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My husband was with our kid at the mall.  Our baby needed diaper change. The husband couldn’t change diaper of our baby in the mall in the wc of “gents.” He had to enter the WC of the ladies as the changing table is there. He had no pb doing it, but … The cleaning lady asked my husband, “Mister where is madam? “. And the ladies there where asking him the same but with more into the question : ” yi niyyela em madam ! wayn el madam?”

Short story that shows with the questions my husband received and the reactions  how women are directly linked to care work , to the sphere of home, children , and how fathers who want to be active participants in their children life not only “breadwinning” is not yet common in Lebanon.

Parity in parenthood and gender roles is one of the issues that absolutely needs to be worked on.

Equality in gender roles is needed, perpetuating the20170721_204612 thinking that women are only there to cook clean and take care of children staying in a closed sphere, the house,

And that husbands can’t perform household tasks and need to be the breadwinners, and stay in the public sphere , show how much inequality is the common sense.

Now to Geant mall dora, you need to add a wc where women and men can change their children, this simple commodity show how equality is a goal that is easy to attain when there is a will.

Rita em jn w raf



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