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lebanonMy friends are posting pictures of their children at school with the Lebanese flag, chanting the national hymn,

Yes, symbols are a necessity, symbols may help in the creation of a “national” “unity”.

But which unity? which nation??

a nation that does not give the civil and political rights to half of its citizens?

women are not citizens, …. their are 2nd class citizens!!

a nation where the citizens pay member of parliaments , for them to stay home or bribe pple instead of legiferate??

our parliament is not able to meet in a general assembly to vote for important laws !!!

a nation where security = zero and less??

even on  the roads safety doesn’t exists… people can get smashed in their cars, watch young kids doing circus exercises on their motorbike on the roads, or get burned after an explosion!!!

a nation where politics = political heritage, = patriarchy = feudalism = I must be the wife, the sister, the daughter of a “martyr” !!

a nation without a law regulating political parties!!!!!

do I continue??

oh I can’t forget and shouldn’t miss the unforgettable :

a nation in which citizens are not equal!!! yes yes!! my nation “state” is all that, and bardo I ‘ll continue to protest, mobilize and struggle for the country I do love!! a country I wish will be able to progress and transform in a ” state of law”

Rita Chemaly


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even if this is my one hundred post about maternity leave,

as a mother to be, I insist that the Lebanese MPs meet in a general assembly and vote for the amendment of articles 28-29 of the Labor law, for us to have a 10 weeks maternity leave and not only 49 days!!!!

all Parliamentarian commissions have already accepted the amendment of the law,

Lebanese Mothers to be are just waiting for a vote in favor of the extension to 10 weeks in the GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the Parliament….


This is a Must!!!!

Rita Chemaly

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