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Location:         Beirut, Lebanon (NCLW offices in Hazmeih)

Expert: To Be Selected

Position:          Senior Non KeyExpert – Gender indicators

Period: May –June 2016

Mandatory/days:        25 working days



Project Director:         Mario Costariol           costariol@eurecna.it

Team Leader:  Maggy Grabundzija    maggy.grabundzija@geewl.eu

Project Manager:        Diana Casallas            casallas@eurecna.it

EU Task Manager:      RoulaAbbas

The expert will report to: Maggy Grabundzija



The EU funded project on Gender Equity and Empowerment of Women in Lebanon aims to improve mainstreaming of the gender dimension at policy and sector levels in Lebanon by strengthening the National Commission of Lebanese Women’s internal governance towards effective fulfilment of its mandate, to create effective coordination and networking mechanisms with State and non-State actors and to improve media outreach and advocacy.

The mission aims at improving the set of gender indicators aimed at better monitoring and measuring trends related to gender equality in Lebanon. The project will facilitate the collaboration of NCLW with ESCWA and the Statistical Bureau in developing a national framework for developing national gender statistics related to MDGs and UN minimum set of gender indicators. The framework is a matrix of detailed gender disaggregated data that are available but some of it are not counted and not made available. The expert should make sure that this framework gives accurate, up-to-date picture about gender gaps in specific domains such as poverty, economy, education and literacy, health, decision-making and political participation, and violence against women.

The national framework includes collectedand published quantitative and qualitative gender disaggregated data, their sources, dates, availability, and their updatingthat are used as gender sensitive indicators to show the macro picture of the situation of women compared to men in agreed upon domains by all countries. The national framework will be used by NCLW in providing all clients (ministries, NGOs, universities) with these gender disaggregated indicators to assist them in their work and research.


Project Work Plan – Component II: Create effective coordination and networking mechanisms with state and non-state actors

Activity 2.1: Strengthening the capacity of the NCLW’s to coordinate national data collection for monitoring government policies and commitments to gender equity

The project will help NCLW in facilitating the compilation of a framework on minimum set of gender indicators that will help in monitoring the progress in gender equality and the collection of gender-disaggregated data and its updating. The choice of these internationally recognized indicators should address key policy concerns as identified in the Beijing Platform for Action and other important international commitments such as the Millennium Development Goals.  The indicators will facilitate measuring trends and also comparisons among the different countries. The framework will cover gender disaggregated statistics on poverty, economy, education and literacy, health, decision-making and political participation and violence against women.




The appointed expert will be required to undertake the following tasks:

  1. A detailed work plan of the STE discussed and approved by team leader and NCLW
  2. Map gender indicators and segregated data in Lebanon in the domains of women’s economic activities and access to resources, education, health, public life and decision-making, human rights of women including violence against women and gender based violence and identify gaps in gender indicators and data collections in (Activity 2.1):
  3. Undertaking a desk research on availability of sex-disaggregated data (surveys, census, administrative records, etc.)
  4. Conducting interviews with main stakeholders working in data collections and gender indicators such as the Central Administration for Statistics (CAS), the different ministries, in addition to the UNESCWA and other UN agencies
  5. Complete the national framework of gender statistics and indicators including the UN minimum set of gender indicators. Activity 2.1
  6. Suggest system of unification of gender indicators for updating the UN Gender Index indicators in Lebanon including determining the gender indicators in need of improvement in terms of data collection/classification, the frequency of data update for each indicator and sub-indicators. Each indicator will depend on different sources and therefore the updating of all indicators has to be synchronized. The plan will suggest when the majority of indicators will be updated and identify a coordination mechanism on sharing gender data and indicators with the main stakeholders Activity 2.1
  7. Prepare and deliver a training workshop for NCLW and GFP and NGOs(2 days) on gender sensitive indicators and their regular updating–



The Expert will apply the following methodology:

  1. Collection from secondary sources and analysis of national data and statistics – gap identification.
  2. Organise at least 3 meetings with ESCWA statistical department and other UN agencies, the Central Administration for Statistics (CAS) of Lebanon
  3. Prepare a schedule of meetings with relevant ministries, universities and NGOs working on gender related statistics
  4. Prepare curriculum for training on gender sensitive indicators
  5. Provide one training workshop to NCLW and GFPs and NGOs (20 trainees) on gender sensitive indicators and their updating




