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20200405_100647Avec rody nous avons  essaye de raconter la fete des rameaux a nos enfants. Rafael 3 ans c’est vite ennuye. Il voulait juste la bougie. Jeannoel 6 ans est celui qui a assure. Il a prie ( des intentions et remerciement pour jesus, pour les biscuits et les tetas et jeddos) et il a meme chante “ouhibbouka rabbi yasou3” احبك ربي يسوع احبك ربي يسوع وليس لي سواك

Merci la colonie de cette ete (floomina) . Jn voulait enchainer avec il y a un crocodile (ken fi temsah w gorilla kbiri كان في تمساح و غورريلا ا كبيري

mais rody lui a explique que cette chanson n’etait pas une priere . Je me suis souvenue d’une chanson du Fokolari simple pour les enfants: enleve la tristesse de ton coeur, souviens toi dieu t’aime , excellente pour notre moral a tous et toutes et bien rythmee pour les enfants.

شيل الزعل من قلبك ما تخاف و ما تتردد صدقني و

تاكد ان الله بحبك هيدا هو العيد هيدا هو العيد الله ديما معنا و فرحنا اكيد.

Apres on a montre a jeannoel sur youtube l’histoire de Paques (la semaine sainte) en playmobile. C’est tres bien raconte. Il a regarde la version courte et longue de 8 minutes. Il adore ces videos .

Voila le lien que je recommande: https://youtu.be/4YjBoCnz1V0

La fete des rameaux en pyjamas (pas toujours bien accordes) a la maison c’est bien passee. On a pu porter dans nos prieres tous nos amis et notre famille. Avec le blingbling en moins et plus de prieres et des bougies simples et bien sur de l’encens.

Ah j’oubliais: les enfants ont decide de preparer une creche comme a Noel , mais special fete des rameaux avec les statuettrs que nous avons de ste marie, une croix, jesus dans son berceau , mais aussi avec un ane ( un doudou que mes amis m’avaient offert en 2005) un chien que rafael a insiste de mettre, des mini dinosaures, des vaches, car selon mes enfants Jesus etait l’ami des animaux…. tout cela sur une nappe toute en couleurs…  tres belle notre samdeh et superbement accordee 🙂

Rita em jn et raf

هوشعنا الاتي باسم الرب شعنينة مباركة

Chaanineh  mbarkeh a tous et toutes!

Fete des rameaux en temps de COVID19 #Corona virus



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What to do with your kids when they can’t go out to bike ( garbage is everywhere on the streets) or have a simple walk? ( because in Lebanon streets are  smelly)?

Rana is a mum of 3 children, she is a  great mum! She has  invited all the neighborhood kids to a very simple fun and yummy activity.  Cup cakes decoration.

The aim is to bring some simple cup cakes, a pack of chocolate vermicelle and some colorful vermicelle, some chocolate chips colored (smarties) , a pack of nutella. Each Child had a special plate and they had to dig in the nutella put it on their cup cake and decorate it as they feel.

Kids enjoyed the nutella as much as expressing their feelings by spraying smarties and vermicelles on z cakes!

Here are exclusive pictures taken in hrajel ! #livelovelebanon and z wonderful parents children can rely on to have fun!

Rita or em jn

I will add Jn picture as soon as I get it!! 🙂

Here is Jn beautiful Chocolate smile ! Thks Rana for it!!

Here is Jn beautiful Chocolate smile ! Thks Rana for it!!

