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Encore une initiative “choc” de l’ONG Sakker El Dekkeneh.

Des PV sur toutes les voitures des grandes rues Beyrouthines, et des grandes villes comme Batroun et Zahleh dans la Bekaa.

Les citoyens ont eu un choc en se reveillant et en voyant des contraventions sur leur voiture ce mercredi matin 1er avril 2015.

En lisant la contravention, ils et elles decouvrent que c’est une campagne de conscientisation menee par les volontaires de l’ONG qui mene son combat contre la corruption dans tous les domaines.

Un nouveau code de la route a ete vote au Liban et sera obligatoire des debut Avril. Le nouveau code a pour but de preserver la vie des citoyens et cityonnes.

alors #Akalta ce matin ? a toi de t’assurer de la limite de vitesse, de passer l’examen pour avoir un permis de conduire et assures toi que tout fonctionne dans ta voiture .L’Etat quant a lui devrait par le biais de ces ministeres s’assurer de l’etat des routes, de l’eclairage ect!!!

voila le Poisson d’avril de la dekkeneh  #Akalta!! 🙂

sakker el dekkeneh des amendes pour informer contre la corruption


Previous posts about Dekkeneh’s activities:

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Oui, le Liban est une grande boutique ou tous vos droits peuvent être achetés et vendus.

La corruption régnE, et le maitre mot “ikramiyeh” “rachweh” = les tips!

La flash mob organisée la semaine dernière par Sakker el Dekkeneh a vendu dans les routes de Beyrouth tous genres de papiers administratifs importants “permis de conduire”, baccalauréat, brevet, permis de port d’armes, même des parties des trottoirs publics et des plages publiques ont été mis en vente!!

oui j’ai participe a la Flash Mob, oui j’ai été heureuse des réactions de plusieurs personnes qui m’ont dit: non nous on n’aime pas la corruption.

En espérant avoir plus de pareils citoyens,

c’est leur et Notre rôle de fermer la Boutique et les boutiques Libanaises.

Rita Chemaly

voila le lien de la flash mob: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk6wYu_767c

rita chemaly activism against corruption

“Dekkeneh” en arabe signifie boutique qui vend de tous: épicerie, produits pharmaceutiques, cigarettes, ….

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here we are, in a big Boutique, you can buy all what you want,

there are more from the #dekkentelbalad, for you here is the movie!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb9D8ZaLE3g


and its description below

Rita Chemaly











“We all live in a prosperous ‘Dekkene’ which has a broad customer base, diversified merchandise, and branches all over the country. The gross ‘Dekkene’ revenue has exceeded 1.5 billion dollars per year, the equivalent of 10% of our GDP. This means that one-tenth of every person’s income is sucked away by corruption.
Sakker el Dekkene proposes an antidote to this virus: to hold public administrations accountable for lack of integrity and put pressure on politicians to initiate change and fight corruption. The initiative adopts a multi-tool and multidisciplinary approach that starts with the collection of corruption-related data through its website http://www.sakkera.com , smart phone App (iOS and Android), complaint boxes, and hotline +961 76 80 80 80 where people can report and help quantify instances of corruption in public administrations. The portal then collates incidents posted by citizens and highlights corruption trends. By doing so, the NGO wishes to raise public awareness, engage citizens in the process of change, trigger public debate, exert pressure on politicians, and lobby for genuine reform.