  1. Detailed work plan for the Mission to be approved by Team Leader and NCLW.
  2. An analytical report on available and missing sex disaggregated data in Lebanon with regard to poverty, economy, education, health, decision-making and political participation and violence against women, that will be used in the National statistical framework
  3. Compile gender sensitive statistics on indicators in the national statistical framework  which is a large matrix that includes collected  gender disaggregated data, their sources, dates, availability, and their updating that are used  to show the macro picture of the situation of women compared to men in Lebanon in economic, political, education, health and human rights (violence) domains.
  4. A report on updating the UN minimum set of gender indicators.
  5. 2/day training workshop for NCLW staff, NGOs and gender focal points (20 trainees) on gender sensitive indicators
  6. Suggest a mechanism of coordination for gender indicators and data
  7. Mission report and presentation to NCLW.



The assignment is expected to take place in the period between May – June 2016 (25 working days) as per the below timeline:

Action  Days

  1. Analytical Report on available national sex disaggregated data (10 working days) 10 days: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.
  2. National gender disaggregated statistical framework and updated UN minimum set of gender indicators with an updating plan(11 days) 11days: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,18, 19, 20, 21
  3. Preparation of curriculum and delivery of training on gender sensitive indicators and their updating (3 days)
  4. Mission report and presentation to NCLW (1 day) 3 days:  22, 23, 24

1 day: 25



  1. Minimum Master’s degree in statistics, economics or related field
  2. Strong statistical and IT skills
  3. Excellent knowledge of English and Arabic(spoken and written)
  4. Knowledge of French is an asset


  1. Minimum of 10 years work experience in the field of statistics and indicators
  2. Minimum of 2 years work experience in statistical packages software
  3. At least3 years of experience in the field of gender statistics or indicators



  1. Minimum of ten years work experience in the field of statistics and indicators
  2. Minimum of 2 years work experience in the field of sex disaggregated statistics and gender indicators.
  3. Excellent writing skills in English.
  4. Previous work experience with the Lebanese Statistical Bureau.



  1. Three years’ experience in delivering training related to gender sensitive statistics or indicators
  2. A minimum of five years work experience in developing surveys and questionnaires designs
  3. Work experience of two years in Lebanon in a gender and development related field is an asset

To apply kindly send an email to Project Manager:  Diana Casallas            casallas@eurecna.it


Good luck Rita Chemaly


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Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer



The Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DME) Officer is responsible to ensure the program quality through providing technical guidance and support in line with DME policy and framework (LEAP). This position would be based at the national office and will be assigned to specific programme/projects to lead, train and guide programme/projects staff, technical staff and other field staff on DME standards aligned to all the partnership and local initiatives for the portfolio under his/her purview.


