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Finally a big compilation work was done and published and released!! All legislation related to women ( prepared, drafted, amended ) was compiled and categorised and published in one document.

Finally constituents can now ask their Member of Parliament of the status of each legislation that has not been studied neither voted!

Finally we Lebanese citizens can now know Which Member of Parliament has presented which law, draft law or project law.

the big data collection was undertaken by the NCLW and published in 2013. the compilation is available online for download at the E-portal Publication center http://e-portal.nclw.org.lb/getattachment/bfc56361-71c6-47b8-abf6-f342a330bc58/legal-study-final-PDF.pdf.aspx

For the researchers and activists and other interested in the topics here is a snapshot of the table of content :

For the others here is the pdf file you can download from here to : Legislation law draft law proposal related to women rights in Lebanon 2000 2013

 rita chemaly



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maternity leave lebanon



Finally the Maternity leave in Lebanon has been extended in Lebanon !!!!


As a mother, as an activist as a women, as a Citizen this is a first step!!!

we need those 10 weeks, but …. as I always say in my post we will have to continue to fight for the other issues related to Women!!!

the battle to gain those few weeks has been tremendous! It was a pleasure to lobby the parliamentary committees, commissions, and ask the Member of Parliament to Vote for our rights!!

Now the mothers and their babies can cuddle, meet, and rest for a few more weeks together!!

Mabrouk to all!!!!


Rita Chemaly


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Today is a big day for women in Lebanon.

we as women are watching carefully the actions that will be done by the parliamentarians in the so long and waited General Assembly.

1- will they vote for the extension of the Maternity leave period from 49 days to 70 days for working mothers in Lebanon? (amendment of articles 28-29 from the Labor Law?)

2- Will they vote for the extension of the maternity leave period from 60 days to 70 days for working mothers employees in the public sector in Lebanon?? (Amendment of article 38 of law 112 of employees in the public sector?)

3- will they vote for the Law protecting women from domestic violence in the form presented by the Women NGOs of Lebanon mainly Kafa?  

If not, I , Rita Chemaly as a lebanese citizen won’t vote for them anymore!

isn’t it their job to legiferate?

No laws, No vote!

Rita Chemaly


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