نعيش جميعاً في “دكانة” مزدهرة ذات قاعدة واسعة من الزبائن، وذات خدمات متنوّعة وجذابة متوفرة ضمن فروع عديدة منتشرة في كل البلد. اذ يتخطى إجمالي عائدات الدكانة الـ 1.5 مليار دولار أميركي في السنة، أي ما يعادل 10% من الناتج المحلي الإجمالي. ويعني ذلك أن عشر مدخول اللبناني ينفق على “فيروس الفساد”. وبناء على ذلك كلّه تقترح مبادرة “سكّر الدكّانة” إنشاء جبهة مواجهة تضم مسؤولين من الإدارات العامة للضغط على السياسيين بإتجاه فرض التغيير
.ومحاربة الفساد
تعتمد “سكّر الدكّانة” على مقاربة متعددة الوسائل بدءا بتكوين قاعدة معلومات عن الفساد من خلال (iOS و Android) وتطبيق الهواتف الذكية http://www.sakkera.comموقعها الإلكتروني وصناديق الشكاوى والخط الساخن 80 80 80 76 961+ حيث في إمكان المواطنين الإبلاغ عن حوادث الفساد في الإدارات العامة التي تقوم الجمعية بدورها بإحصائها. ويجمع الجدول من خلال ذلك الحوادث التي يعلن عنها المواطنون لقطات تسلط الضوء على الفساد، وترفع مستوى الوعي، وتشرك المواطنين في العمل باتجاه التغيير، وتحرّك النقاش العام، وتمارس الضغط على
.السياسيين وتزيد الطلب على الإصلاح الحقيقي

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rita chemaly activism against corruption and bribery in Lebanon fake diplomas rita chemaly activism against corruption and bribery in LebanonIMG-20140511-WA0007

free electricity, free diplomas, big fat awards form Lebanon, and the fashion is to take it from other countries too 🙂

have you witnessed the new tags on Beirut streets?

You can get your free brevet or bac, without “antiseches”, without even going to the exam…

the same for Driving license!!! who said euno “sa33abouwa”?? in Lebanon it is easy to get a driving license as a gift for your sweet 18!! 🙂

you want the nationality for your foreign kids “wlak” buy it from the dekkeneh, sooo easy, bring some cash and stop mobilizing and participating to all the protests to transmit it to your children…. bring your liras and dollars and get it 🙂

what else do you need? you will get! I need to build and take some few meters from the “trottoirs”, it is easy to get it from Dekkenet el Balad….

for you here are the latest pictures and you can call and get your grosseries from el Dekkeneh 🙂

Rita Chemaly

Citoyenne Libanaise


attention, par ce billet je n’ encourage absolument pas au manque d’ethique, mais met en lumiere une nouvelle initiative qui sera lancee au Liban pour dire non a la corruption et au clientelisme.

‪#‎Dekkenetelbalad‬   #دكانة_البلد  an initiative that can get you free driving licence in Lebanon, & free diplomas ! wayni el dawli?!! let us take a stand against ‪#‎bribery‬ and ‪#‎corruption‬ in ‪#‎Lebanon

Rita Chemaly

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anew study about corruption in 3 sectors in lebanon has been released.

i skimmed through it, it has been prepared by 3 consultants.

the study is in arabic .

for those who are interested here is the brief that is published on the undp website:


Corruption was the first instigator for the Arab revolutions; will it be an agent for change in Lebanon? Or is it rooted deeply in the political system and public administration where its beneficiaries are many and therefore difficult to eradicate? Corruption in Lebanon has reached alarming levels of damage to the needs and fundamental rights of citizens, such as water, health and education reaching a state where citizens are serving the interests of politicians. Lebanon is mired in a crisis of its political system and the legitimacy of all institutions in the last period of time spanning in nearly a decade, posing an urgent need to break the current situation through a radical change in the political system eliminating the risk of engaging in internal violence.

to download the full study here is the link:



UNDP corruption study lebanon corruption undp study corruption

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Now that the Electoral Law is finalised ,

and that the votes for or against it are prepared….

“This paper presents three possible scenarios for the forthcoming 2013 legislative elections – the “status quo”, the Boutros Commission Draft, and the Charbel Proportional Proposal – and argues for an effective and democratic electoral system that addresses the inequalities and traps for corruption present in Lebanon today. Taking into account Lebanon’s tenuous multi-confessional identity, standardization of voting practices, electoral zoning and expatriate voter inclusion, Ekmekji presents a thorough and recommendation-based analysis of the options available and the best road forward to reform in Lebanon. … ”


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