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A strategy is needed for equality and an effective political participation of women in the Public sphere in Lebanon. this simple info graphic shows who were the women responsible of a ministerial cabinet in Lebanon and for which year since 1942. IN brief just 7 women were since 1942 were appointed as MINISTERS in Lebanon. 2 of them without a portfolio ! 😦

Only 6 Cabinets/ Governments out of 74 Governments in Lebanon have appointed Women!!!!

We need to ACT!!!!

Rita Chemaly

WOMEN in Political Sphere in Lebanon Cabinet Rita Chemaly

This pic is taken from the Women participation in Elections prepared by UNDP in Lebanon http://www.lebanon-elections.org/Modules/Document/UploadFile/6171_12,02,YYWomen-in-Elections-accordion.pdf

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A Wonderful and very useful tool is finally available for students, practitioners, translators, decision makers, activists, and teachers in comparative study and political sciences.

a tool in Arabic, English,  and French for Electoral Terminology!!!

Great work for UNDP in preparing it and making it available to all by posting it online.

here is the link for you to download it: Lexicon for electoral terminology  

And for the curious of you here is a print screen from the lexicon:

The Electoral terminology lexicon by undp

Enjoy the new tool!

Rita Chemaly

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Ce Dimanche 22 Mars 2015 Mobilisez vous avec le Collectif Ma nationalite est mon Droit et celui de Ma Famille. Le but se mobiliser pour que la Femme libanaise puisse transmettre sa nationalite a ses enfants et son mari si non libanais!!! la manif aura lieu a midi a riad el Solh!! Soyez Nombreux Voila un article que j’avais ecrit sur le sujet a en Français!! https://ritachemaly.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/les-femmes-libanaises-et-la-droit-a-la-nationalite-pour-leur-famille1.jpg

Rita Chemaly

Ritachemaly's Blog

Je Rêve : La Libanaise est citoyenne de « seconde classe » ?

Depuis mon passage au CLDH/ALEF (en 2008) et l’écriture du rapport sur les droits de l’homme au Liban, pleins de ptits problèmes sont apparus, et sous les bombardements de la revue de presse du CLDH, choisir des causes pour les inclure dans un rapport n’était pas tache facile. Mais une cause m’intriguait. Je suis une femme libanaise mais pas citoyenne. Il y a 6 mois, j’ai publié des courts films où Mme Kiwan, directrice à Science Po Liban, explique lors d’un passage télévisé, les aléas du problème de la nationalité au Liban. ( a vous de revoir les billets de la categorie discrimination).  La femme libanaise mariée à un étranger n’a pas le droit de transmettre sa nationalité ni à son mari ni à ses enfants. Alors qu’une femme étrangère qui épouse un Libanais peut l’acquérir après un an de mariage[1]

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This is a new tool I just found while browsing the web searching for how to develop Simple and SMART indicators.

To all researchers and practitioners searching for simple  indicators to advance gender and women rights and know how to measure these advancements.

here is a tool with simple indicators that we can compile easily. http://www.escwa.un.org/sites/GISINHANDBOOK/index.asp?goal=0 . Such a tool will help building a baseline for the work of researchers and practitionners.

Note that the tool is developed by ESCWA in 2015.

here is how they descibe it.

The Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), in collaboration with United Nations agencies, national statistical offices, national machineries for women, and civil society in the Arab region, is implementing the Gender Statistics Programme in the Arab Region.

This e-Handbook, a tool for data producers, is the outcome of consultations since the second Inter-Agency Expert Group Meeting on Gender Statistics in the Arab Countries (Beirut, 12-14 October 2009) and aims to build on synergies from ongoing work in the area of gender statistics by forging a common methodological knowledge among stakeholders in order to facilitate the production of comparable statistics for evidence-based policymaking and planning.

The purpose of the e-Handbook is to provide a guiding tool for data producers to compile data for the Arab Gender Issues and Indicators (GIsIn) Framework, which will allow for quantitative and qualitative measurement of gender equality and inequality at the international level. It uses an agreed common suite of gender indicators with unified language, concepts and objectives as a means to encourage collaborative monitoring, reporting and learning through the sharing of best practice, which will encourage the use of indicators at the national, regional and international level for measuring accountability and effectiveness.

The e-Handbook includes metadata for each GIsIn indicator, including definitions, rationale, concepts and sources, as well as methods of calculation. Based on the Arab GIsIn Framework, a three-dimensional framework for Arab countries linking the Goals of the Millennium Declaration to the Arab Priority Issues of the Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA), it identifies corresponding region-specific, gender-sensitive and sex-disaggregated indicators for measuring and monitoring progress achieved towards gender equality and the empowerment of women. The proposed framework was first published in theESCWA booklet Gender in the Millennium Development Goals: Information Guide for Arab MDG Reports.”

Good LucK

Rita Chemaly

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When I saw the video I was horrified!!!! Elie explained how the new tv show LIL nasher covered the story. Immediate Action must be done to CRIMINALISE THE GUY For Assaulting the women. More than that, I request the CHURCH IN LEBANON, The Maronite Church to immediately Stop, and Criminalise the “Priest”! Violence against Women, especially Sexual Harassment and Assault NEED TO BE CRIMINALISED!!!!!!! Lebanese Church Should React!!!
Thanks Elie for wonderfully covering the story!! I am reblogging you. Here is the direct link to Elie’s blog: http://stateofmind13.com/2015/03/10/lebanese-priest-caught-on-video-sexually-assaulting-a-woman/#like-11900

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

Rima Karaki is on a roll. After making international headlines around the world for shutting up the Islamist Hani Al Siba’i, her show’s most recent episode is dropping a bombshell of an equal, but less international, caliber.

A priest has been filmed on camera sexually harassing and assaulting a woman, from showing her his penis, asking her to jack him off, to asking her if her vagina was tidy and tight. It’s utterly disgusting.

It starts with a meeting with the priest over some business matter. Eventually, the man starts to hit on the reporter (he doesn’t know she is one, obviously). After inquiring about her living arrangements, he invites her to stay at his local.

From there on out, he starts to talk about his libido.

Lebanese Priest NewTV - 5 Suppose we want to sleep together.

In hypothetical scenarios of course. “Suppose we want to sleep together,” he tells her, before going on…

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