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si une personne est transexuelle, souvent on ne sait plus quel pronom utiliser : il ou elle,

en arabe c’est pire entre le inti et le inta , meme les verbes sont conjugables.

alors pourquoi ne pas leur demander??

voila le lien intitule comment respecter une personne transexuelle: How to Respect a Transgender Person

Rita Chemaly

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is lebanon a place where gay people can live normally?? is Lebanon soo different than other countries?? a new blog

The Angry Tinker Bell

Many people were pissed when this article named Beirut to be a gay haven in the middle east.

Except for the reason of why would some Israelis be furious of promoting Beirut as a competitive Gay friendly city, the reasons behind some Lebanese activists’ objections remain totally unknown, or are they? I mean yeah we have a genuine tendency as people to nag, some of our nagging is legitimate and the majority of it just isn’t. For activists, promoting that our city is a beautiful place to live in is somehow harmful for the business, you know, if there are no tragedies, there is no funding. I’m not saying that Activists in NGOs are all like that, I’ve witnessed how many people are super passionate about caring for the community and defending it, many of them have gave so much in order to make our city a better place to…

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sexual-harassmentsexual harassment in lebanon rita chemaly

Lebanese Labor Law is not criminalizing sexual harassment at the work place yet.

Many activists and organisations have tried to change the law, legislators and responsibles didn’t take any action yet.

The consequences of Sexual Harassment are huge: not only psychological, but also economical and financial.

Lebanese women working and that are subject to sexual harassment will have to quit their work, and therefore lose their job…..

Dear Member of Parliaments who have reconducted for themselves, please do the job you are paid for, WOMEN in Lebanon Need Protection!

Rita Chemaly



Sexual harassment is:

Any physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature and other conduct based on sex affecting the dignity of women and  men, which is unwelcome, unreasonable and offensive to the recipient. Where a person’s rejection of, or submission to, such conduct is used explicitly or implicitly as a basis for a decision which affects that person’s job.

 Conduct that creates an intimidating, hostile or humiliating working environment for the recipient. For more information about it follow the link http://www.wunrn.com/news/2013/07_13/07_01/070113_jordan.htm





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is it just a piece of news? a women, mother of 5 children has been savagely assassinated by her husband who was beating her with a “stick” as one of the little children told the neighbours.

where is the law? still in the drawers of the parliament.

some months ago, the commission who has to study the law, changed it, and amended it as per the sects preferences! taking the most important stipulations and amending them not only to protect women and criminalize violence, but also the Members of Parliaments amended the law in a way making the sects laws of the personal status code predominant on a civil law…. that was needed to establish Equality and Justice among all citizens!!!!

the stories of Roula, Wafa, Rita, and soo many beaten and violented women should awake those who reconducted for themselves and let them study and know how to legiferate in a way that BUILD A STATE OF LAW. A LAW under which all CITIZENS are equal.

I am raging, and sad, if the MPs need some courses in legislation, laws, political sciences , let them ask us for help!!! and stop distributing services instead of DOING their Job RIGHT!



here are some reports about what happened
MTV report http://mtv.com.lb/News/223722
Lorient le Jour report : http://www.lorientlejour.com/article/823242/violence-domestique-la-mort-atroce-de-roula-yacoub-suffira-t-elle-a-faire-voter-la-loi-.html

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