Major Activities End Results Expected
  1. Quality Assurance
  1. Ensure that all DME processes within WV Lebanon programmes/projects are compliant to the relevant DME standards and frameworks.
  2. Be aware of and support implementation of new WVI programmatic initiatives.
  3. Ensure data is gathered for an effective knowledge management within WV Lebanon.
  4. Ensure effective coordination of LEAP 3.0 and Horizon 3.0 implementation.
  1. Implementation of WVI DME Policy, WV Lebanon Monitoring System and other relevant frameworks.
  2. Contribution to implementation of new programmatic initiatives of WVI that WV Lebanon committed to.
  3. WVL knowledge management system is maintained.
  4. WVL demonstrates high performance of LEAP 3 and Horizon implementation.
  1. Assessment and Design
  1. Assist programme/project managers in the programme/project design process, including needs assessments, establishment of goals and objectives, setting of indicators, development of implementation plans, M&E plans, evaluation and reporting.
  2. Participate in planning for compilation, and writing of the operational plans, annual report and other periodical program documentation.
  3. Lead assessments processes by coordinating with relevant sectors in alignment with strategic priorities, oversee and ensure the quality and completeness of the assessment report design, TOR, submission and approval. Compile documentation and information necessary to facilitate strategic planning in WVL.
  4. Ensure the development of high quality M&E plan, ITT & DIPs, and ensure that every project under his/ her profile have these tools completed, updated and in place.
  1. Programme/project assessment reports and design documents developed in compliance with LEAP standards.
  2. Strategic planning facilitated in a timely manner and with due quality.
  3. Macro-level assessment and landscape analysis reports, narrative of strategic programme are developed, submitted and filed duly.
  4. M&E plan, ITT & DIPs are of high quality
  1. Monitoring and Evaluation
  1. Conduct regular monitoring visits to programmes/projects and provide detailed monitoring reports.
  2. Monitor compliance with WV International Operations Audit standards during the quarterly monitoring
  3. Assist programme/project managers in developing Terms of Reference and develop programme/ project evaluation designs.
  4. Contribute to National Strategy Evaluation and Landscape assessment for new strategy elaboration
  5. Conduct and/or assist in conducting programme/project evaluations.
  6. Where specified by ToR, prepare evaluation reports for programmes/projects evaluated.
  7. Undertake other duties related to DME as assigned by DME Manager.
  1. Regular monitoring reports provided in a timely manner and with due quality.
  2. Monitoring reports reflecting the compliance status of programmes/ projects with international audit standards
  3. All programme/project evaluations have filed ToRs and designs.
  4. National Strategy Indicators measured and reflected in Evaluation report. Landscape analysis report for new strategy developed.
  5. Programme/project evaluations based on LEAP aligned terms of Reference and Evaluation Design (developed in cooperation with partners).
  6. Programme/project evaluations conducted in a timely manner and with due quality according to LEAP/donor requirements.
  7. Other duties duly performed.
  1. Capacity Building
  1. Provide DME-related capacity building for relevant WVL staff.
  2. Initiate self-learning initiatives, understand, unlearn and relearn concepts, systems, techniques, processes and standards that are both internal and external to WV which would enable him/her to carry out responsibilities in an effective and efficient manner
  3. Ensure that knowledge obtained from specific trainings, and international travel opportunities is disseminated to the broader DME team and respective technical staff, and field staff with relevant resources and learning material
  4. Represent WVL at local, national and international forums, working groups, and communities of practice in a manner that will place WVL strongly and preferred partner for program implementation, research and learning.
  5. Attend and participate in WVL’s spiritual nurture events.
  1. Relevant staff trained as per the L&D Plans.
  2. Professional capacities are improved.
  3. Capacity of M&E staff is improved and their well-being is maintained
  4. WVL is represented in international forums and recognized as a key partner in for evidence building
  5. Staff spiritually nurtured and reflects in daily work WV core values.
5. Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs
  1. To be aware and prepared to participate in implementation of the National Office Disaster Preparedness Plan (DPP).
  1. Knowledge of the NO DPP and the role of the position holder.


  • Masters or Bachelors degree in Social Sciences, International Development Studies, Community Development or any relevant professional qualification with an independent research work demonstrating the capacity for critical analysis and application of specialist knowledge.
  • At least three years of relevant experience in design and implementation of M&E systems; including qualitative and quantitative approaches to assessment and monitoring.
  • Good contextual knowledge of local issues, community priorities and social and cultural constraints and realities
  • Excellent knowledge about research philosophies, principles, statistical definitions, scientific tool and techniques
  • Ability to design and execute a facilitation process with appropriate and relevant facilitation tools
  • Evidence of understanding, and commitment to WV’s Ministry Framework, the vision, mission, core values and guiding principles
  • A thorough knowledge & understanding of LEAP standards and related DME Processes
  • Ability to recognize, capture and manage DME resources and learning effectively
  • Ability to understand, explain & contextualize complex DME tools
  • Expert data handling skills (classification, categorizing, tabulation etc.) and demonstrates diligence in data management
  • Expert knowledge of information presentation techniques (graphing, charting, tabling etc.) and interpreting them
  • Evidence of, and commitment to, on-going personal and professional development
  • High level communications skills
  • Ability to attend and participate in capacity building opportunities, trainings and meetings locally and internationally as required by the organization.
  • Ability to train diverse participants with integrity respect and humility
  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel locally up to 70% of the time
  • The position requires 30% of the time to be office based
  • The position requires a valid driving license (in Lebanon) for more than 2 years
  • The position requires availability and willingness to work outside regular office hours (occasionally)


– See more at: https://careers.wvi.org/jobs/lebanon/programme-effectiveness/design-monitoring-and-evaluation-officer/4556#sthash.8dbgeJwr.dpuf

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To contribute to WVL Finance Department with implementation of all appropriate processes to ensure continued effective operation of the accounting functions, good stewardship, transparency and accountability.


