عام، وأن لا يكون منتسبا إلى نقابات المهن الحرة، أو مسجلا في السجل التجاري، أو في سجل المهن”.

More terrible, Michel Moussa who first presented with ZWEIN the first amendment, was present at the commission meeting as it appears from NNA lebanon news
all what I can demand is for Parliamentary commissions to be more sensitive on the issue of discrimination and equality.

all I can demand from our MPs is to be fair vote for laws that truly are in the benefice of working women!!

Rita Chemaly 

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Maternity Leave in Lebanon is of 49 days... an amendment extending the period to 10 weeks is waiting for its Vote at the General Assembly

Maternity Leave in Lebanon is of 49 days… an amendment extending the period to 10 weeks is waiting for its Vote at the General Assembly

Lebanese pregnant women are still waiting for the General Assembly Of the Lebanese Parliament to meet and discuss and Vote the Extension of the Period of Maternity leave from 49 days to 10 weeks for those who abide by the Labor Law, and from 60 days to 10 weeks for the public sector employees….

Women in Lebanon Urge the Lebanese Parliamentarians to Meet in a Genral Assembly not to discuss the electoral law only but their Maternity Leave, that will intitle them with less than their Basic Rights!!!!!

Rita Chemaly


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Lebanese Women claim their rights:

the right to live safely at home

the right not to be harrassed at work

the right not to marry her rapist

the right to transmit her nationality to her children

the right to Live and To be A Lebanese CITIZEN!!!!

Rita Chemaly,

also for those who feel that big rage I feel,

do not hesitate to wath this short short movie, that is translated to English….

a great initiative bt the take back the parliament movement.




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Women in Detention guide TO gender sensitive monitoring_English_0Women in Detention guide Rita Chemaly Lebanon

A new guide is launched and it is adressed to monitoring bodies responsible for the external scrutiny of places of deprivation of liberty.

i quote the introduction of the guide:

“It outlines the risks faced by women deprived of their liberty of being subjected to torture and ill-treatment and measures that can be taken to reduce such risks. The main focus of the paper is the situation of women in detention in the criminal justice system, though the discussion is in many cases equally relevant to women deprived of liberty in other contexts, such as psychiatric institutions and immigration detention facilities. “

In lebanon, I know that CLDH and SOLIDA worked with detainees, also, the good work Zeina Daccach did with women in detention in Lebanese prisons. Catharsis (The lebanese center for Drama Therapy) held the project in which women detainees played theater pieces.

Going back to the guide and for you to know more what is the content of the guide, here is the synoposis:


II Why should monitoring bodies look at this issue?

III Concepts

1. Gender and gender mainstreaming

2. Discrimination and violence against women

IV Risk factors and measures to reduce risk

1. Certain contexts which heighten risk

a. Societal context

b. Legislative context

2. Certain times that heighten risk

a. Police custody and pre-trial detention

b. Transit

3. Certain policies and practices that heighten risk or cause physical or mental suffering

a. Inadequate safeguards and assessments on admission

b. The nature and scope of medical examinations

c. Not separating male and female prisoners

d. Supervision by male staff/ mixed gender staffing

e. Searching policies and practices

f. Solitary confinement/ disciplinary segregation

g. The inappropriate and unjustified use of restraints

h. Inadequate provision for gender specific hygiene, sexual and reproductive healthcare

i. Inadequate provision for family contact

j. Inappropriate decisions to separate dependent children from their mothers in prison

k. Detention for protection

4. Certain categories of women who are at heightened risk

a. Girls

b. Victims of human trafficking and sex workers

c. Women with mental healthcare needs

d. Other groups that are at heightened risk

V What qualities do monitoring bodies need to engage in this issue?

Recommended further reading


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King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia issued Friday a historic decree allowing women to be members of the kingdom’s previously all-male Shura Council for the first time. The decree amended two article in the council’s statute introducing a 20 percent quota for women in the country’s 150-member Shura Council, and the king appointed 30 women to join the consultative assembly. (source: http://www.wluml.org/news/saudi-arabia-breakthrough-saudi-arabia-women-allowed-parliament )

In Lebanon, women still fight for their basic rights such as transmitting their nationality,

have women in the political parties, have women on political parties lists, have women in Parliament.

The most conservative country alias Saudi Arabia was able to empower some women ” bin and bint… of someone) to be part of the Parliament, in Lebanon, do we need a decree by the supreme court to have Women participate in Politics?

for the info: the Lebanese government doesnt have Any women; 

at the parliament Lebanon has some women, that are the daughters, or sisters, or funding  ($) members of someone, or blocks….

our Nation needs change, I wont vote for Maronites women…. I would love to vote for good Candidates wherever their confession is, but I would love to know that they will engage with us on pushing forward for our Civil=Lebanese State Laws!!!


