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Mariage?? On les entend. Funerailles? On les entend. Elections? On les entend. Diplomation?? Encore plus de tirs!

Le probleme est simple les tirs Tuent! Les balles perdues Tuent!

Au Liban ces tirs doivent etre Interdits!!! La liste des victimes de ces Balles perdues est de plus en plus longue! Parlementaires legiferez! Politiciens ne servez pas de couvertures aux porteurs d’armes illicites, illegales!

Les balles perdues font perdre des Vies!!

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J’ai mal pour le papa de feu le soldat Hamiyeh. En l’absence de l’Etat qui n’a pas pris des decisions fermes depuis la prise en otages des soldats libanais, le pere du soldat Hamiyeh crie vengeance . Aujourd’hui un nouveau crime a ete commis, ou est l’Etat ?? Ou sont les institutions qui doivent agir et ne pas laisser des dossiers brulants languir? ( snif le kidnapping de soldats est devenu un dossier)

Hamourabi ou le vieil adage oeil pour oeil dent pour dent n’engendre selon moi que de la violence! L’Etat de droit , celui des institutions qui fonctionnent est seul a meme de mettre fin a la violence et de permettre aux victimes de reposer en paix! J ‘ai mal pour le papa du soldat Hamiyeh , vraiment mal! Aussi mal que nos institutions qui vont si mal!


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Many campaigns were led in Lebanon prior to the municipal elections, the aim is to see if they had an impact on women being candidates in their localities and if citizens voted for Women.

Today I wish to shed light in this post on the Women who won the municipal elections and their numbers in each Directorate in Lebanon !!

Mount Lebanon has good results without the quota system! It Appears that in Metn till now the number of women winners is the highest. (57 women won the elections) , while waiting confirmation from the ministry) ,  I am sure that in  6 years, we might have better results if a quota system is used in the electoral law! in Beirut a Women had the highest score of voters! that is a great news!

As for how many women won in each Directorate/kada2, here is a sneak peak to some basic name counting*:  In my hometown Keserwan/Mount Lebanon:  28 women won (Achkout and Ajaltoun   we have great women in the Municipalities!!Rima Malek will rock ajaltoun! ) in Keserwan 41 women didn’t win, the total number of women candidate is 69 and the uncertain names * is 32. In Metn: 57 women won! won of them in Sinel FIl is Z vicky who did a great job on the Women in Municipalities project, 44 women’s name are listed as not winners, 😦   As for Jbeil  24women won , 28 women didn’t win 😦 , Total of women candidates 52 and the uncertain names are 26. in the  Chouf: Mount Lebanon 43 women won ( we have one Cousine there!! yey!!!, let us see what they will implement in the region!!) , 58 women are listed as not winners, the total number of candidates is  101 and we have 10 uncertain names. For Aley: /Mount Lebanon: 35 women are listed as winners,  34 women are listed as not winners , and we have counted 12 uncertain name.  total number of candidates 69. In baabda, 39 women’s are listed as winners! 46 not!

Here is the copy of the table posted on FB by NCLW:

Basic first counting of women winners in each of the results documents published by the ministry of interior

Basic first counting of women winners in each of the results documents published by the ministry of interior

*my colleagues at Nclw team have passed through the detailed results excel sheets as they have been published on the elections.gov.lb page  and counted as a first exercise the names of all the women in them. Noting that uncertain names were not counted in those who won or lost.  the uncertain names are the one such as “nidal” ” claude” “Michele” “andreh” “douha” “gaby”….. in arabic this might be for a women or a men name! 🙂 we might have more winning or just women candidates in those uncertain names! more to come soon!!! While waiting for the official stats and numbers  by the ministry and the UNDP leap team!

Also , I am so please to see that on Women in Front Facebook Page a great initiative is taking place:  tagging all the women winners in municipalities! that will create easily a great network for them!! thumbs up!

here is a collage I had fun creating it using what I saw online and  showing some of the municipalities and the great Women who won in Them!  Kuddos to all !


women winners collage municipal local elections lebanon rita chemaly 2016

Collage of Women Winners in Local Councils in Lebanon 2016 * credit fb screenshots! hehe 

Women Power!!:-)

Rita Chemaly

rita chemaly women and gender right activist Lebanon

During one Event held in 2016 aiming at encouraging women to be candidate in the elections!