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Do you know at what age it is okay for your to marry legally in Lebanon??

some confessions (sects) give for a girl at the age of 9 a special Licence to get married (check the catholics laws) !!! others the age of 14!!! (evangelical sects or confession)

for the Shiite confession a girl can get married at 9 too with the approval of the Sheikh!

as for boys the confessions give the boys the legal age of 16 for the catholics and 13 with a licence for the Israelite in Lebanon.

for all those who are interested in the legal age of getting married in Lebanon,

here is a snapshot taken from the official Lebanese CEDAW report of 2006 that was presented to the UN.

rita chemaly legal age of marriage in Lebanon between confessions

Rita Chemaly

Author and researcher in Political Sciences

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I was tore, my brother hit me with his belt when I refused the aged groom …. The first night was a nightmare, I was ashamed of what we did.  I was not a happy Cinderella after that. I was pregnant at 12…. those are what child brides are telling us, their testimonies are terrible! How do you feel if your little 12 years old girl is getting married and for life in a country like Lebanon? The white veil will change into black chains!! Image(picture source)

In Lebanon, Child Marriage is not well criminalised and this shocks me greatly!

We have a law protecting minors “kanoun ahdass” , a law that transcend the sects ( 18 confessions  in Lebanon) but regarding marriage issues even this law is not clear. There is a blank!!

Our Lebanese Penal Code the famous “kanoun el oukoubat” permits a child marriage with the CONSENT of the parents or the “wali“.

For me this is a disguised human trade: It means a dad can “sell” his children and this is protected and covered by the Lebanese law!!

I have been shocked by what Abeer abdel Samad from the Ministry of Social Affairs Speech during a conference on Child Marriage organised by RDFL told us:  MOSA (Ministry of Social Affairs)  has discovered that children are “taught” what to say in front of a religious leader by the “waseet” it means the one who find a husband for the children!! Ahhhh!!!

Moreover, and More terrible for me is our Penal Code in Lebanon: it does punish a religious leader that married a minor or a child without the consent of the parents (father)  with just 500 000 LL !! almost 300$ Only!!! the price of a cheap mobile phone!!!!!

This article number 483 of the Penal Code in Lebanon needs to be amended Asap!!

for those who read arabic here is the text of the article 483 of the Penal Code in Lebanon :

المادة 483 – زواج قاصر

 عدلت الغرامة الواردة في المادة 483 بموجب القانون رقم 239 تاريخ 27/5/1993 على الوجه التالي

 اذا عقد أحد رجال الدين زواج قاصر لم يتم الثامنة عشرة من عمره دون أن يدون في العقد رضى من له الولاية على القاصر او ان يستعاض عنه باذن القاضي عوقب بالغرامة من خمسين ألف الى خمسماية ألف ليرة

In my opinion we must act and amend and change this article

1-Punishment should be more severe ( prison, triple or quadriple the amount of money the religious leader will pay?…)

2- We (as Lebanese activists, parents, citizens,…)  cannot  accept that children are forced to get married by their so called “parents” because of economical problems! If a minor get the consent of his parents “father” they can easily get married!! and no one will lift a tiny finger after that to help the poor child, that might be abused, that might get an early pregnancy, that might, as one of the Lebanese child bride testified in the movie get violented by the family in law, ect.

3- We need to clearly say no to #Childtrade and to #Childmarriage in Lebanon.  That is in my opinion a form of it!!

Rita Chemaly




For those who are interested in joining forces and mobilise against child marriage in Lebanon,

here are some readings and sources:

1- My previous post of February 1 2014 related to Child Marriage: Join the Movement to end Child Marriage in Lebanon (French)

2-My previous post of January 25 2014 related to child bride : Early marriages in Lebanon who helps the bride child ? (English)

3- The article of Layal Timani in the Legal Agenda of 1 February 2014 (Arabic)

زواج القاصرات بين الفتاوى الشرعية والقانون!  “سندريلا” تقع فريسة احلامها

4- The article of Nermine Sibai in the Legal Agenda (Arabic)

قضاة الأحداث في لبنان يرسمون حدود الحماية: صلاحيات المحاكم الشرعية والرواسب الاجتماعية الرجعية

 5- The article of Ana Maria Luca in NOW Lebanon of 30102013 : Lebanon’s child brides  (English)

6- The short video created by NCLW, IWSAW and LAU to shed lights on the terrific consequences of child Marriage in Lebanon: Campaign against child bride : Early marriages In Lebanon    (Arabic with english subtitles)

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