Isn't it strange that women are named by their daddy and grand-fathers?

Isn’t it strange that women are named by their daddy and grand-fathers?

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civil servant women's rights in Lebanon Rita Chemaly


The Lebanese Council of Ministers, during his session held on the 12 december 2012,
decided to give LEBANESE WOMEN such as Lebanese Men same rights. Congratulations Lebanese Women, and specifically Lebanese women civil servants 🙂
in details, in his session, the Council of ministers amended the law 3950 of 1960, regarding civil servants access to family compensation and assistance benefits! ( Nizam el ta3widats wal mousa3adats), and now if a couple of civil servants, both can choose who can benefit from the Family compensations and assistance.

the National Commission for Lebanese women, worked a lot to achieve equality in this domain:
as the Annual report stipulates:
“The objective is to achieve equality between husband and wife who are both civil servants in terms of the entitlement to family compensation and assistance benefits. The conditions governing civil servants’ access to such benefits are not the same for the husband and his wife.

Currently, a male civil servant benefits from family allowance (and takes priority over his wife in the access to such benefits despite her being also a civil servant and possibly being in a higher rank to his). The conditions governing the husband’s entitlement are clear. In contrast, the conditions governing the wife’s entitlement to this same family allowance are more stringent. Hence, women civil servants and men civil servants are not placed on an equal footing when it comes to family allowance entitlement and do not benefit from the equal opportunity policy. Clearly, men enjoy a preferential right to receive such compensation. This imbalance needs to be corrected in that entitlement to this family allowance shall be decided based on the rank of the civil servant, whether they be the husband or his wife.”
so at this end, thanking the Councils of Minsiters for this Beautiful step forward, and while still hoping to achieve equality and complete citizenship for Lebanese women and Men!
Rita Chemaly

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دعــوة مشـاركة


حضرة السيدات والسادة الكرام ،

الانتخابات هي حجر الأساس في بناء الديمقراطية، والتنافس الحر بين المرشحين والمرشحات هو أساس كل عملية انتخابية سليمة. فلا إنتخاب من دون امكانية الإختيار ولا اختيار بغير وجود مجموعة من المرشحين والمرشحات  يحملون  أفكاراً أوبرامج متنافسة.

الفوز في الانتخابات هو أمر شديد الصعوبة، ولكن ما هو مؤكد ان عملية الفوز تصبح أكثر سهولة إذا عرف المرشح، سواء كان رجلاً او إمراة، كيف ينظم حملته، وكيف يواجه المصاعب والتحديات التي قد تعترض طريقه.

فإذا كنت تطمح لأن تكون مرشحا، سواء كنت رجلا او إمراة، وترغب في إدارة شؤون حملتك بشكل فعال من الناحية التنظيمية أو توّد المشاركة في تنفيذ حملة مرشح ما، فان “مركز الشراكة للتنمية والديمقراطية” اللبناني وبالتعاون مع “مؤسسة فريدريش ايبرت” الألمانية  وضمن مشروع ” خطط  وفوز”، سيوفر لك الدعم التقني والمراجع الأدبية المفيدة خلال الورشة التدريبية التي سيقيمها على مدى يومين من الساعة 9:00 ق.ظ – 3:00 ب. ظ  في بلدة حاكور-عكار، أوتيل جنة عرقة (825041-06).

التاريخ: 26 و27 كانون الثاني 2013

عنوان الورشة: تنظيم حملة انتخابية فعالة

مضمون الورشة:

● دور النائب ومسؤولياته

● تخطيط الحمـلة الانتخابية

● تعريف البرنامج الانتخابي وتحديده

● تشكيل الفريق الانتـخابي

● تطوير الإستراتيجية الدعائيـة والإعلامـية

● تمويـل الحملة الانتخابيـة

المشاركة مجانية والأماكن محدودة، سارع الى ملىء استمارة مشاركة على الرابط التالي في مدة أقصاها 20 كانون الثاني 2013 :


لمزيد من المعلومات الاتصال بمركز الشراكة للتنمية والديمقراطية على الرقم 01303911  أو على البريد الالكتروني التالي: pcdd@pcdd.org

[i] مركز الشراكة للتنمية والديمقراطية هو منظمة غير حكومية مستقلة . تتجسد رؤية المركز في التوصل الى مجتمع مدني ديمقراطي ، قادر على التأثير في السياسات العامة. وهو يهدف الى دعم منظمات المجتمع المدني، وتعزيز الشراكة والمساهمة في الشأن العام من خلال تنفيذ مشاريع في مجال التنمية والديمقراطية  والعمل على تنمية القدرات والمهارات التي تمكّن الافراد والمنظمات من النهوض بمجتمع مدني حيوي.  www.facebook.com/pcdd.lb – www.pcdd.org