% Time Major Activities End Results Expected
20% I. Reporting a. Field Financial Report is placed on LN within the established deadline. Statements reviewed for completeness and correctness, appropriate adjustments are made as necessary.
a. Provide inputs into preparation and submission of FFR (Field Financial Reports) in compliance with World Vision International requirements.
25% II. Accounting, compliance, reweaving and monitoring.
  1. Source documents and monthly vouchers reviewed and verified before submission for posting to Sun System.
  2. Payment packages are reviewed and all outstanding issues are addressed before processing.
  1. Ensure review of source documents and preparation of monthly vouchers.
  2. Review the source documents/ payment package before processing the payment to ensure alignment with local legislation and WV policies and procedures.
50% III. Ongoing financial activities
  1. All vouchers prepared/ reviewed according month closing schedule. All entries are made into accounting software on a daily basis.
  2. All payments processed within 3 working days after complete supporting documents submitted to the accounting.
  3. Cash Count Document prepared in line with WVL policy. Cash Balance is equal to the balance per cash book. All cash and bank check payments done without delay.
  4. Payments to the employees are processed within set deadlines.
  5. All accounts payable/receivable are reconciled by T3 code (vendor/employee). There is no outstanding and/or unknown balances recorded. Bank balances per books are the same with balances in Bank statement.
  6. Employee advances are cleared within the deadline.
  7. Provide documents requested by auditor and ensure accurate filling of these documents after audit is finished.
  8. Assets data register updated regularly, reports are prepared per request. Data in the Assets data register are the same with the result of stock tacking.
  9. LDR’s are sorted and filed by 30th of the next month.
  10. Accurate documents storage is organized by sorting/filing documents by their types and periods.
  11. All SA’s submitted to other World Vision offices within 30 days. Ensure SAs recorded in the GL are reconciled with Sun System records and outstanding issues are addressed in timely manner.
  12. All accounts are reconciled and necessary adjustments are made.
  1. Prepare/review coding on financial vouchers for valid account/cost centre /donor combinations. Enter financial data into “Interface Voucher” database as required.
  2. Process payments within 3 working days after complete supporting documents submitted to the finance department.
  3. Track daily cash balance. Prepare cash and bank check payments to employees, casual workers and suppliers as required.
  4. Assist with monthly salary recording and processing salary transfers to staff (if needed).
  5. Conduct all account payables/receivables and all bank accounts balances reconciliation monthly.
  6. All submitted EERs are reviewed timely and there are no outstanding advances to the staff.
  7. Provide assistance during audit process with timely provision of selected documents.
  8. Maintain the Assets data register (software if applicable), including assets provided to the beneficiaries Prepare assets reports per request. To reconcile results of the inventory stock taking performed by admin with the records at least annually.
  9. Collect and file LDR’s on a regular basis.
  10. To organize accurate documents filing and storage.
  11. Prepare SA’s for other World Vision offices within the deadline. Maintain SA database. Prepare SA vouchers and monitor SA balances monthly, reconcile with GL balance.
  12. Assist the Finance Compliance Manager with monthly reconciliations as required.
5% Other Responsibilities a. Be aware and prepared to implement National Office Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs (HEA) plan

b. Participated regularly in devotional and staff meetings.

c. Assigned tasks are performed on expected level within assigned timeframe.

a. To be aware and prepared to implement National Office Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs plan.

b. Attend and participate in regular devotions and staff meetings.

c. Perform other functions as requested by Supervisor.


