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For those interested here is the TOR posted by UNFPA for the development of facilitator’s modules  on stigma and discrimination against PLHIV and preventing/responding to GBV.



TOR  – Development of Facilitator’s Modules for Two Thematic Areas

 Terms of Reference (TOR)
Development of Facilitator’s Modules for Two Thematic Areas
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
In line with its strategic plan to increase young people’s access to comprehensive, gender sensitive, quality, sexual and reproductive health services and information, and specifically within the framework of the “Let’s Talk Campaign” , UNFPA partnered with the NGO VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts Association) for carrying out the “72 Hours Movie Challenge” contest in 2013 and 2014. The themes of the contest were on “Stigma and Discrimination against people living with HIV” (PLHIV) and “Preventing/Responding to Gender Based Violence” (GBV) in 2013 and 2014 respectively.  Young people competed for the production of the movies within 72 hours (or 3 days). Three winning movies were selected under each theme by a renowned panel of Lebanese producers, directors and actors.
Based on the above, there exist therefore 6 winning short movies that depict realities, reflections and messages on the 2 thematic areas. The diversity and richness of information within the 6 movies should certainly be utilized as a complementary tool and/or multiplier effect to reach a wide range of young people and through different approaches.
The objective of the consultancy is to develop two facilitator’s modules for each of the 2 thematic areas i.e. stigma and discrimination against PLHIV and preventing/responding to GBV.
These 2 modules will be used by facilitators (who could consist of young leaders, trainers, teachers, peer educators, etc.) during awareness raising sessions within various youth settings. The outcome is expected to contribute to preparing the grounds for engaging in appropriate discussions and interactions among the participants on various HIV/AIDS and GBV related issues. It is anticipated that increased knowledge and discussion among young people on these issues would contribute to more positive attitudes as well as engaging in safe, responsible and harmless practices.
The rationale for the production of two facilitator’s modules is to make efficient and optimal use of the winning movies by a trained and capable person facilitating awareness-raising sessions with young people, in different settings (i.e. schools, clubs, camps, etc.). The consultancy will be undertaken in close collaboration with UNFPA and consultation with VAPA.
The UNFPA office will initiate the undertaking of the assignment by engaging a national consultant and in accordance with the agreed upon terms of reference.  The identification of the consultant will be made by UNFPA on basis of agreed upon criteria and requirements as per required qualifications (see Qualification section below).
The consultant’s main tasks will consist of (a) undertaking desk review and literature search of pertinent resources as well as similar material, (b) reviewing the six movies (3 for each topic) and related scenarios, (c) carrying out consultation and meetings with the production team/actors, UNFPA and VAPA, (d) developing a structured framework for the modules, and (e) finalizing the modules based on testing and feedback by UNFPA.
Specifically, the consultant will undertake the following key tasks for achieving the objective of this consultancy:
  • Draw up a plan of action and timetable for accomplishing the tasks of the consultancy;
  • Undertake desk review – including internet search –  and investigate/review similar resources developed/used in the country and/or the region;
  • Prepare a period of consultation/interview with the various partners/stakeholders;
  • Consult with UNFPA, VAPA, the script writers and production teams;
  • Develop a framework and structure for each of the two modules (i.e. PLHIV and GBV) on basis of literature review and consultation;
  • Elaborate content of each module;
  • Prepare and ensure timely delivery of the first draft of the 2 modules for review by UNFPA;
  • Pre-test the modules through the undertaking of focus group discussions with young people from different regions as deemed necessary for obtaining feedback including views and opinions of potential user (to be organized and supported by UNFPA);
  • Finalize the two modules on basis of comments received from the field and from UNFPA; and
  • Provide UNFPA office with an electronic and hard copy of the final modules (Arabic);
  • Proof read the final text once the graphic designer has worked on the layout.
The consultant shall provide the following deliverables which will consist of the final outcomes for this consultancy:
  • The final version of the facilitator’s modules in Arabic in both soft and hard copies for each of the 2 thematic areas (i.e. HIV and GBV).
It is suggested that each of the 2 modules includes the following sections (around 15-20 pages); a two pages background; a one page lesson plan for each activity, and two-three pages note for the facilitator:
1. Background
  • This section is suggested to include a definition on the topic, a brief situation analysis about the magnitude of the topic, statistics about the subject matter, some information about national efforts and systems, main players in the country, etc.
2. One activity for screening the movie
  • This activity aims at introducing the topic and engaging participants in a discussion covering the topic dealt with. It could be about expressing opinions, feelings and thoughts. It could also be about characters from the movies, the way they behaved, acted, etc.
3. Two activities to address general information on the related topic
  • Two activities on attitudes and perceptions about the related topic
  • Two activities on the political environment (legislative, political, etc.)
  • A facilitator’s note for each section
It should be noted that the content of each module can serve one or all three movies under each thematic area (i.e. HIV and GBV).
The duration of the entire consultancy is for 8 weeks starting from the date of the signature of the contract.
  • Advanced University degree in social/development sciences or other related areas with previous work experience and considerable skills in training material development
  • Significant  knowledge and expertise in HIV/AIDS and Gender/GBV;
  • Extensive experience in training material development, field work and focus groups;
  • knowledge with UNFPA’s work is an asset
  • Good communication skills
  • Strong analytical writing skills
  • Computer literate
  • Strong Arabic writing skills.
Interested candidates may apply online by providing:
  • A letter of intend
  • A most updated CV
The documents must be sent to the following email address: 
UNFPA: info-lebanon@unfpa.org 
by no later than June 22, 2015

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