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le numéro 9 de la publication du ministère de l’économie et du commerce est sorti!

a vous un synopsis de toutes les campagnes qui avisent le consommateur de ses droits….

des astuces pour reconnaître les viandes avariées, les tricheries : miel, lait liquide, café, sucre sel…..

toutes les astuces sont disponibles via le lien de la nouvelle publication

rita chemaly


صدور العدد التاسع من نشرة حماية المستهلك الإلكترونية (صيف 2012)
التاريخ: 27 آب 2012

 حرصاً من وزارة الإقتصاد والتجارة على شفافية عملها وسعياً لإتاحة المجال أمام المستهلك اللبناني للإطّلاع بشكل دوري على أحدث الإرشادات والنصائح التوعوية وعلى أنشطة الوزارة بوجه عام ومديرية حماية المستهلك بشكل خاص، قامت الوزارة بإصدار العدد التاسع (صيف 2012) من “نشرة حماية المستهلك” الالكترونية، المتوفر بشكل مجاني على الموقع الرسمي للوزارة  www.economy.gov.lb. تهدف هذه النشرة الى زيادة الوعي الثقافي فيما يتعلق بمفهوم حقوق وواجبات المستهلك والمحترف في لبنان، عبر التطرّق إلى جميع المواضيع التي تعالجها الوزارة ولا سيما هموم المستهلكين ومنها سلامة السلع وبالأخص موضوع الأمن الغذائي، الغش التجاري، محاربة التقليد والتزوير وغيرها من المواضيع. كما تشجع المستهلكين الى المطالبة بهذه الحقوق عبر تقديم الشكاوى على الخط الساخن 1739 التابع لمديرية حماية المستهلك، لأن الحماية الأمثل لا تستكمل دون التزام تام من المستهلك والتاجر على حدّ سواء بالأنماط السلوكية الصحيحة وبالقوانين والقرارات التي تدعو لها الوزارة للوصول إلى مجتمع أفضل.

وأبرز ما يتضمنه هذا العدد المقالات التالية:
الاستراتيجية الوطنية للأمن الغذائي“، بقلم معالي وزير الاقتصاد والتجارة الاستاذ نقولا نحاس؛
ضبط سلامة الغذاء: نظام تتبع ومهمات متكاملة بين الوزارات” ، مدير عام الاقتصاد والتجارة بالانابة م. فؤاد فليفل؛
خطة تفعيل العمل الرقابي داخل البلديات: نجاح مميّز ونتائج ملموسة للمستهلكين“، خبير الادارة والتسويق م. عماد يوسف؛
الغش في الغذاء: آفة حالية لمشكلة قديمة“، الخبير في العلوم الغذائية د. ايلي بو يزبك؛
التحضير للعام الدراسي 2012 -2013: مراقبة مبيعات الكتب والقرطاسية واللوازم المدرسية”، رئيس قسم الاسعار موسى كريم؛
مكتب مقاطعة إسرائيل: دوره وأهدافه“، الاستاذ هيثم البواب؛
تحديث وتطوير مركز تلقي الشكاوى 1739 من أجل خدمة أفضل للمستهلكين“، الخبير في المعلوماتية علي بيطار؛
ضبط تسعيرة مولدات الكهرباء“، الخبير الاقتصادي رازي وديع الحاج؛
اللحوم … نقاط سبع للتأكد من معيار جودتها“، الاخصائيتان في مراقبة سلامة الغذاء دانيا الخوري وماريز الشامي؛
عقد الترخيص باستعمال العلامة التجارية وآثاره الإيجابية في حماية المستهلك“، المراقب المساعد فادي علاء الدين؛
بالإضافة الى العديد من المقالات حول الانشطة التي قامت بها مديرية حماية المستهلك خلال فصلي الربيع والصيف.
للإطلاع على هذا العدد والأعداد السابقة أنقر على العنوان التالي:
كما ونتمنى عليكم المساعدة في إيصال هذه النشرة إلى أكبر عدد ممكن من المواطنين وذلك عبر إعادة توجيه هذه الرسالة إلى كل من يهمه الامر.
للراغبين بإرسال آرائهم أو باستلام أحدث نسخة من هذه النشرة على عنوانهم الإلكتروني الخاص فور نشرها، الرجاء توجيه رسائلكم إلى العنوان التاليcpdnews@economy.gov.lb


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