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The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC) at the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality has announced the launch of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity & Expression (SOGIE) Monitor.

“The SOGIE Monitor is a unified online documentation tool between organizations working on gender and sexuality, with a focus on LGBT populations.”

This online  platform has been created to document and classify cases of human rights violations on the basis of gender identity & expression and sexual orientation. Marsa Sexual Health Center, Helem (Lebanese Protection for LGBT), LebMASH (Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health), and MOSAIC (MENA Organization for Services, Advocacy, Integration and Capacity Building) are Part of It! Hat off to the 3 Organisations!!!!

“The aim is to allow individuals as well as service providers to document cases of violations via a secure interface and to provide the necessary follow-up and referral for violation cases. Filling this information gap will also allow for the publication of regular reports of the different violations, to be used as an important tool for advocacy and lobbying.”

For more information, here is the  website in Arabic: www.thesogiemonitor.org

Again Hat off for such a wonderful Initiative!!

Rita Chemaly


here is the link 

إبلاغ عن انتهاك


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Achkout Municipal Council 2016 one Women on board Rita Chemaly

ACHKOUT Results for the Municipal Council 2016 Elections . Source Elections.gov.lb

Youpiii!!! The Ministry of Interior in Lebanon is doing great in Publishing Online the results of the elections of the municipal councils in Lebanon!!


I am sooo happy to be able to access such information!

Yippee!! It will be better if for the directorates other than Beirut we can have the results by Kalam and Ghouraf. It is needed to see how voters voted, to whom, was it different if they are women and men, (Gender segregated data and even as we have them communities segregated data!)  and what was the “abstentions”  numbers in each kalam /ghouraf!

Here is a sneak peak from the elections, of my beloved  Home Town Achkout! Yeyyy!!!!

Numbers and stats will mean something soon!!! Access to information is Important in the state of Law!

Rita Chemaly

I’m waiting for the Chouf results !!! hurry hurry in uploading them!

Elections results in Lebanon Rita Chemaly



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Pourquoi le debat entre les candidats des differentes listes electorales etauent un must? Pourquoi les listes ont refuse de s’y atteler?? Pour moi le debat eclaire sur les programmes et avec tous mes repects aucune liste n’a un programme de fond , juste dans la forme. Pour Beyrouth nous avons besoin d’un rpogramme d’action avec des indicateurs clairs qui soient mesurables dans le temps (chaque 6 mois au moins) et des responsabilites claires ainsi que dea pistes et lignes budgetaires claires. Et bien sur des rapports de performance qui permettent a ceux et celles qui vivent et votent a beyrouth d’evaluer ce qu’ils ont acquis a cause de leur vote!

Rita chemaly


مع اقتراب يوم تجلّي الديموقراطية، تتصاعد الخطابات السياسية وتتعالى نبراتها.

وعلى سبيل المثال لا الحصر، قد لفت آخرها، أي خطاب الرئيس الحريري، الكثير من الناس، الذين رأى بعضهم في احتداده مجموعة من المزايدات التي قد تدل على أزمة مفترضة في نتيجة نسبة التصويت المقبلة : مزايدة لتبرير غيابه عن الساحة السياسية وظهوره الحصري قبيل الانتخابات البلدية؛

مزايدة في شدّ العصب الطائفي السنّي واللعب على وتيرة “طريق الجديدة عاصمة بيروت”، عاصمة العاصمة، وكأنّه ينافس وزّان (الذي بات يهدده في بيئات معينة والذي يظهر أنه يميل الى خلق زعامة سنية جديدة، قد تنافسه، شبيهة بطبيعة زعامة ريفي الجديدة في طرابلس) باطنيّاً في حرصه على ضمان حقوق أهل السنّة وامتيازاتهم في بيروت؛

مزايدة في استخدام اسم والده الرئيس الشهيد رفيق الحريري ١٧ مرّة لاستدرار عطف جمهوره،

بالإضافة الى المزايدة بال”زي ما هيّي”.

وبين خطاب وخطابٍ آخر معاكس، من وادٍ الى وادٍ آخر، حيث كل يغني على ليله ولا أحد يستمع لغيره، وفيما استترت…

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