  • Degree in Finance or Accounting.
  • At least 3 years of experience in accounting.
  • Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and a practical knowledge of financial systems and internal controls.
  • Requires proven experience in treasury activities, establishment and monitoring of budgets, and an understanding of data processing concepts and systems.
  • Computer literacy and working knowledge of spreadsheet applications.
  • Fluency in English required
  • Must have good oral and written communication skills, team building skills, and ability to work in a cross-cultural environment with a multi-national staff.
  • Analytical skills and good attention to details.
  • Must be self-motivated, innovation, able to work under pressure.
  • Ability to travel across the country 10 % of time.


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A short term  vacancy , there is an Opening for NON-KEY EXPERTS On Gender Observatory, who will have to work from Beirut Lebanon/NCLW office under the project : “GENDER EQUITY AND EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN IN LEBANON” that is funded by the EU here is the link to the TOR http://nclw.org.lb/NewsList/76 in case you want to apply please Email: maggy.grabundzija@geewl.eu (Team Leader ) and (Project Manager: Diana Casallas :  casallas@eurecna.it

Good Luck to all candidates!!

PS: I don’t accept any phone calls or emails for this. Kindly do directly email team leader:  maggy.grabundzija@geewl.eu (Team Leader ) and (Project Manager: Diana Casallas :  casallas@eurecna.it;

I think it is june and july 2016  and not april and may as stated in the TOR below, but when you mail them you can inquire further



Rita Chemaly

Terms of Reference for non-key experts assignment


Expert: To Be Selected
Period: June – July 2016
Location: Beirut, Lebanon (NCLW offices in Hazmeih)
Position: Senior Non Key Expert on Gender Observatories
Man/days: 20 working days
Team and Reporting Lines Email
Project Director: Mario Costariol costariol@eurecna.it
Team Leader: Maggy Grabundzija maggy.grabundzija@geewl.eu
Project Manager: Diana Casallas casallas@eurecna.it
EU Task Manager: Roula Abbas
The EU funded project on gender equity and empowerment of women in Lebanon aims to improve mainstreaming of the gender dimension at policy and sector levels in Lebanon by strengthening the National Commission of Lebanese Women’s internal governance towards effective fulfilment of its mandate, to create effective coordination and networking mechanisms with State and non-State actions and to improve media outreach and advocacy.

The objective of the mission is to assess the possibility of establishing a Lebanese Gender Observatory at NCLW. The Observatory should ideally measure and identify gender inequalities and their trends in the fields of economic, political participation and violence against women and other gender issues.  It will provide policy makers and researchers with this information as well as with gender indicators which will help them in policy making and in undertaking research and different studies.


Contents of the Assignment  
Project Work Plan – Component II: Create effective coordination and networking mechanisms with state and non-state actors

Activity 2.1.3. Develop a feasibility study on setting up a Lebanese Gender Observatory at NCLW

The observatory should ideally measure, identify and assess inequalities and their evolution, and working to make them visible so that they can influence policy makers and legislators.  The observatory shall collect and analyse relevant information about gender inequalities such as draft laws submitted to Parliament, reports to legislative bodies and those required for reporting on international conventions and relevant research conducted by research institutions, universities, international organizations and NGOs.

A non-key expert who has experience in setting-up such observatories or has worked in one will be providing a feasibility study including mission, structure, role, staffing, inputs and outputs of the Observatory


Scope of the Work

The appointed expert will be required to undertake the following tasks:

1.        Carry out the mission following a  work plan that has to be discussed and approved by the team leader and NCLW

2.        Carry out a mapping of existing  gender observatory(ies) in Lebanon and draw lessons learned from their experience

3.        Based on the findings of the mapping, propose priority(ies) on gender related issue that can be covered by  the gender observatory

4.        Identify  the basic  requirements (possible structure ,human resources, funds, cooperation of other partners, sustainability…etc.) needed to set up a gender observatory at NCLW

5.        Share a minimum of two examples of good sustainable practices of gender observatories established in other countries of similar context and provide analysis on factors of the success and the lessons learned from the experiences.

6.        Deliver a presentation to NCLW and TL with the findings of his/her mission with regard to the feasibility/possibility/convenience of  establishment of gender observatory



The Expert will apply the following methodology:

1.        Desk review of gender related documents, legislations, gender indicators available at NCLW and  in Lebanon

2.        Interviews with various relevant stakeholders in Lebanon i.e. staff of NCLW, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), UNESCWA, the Central administration for statistics (CAS), gender experts, universities, etc.

