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During one of the salons du livre we bought the book untitled “protegeons la planete” by nathan. Jn also got the signature of the author.

As lebanon is living the garbage crisis, i was always thinking of how i can raise jn to be “ecolo” or at least try to be ecolo.

For the last months, the ” protegeons la planete” is our “livre de chevet” and we read it each night!

How to keep the water clean, how  to recycle garbage, how to save forests…

What i love is the part related to garbage burning… it is written that toxic smells push us to take medicine.  jn asked me ” is this why i take hystamed?”



Em jn w raf!


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Today, we took our newly born baby boy to church for the first time . It was the first outing for me and him, after the delivery ( surgery) of last week.

To go out was not easy for me, i did it because my 3 years boy asked me : ” mum why don’t you go out with us anymore? ” couldnt answer him , i cant walk normally , therefore i tried to do an effort and join the boys!

It took me less than 5 min to  wear my clothes; take raf, “laflefou” as we say in lebanese, and head to church.

Bref, at the end of the mass , a friend asked the priest to pray for rafael.

What was funny and we all laughed was that, after he began his prayer, the priest stopped and asked us, “what is her name?” Her was the newly born.

We explained that “his” name is rafael and he is a boy.

The abouna laughingly looked at me and said and why is he wrapped up in a pink blanket?!

I was surprised, hein? My response was ” machina abouna, we went out in less that 5 min, we didnt want to be late for the mass,  and plus the beautiful pink hrem/ blanket was mine when i was young”! 🙂

We all laughed and the prayer for the newborn was just Beautiful!

A wonderful blessing!

For us Pink is for…. girls and boys!

Ps: when i told my mum the story for her to laugh, she didn’t, and she asked me where did you put the blue hrem?!

Rody and i were like grrrrr colors colors again!


Em jn w rafael 🙂





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For the first baby, preparations started 8 months before delivery date.

For the second pregnancy, if it was not for the “reflux” or “breathing with difficulty” or “being forgetful” or ” not being able to walk normally” i wouldnt have noticed i was pregnant again!

Second pregnancy term is already there, deadline too, and i feel like a student finishing preparations one night before the exam :).

When i went to the pharmacy for the list we need to have for a new baby, the pharmacist asked, “you didn’t brought them yet?!”.

I was like oops! He is not there yet. And i had work! Lol

The same for chocolate … not yet chosen? Euno… you know choosing chocolate decoration with us takes 10 minutes max! Euno, what we want is the good taste! W ekherta chocolat, akid tayyib! W helo! Lol. Should we have prepared them before??

Souvenirs, this time took with us one visit. We had other issues to do that day, all the family went to protest for a fair electoral law! This is our priority! 🙂

3 years ago, for JN it was hand made , home decorates jars of honey. For rafael it will be chosen with love and care and… rapideness lol.

Bon, to tell you the truth, after finding out where we “parked” all the baby stuff, and brought them to light again, i panicked tonight as i couldnt recall how to use the car seat, or berceau…   roodz and i were like grrr again!


Bon it will work!

All what we hope for is for a sound baby boy, cool relations with his elder brother and a good environment to live in! This needs time and priorities and efforts! Lol

Again a mother to be soon!


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