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At the Birthdays, i am used to the piniata activity. A violent activity that i usually prefer not to play. Kids do hit a box, and than search for the bonbons and chocolates that it contains.

Today, i organised my son 1st birthday at home, my 4 years son requested a piniata. Therefore i decided to transform this game.

First “we ” created the piniata and didn’t buy one. Just creating it was an activity. a special moment with my 4 years son. We used recycled paper and a pampers box that i wanted to throw. Recycled paper was after that colored by my son…. 30 minutes of bliss for me! His little brother was able to nap in the meantime 🙂

Two: during the birthday i explained to the kids that this piniata is different. Each kid needed to draw on it Something they Disliked. Some kids answered school, le loup, others told me their “mums”.

They also painted what they disliked on the piniata. A full activity. That took at least 15 minutes. Kids were able to express their feeling of dislike , while drawing on the piniata, with the colors they choose.

Third: i asked them to hit the piniata on which they have painted what they disliked.

Kids were Happy expressing their anger on the piniata. Our piniata didn’t contain chocolate. The chocolate goodie bag was given to them in a different activity. Our piniata was used as an exutoire…

Here is a short video in which my son explain it in french…

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