3.        Developing a feasibility study regarding the establishment of a Lebanese Gender Observatory at NCLW which can provide policy makers and researchers with data and indicators on any gender inequalities in the fields of political, economic participation and violence against women and all gender issues related to CEDAW and Beijing Platform of Action.


Outputs Requested  
1.        A  detailed work plan of the mission to be approved by Team Leader

2.        A feasibility study on requirements with regards to data, structure, indicators, human resources, funds necessary, sustainability to establish a gender observatory at NCLW. The study will include a mapping of similar gender observatory in Lebanon. The study will also provide an analysis of 2 good sustainable practices of gender observatories which will help in setting up a gender observatory at NCLW

3.        A Power point presentation on findings of the study to Project Team

4.        Final Mission report

The assignment is expected to take place in April – May (20 working days) as per the below timeline:
Action Days
1.        Review the data available in Lebanon on gender related issues needed to establish the gender observatory, identify previous experiences of gender observatory and conduct interviews with implementers (8 days) 8 days: 1,2,3,4,5, 6, 7,8
2.        A feasibility study on gender observatory at NCLW (the study will have two parts: Part I, the availability of external resources (data, statistics, indicators, studies…etc.) and rationale the choice of the gender observatory fields of interventions. The study will also include mapping of similar gender observatories in Lebanon and model examples of other gender observatories that can be made use of , Part II, the extent of availability of internal resources required for establishing the observatory (i.e. structure, human resources, financial resources, management resources…etc.) (11 days) 9 days:, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,17,18,19
3.        Mission report and presentation (1 day) 1 day: 20
Qualifications and Skills requested for the position

1.        Minimum M.A. in gender and development, development studies, or other related social science

2.         Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English

3.         Knowledge of Arabic and/or French language is an asset

General experience

1.        Minimum of 10 years work experience in gender and development related field.

2.        Minimum of 5 years of  experience in undertaking research in the field of gender and development

3.        Minimum of3 years of experience in developing feasibility studies in gender related fields

Specific experience

1.        Minimum five years work experience on gender related issues   in an ENPI country.

2.        Minimum two years previous experience on how to use data and research in influencing policies

3.        A minimum of one experience in research/studies or work related to establishment of a gender observatory


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Researcher and Coordinator
Duty Station: Beirut, Lebanon
Section/Unit: Democratic Governance
Reports to: Chief Technical Advisor and Head of Research
Project reference: 00085494
Budgeted level: SC-7
Source of Funding: 00085494
Duration of Employment: 8 months (Renewable)
II. Scope/Objective

The Common Space Initiative (CSI) project supports consensus building, sustainable civil peace, constitutional strengthening and stakeholder dialogues in Lebanon. This support will be provided through technical assistance, technical information and shared knowledge resources, collective and action research, common meeting spaces for stakeholders, expertise and other essential resources.

Under the overall supervision of the Chief Technical Advisor and guidance of the Head of Research, the Researcher and Coordinator will be providing support in coordinating all policy dialogues facilitated by CSI as well as providing research support needed in the development of public policies.

III. Functions / Key Results Expected

1. Support and coordinate Dialogue Forums & Expert Committees by liaising with members on needs identified by the group, research, reports, knowledge resource, membership participation, and planned activities.
2. Coordinate, liaise, and follow-up on communication between concerned parties, partners and members of Dialogue Forums and Expert Committees. This will include taking minutes of non-formal dialogue meetings, sharing all information in a timely fashion, support and respond to the needs of participants.
3. Participate and assist in the coordination of activities of Dialogue Forums and Expert Committees in the framework of each group’s terms of reference and the Common Space procedural principles.
4. Work closely with the Head of Research to provide knowledge resources and coordinate the provision of information in public policy dialogues, civil peace and consensus building initiatives of the Common Space.
5. Conduct research on public policies as directed by the Head of Research and support in the drafting of concept notes and TOR for commissioned research/external researchers.
6. Follow up with all external experts on the delivery of outputs in a timely matter and in a way that would meet the criteria set and quality standards
7. Provide support in expanding the network of experts and partners as needed to support all dialogue groups and consolidate knowledge provision and expertise.
8. Support the Head of Research and the Shared Knowledge Coordinator the development of all CSI publications
9. Support the Head of Research in the drafting of all needed reports including: dialogue reports, quarterly reports. Annual reports and other when requested.
10. Support the Head of Research on related tasks when needed
IV. Competencies

• Demonstrated conceptual and analytical ability.
• Excellent inter-personal skills and ability to resolve problems independently.
• Proven team worker’s skills.
• Demonstrates commitment to UNDP’s mission, vision and values.
• Displays cultural, gender, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.

V. Recruitment Qualifications

Education: University Degree (Bachelor or equivalent) or Graduate Degree (Masters or equivalent)  in Political Science, International Relations, Economics, Sociology, or related fields.
Experience: A minimum of 4 years of relevant work experience with a University Degree or 2 years with a Graduate Degree.
Language Requirements: Fluency in written and oral Arabic and English. Knowledge of French is a plus.

To apply : http://www.undp.org.lb/jobs/VacancyApply.cfm

good  luck!!!

Rita chemaly


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Location: Lebanon

ِِA-About the Assignment
An important component of establishing a well functioning internal structure for the WHRD MENA Coalition is designating an effective “Membership Guidelines” accompanied by a “Membership Strategy” to incorporate feminist voices from the region into working processes of the Coalition.The guideline and strategy will also serve to maintaining regular and productive flow of communication as well  sustaining effective collaboration among members.Therefore, following consultations with existing members, the Coordinator of the MENA Coalition and its Membership Committee, by the end of the assignment (10 hours per week, 40 hours per month, and 160 hours over the span of 4 months) the consultant is expected to hand in:

• Initial mapping of organization’s working on HR in the three regions of the coalition.
• A comprehensive guideline explaining the criteria for accepting new members to the Coalition
• A membership strategy for the Coalition for 2016-2017

B-Scope of work and expected deliverables
The scope of work encompasses supporting the MENA Coalition in developing “Membership Guidelines” and “Membership Strategy” including:

• Mapping needs and expectations of existing members through bilateral Skype interviews
• Working in close coordination with the Coordinator of the MENA Coalition, Sara Abughazal, and the Membership Committee to develop comprehensive membership criteria and guidelines in line with the values, mission and strategic priorities of the MENA Coalition
• Developing a FAQ for the website of the Coalition explaining the values and mission of the Coalition and the criteria for applying to become a new member
• Developing an effective membership strategy for 2016-2017 based on consultations with existing members, the Coordinator and the Membership Committee .

40 hours per month is required during this period to a maximum of 160 hours over the term of 4 months.
Deadline to apply 25th of Feb 2016


1-Extensive Experience in working in the Human Rights Field ( 4- 5 years)
2- Excellent writing skills in English and Arabic Languages, French is a PLUS. 
3- Experience in communication, Human Resource, and research.
4- Good Knowledge of different contexts in the Arab Region.
5- Experience in Data management, excel, google form, google could

Apply to: coordinator at whrdmena.org, short listed candidates will be contacted for an interview. Please insert position reference as subject of Email. CV and Cover Letter should be sent as an ATTACHMENT. 

more info : http://whrdmena.org/

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Dears, please find below the vacancy, I was just sent!!! do not hesitate to forward it to interested pple; Good luck!


“Hi Rita, I came across your excellent website via this human rights day post on the British embassy site.

I work for a non-profit called Business & Human Rights Resource Centre http://www.business-humanrights.org.  We are currently recruiting a Gulf Region Researcher, to be based in Abu Dhabi, Amman, Beirut, Doha or Dubai.

The position is part-time (17.5 hours per week) and the closing date is 5 January 2012.

Applicants must be fluent in Arabic and have very strong English language skills, and must already have the right to work in one of the five cities listed above.  The job announcement and all other materials (including application form) are available on the following webpage: http://www.business-humanrights.org/Documents/GulfRegionResearcherrecruitment

I would be really grateful if you could spread the word to people who may be interested.

Many thanks, Annabel Short Business & Human Rights Resource Centre”

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