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A new episode in Gender based violence, was highlighted during a discussion on Women rights!

The Discussion was organised by proeminent NGO , RDFL.

A Lebanese member of Parliament (re-conducted illegally) went out of the paper prepared by him or “for him??” and said that a women has a role in pushing men to rape her!

I am still shocked by the insanity of such an MP. He don’t understand the Harm such words do for all women. Such Words make sexual harassment at work , in public spaces, as well as in a Home Legal!!!

I do understand now why Most of our rotten laws such as the Penal Code, have such inanities! (reference to article  522)

What I loved is that bloggers, media, women activists, women right defenders spoke out about this insanity, and a petition asking MP to resign is being circulated!

Here is what is being circulated on the web, through different platforms:

النائب ايلي ماروني هان المرأة اللبنانية عندما صرّح: “في بعض الاماكن وبعض المطارح بدنا نسأل شو دور المرأة في قيادة الرجل إلى اغتصابها” وكان النائب يحمل المرأة مسؤولية الاغتصاب هيدا التصرف مرفوض من قبل أي رجل (او امرأة)، وخاصة نواب الامّة. مطلوب من الجميع التضامن لنطلب منه الاعتذار أو الاستقالة. الرجاء نشر البوست المرفق ابتداء من الان على كل صفحاتكم وحساباتكم على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي. وشكرا




Below is the link to the Video in which Lebanese member of Parliament states his inanities:

اليكم/ن الفيديو الذي يظهر المواقف الذكورية التي أطلقها النائب إيلي ماروني حول حقوق النساء وبشكل خاص الجنسية، المادة ٥٢٢ والإغتصاب الذي اعتبر أن للمرأة دور في حدوثه. كذلك، يظهر في الفيديو الرد الكامل للنائب ماروني على اعتراض الناشطة حياة مرشاد على كلامه حيث لوح بإلباسها البرقع كي لا تخجل من تمثيله لها في البرلمانhttps://www.facebook.com/sharikawalaken/videos/1207350935984570/


Below is the statement Written by women activists, and that is open to be signed by all:

بيان للتوقيع والنشر صاغته ناشطات نسويات رداً على تصريحات النائب #ايلي_ماروني المهينة للمرأة في لبنان



Below are the articles in the newspapers and media outlet that cover what happened:


LBC News

The Daily Star


Action is Needed by the Political Party Kataeb of that Mp.

There is a need to amend and Delete article 522 which Blames Women being raped for their own rape, and which give them as a victory to the one who rape them!!

I call all Political parties to take action in Written against article 522 and against discriminatory articles of Penal code in Lebanon

Rita Chemaly




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 The gay rights group Helem has successfully petitioned to prevent Lebanese singer Mohamed Eskandar from performing songs they consider homophobic at a concert in Canada. Eskandar is due to perform in Montreal Saturday night, and in Ottawa the next evening.

A Lebanese-Canadian gay rights group, Helem (Dream), works toward the abolition of Article 534 of the Lebanese Penal Code which, in effect, outlaws homosexuality.

In an open letter condemning the invitation of Eskandar to perform in Canada, the group lobbied the owners of each venue – both of whom have promised in writing that the singer-songwriter would not perform two songs which the group deems offensive, “Dod al-Enef” and “Joumhoureyet Qalbi.”

“Dod al-Enef,” which literally translates to “Against Violence” is, according to Helem, “a slogan commonly used by the LGBT [Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender] community in its advocacy against discrimination.

“The title was purposely used to ridicule the LGBT cause and advocacy efforts. The song starts by depicting two parents fighting because of their son’s sexual orientation and blaming the gay son for the disputes and separation of his parents.”

The song, and video, goes on to mock men who are not masculine. “Without jealousy and real masculinity, women are in trouble,” the lyrics read. “Ever since the military service stopped, half [the] men became plagued by the disease of femininity.”

In his “Joumhoureyet Qalbi” (“The Republic of My Heart”), the Baalbek native encourages women to stay at home, rather than find a job.

“We have no girls here that work with their degrees,” Eskandar sings. “Our girls are pampered. Everything she wants is at her service …

“Assuming I agree that you work,” the song continues, “what would we do about your beauty? Your job is taking care of my heart … it’s enough that you’re the republic of my heart.”

When “Joumhoureyet Qalbi” was released in 2010, a protest was held by women’s rights activists in Beirut.

In the open letter, Helem writes, “Mr. Eskandar has a long-standing record of homophobic slurs and behavior. Helem Montreal condemns in the strongest possible terms the invitation for Mr. Eskandar to sing at a concert in Canada. Mr. Eskandar’s offensive art contradicts Canadian values and amounts to hate speech.”

According to the Ottawa Citizen daily, Elie Abou Assi, the son of the owner of Ottawa’s El Mazaj Restaurant (where Eskandar is scheduled to perform), said he wasn’t familiar with “Dod al-Enef” before he was contacted by Helem. He added that when he had booked the act, he’d done so with an eye to the popularity of the performer.

“All we cared about was doing our business, and we know what our customers want and we know who they want to watch. So we just bring them, whoever they want,” he told the paper. But he said he understood Helem’s concern: “I can see their point of view.”

The Ottawa Citizen reported that Sam Khoury, president of Helem in Montreal, said that had the owners not agreed to request that Eskandar not perform the two songs, the group had planned to protest outside the venues.

“We just wanted to make sure these songs this guy was singing in particular would not be sung,” he said, calling the tunes and their accompanying videos “gross” and “beyond acceptable.”

The group would prefer to educate than to make enemies, Khoury said. “We demystify homosexuality within these groups and communities.”

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Daily Star on August 31, 2012, on page 16.

Read more: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/Culture/Performance/2012/Aug-31/186193-advocacy-group-helem-protests-tasteless-lyrics.ashx#ixzz25A3Eg9y2
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News :: http://www.dailystar.com.lb)

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En passant en revue mon twitter timeline je tombe sur un blog tout en Couleurs!! enfin des personnes libanaises osent raconter leur vie, de leur point de vue,

voila le blog de Alloush et Zouzou , qui se veut un blog de deux meilleurs amis  homosexuels qui racontent leur “simple” vie de tous les jours au “liban”.

Homoslibani = homosexuels au Liban ou plutot Pois chiche libanais?? 🙂 http://homoslibnani.wordpress.com/

Les profils des deux jeunes gens sont les suivants, je les reprends tels quels ils expliquent si clairement ce qu’ils veulent de leur blog et se decrivent tres bien:

” Zouzou


Former teenager, I’m new in this adult world. Hitting the university life hard, I tweet, I study, I party and then I tweet some more. It took a huge load of drama to make me who I am today. I’m an extremist. I get addicted too easily. I’m sure we have already messaged each other on manjam 😛 Never take Alloushi too seriously before he has a drink or two! LOL” le profile est accompagne par une tres belle photo avec le celebre Homos ( puree de pois chiche libanaise).

quant à Alloush, il a choisi le celebre symbole, le drapeau arc- en -ciel tout en couleur comme photo, et voila sa bio:



I’m a gay guy living in Beirut. Very discreet about my sexuality and only recently started dating guys because I wasn’t very comfortable with who I am. I’m in my 20s and I have to admit that I lack experience. I’m settle quickly into a commitment when I find a decent guy because I don’t like the Lebanese gay scene at all. Zouzou is my best friend, and no, we haven’t slept together. He’s always been there for me and he’s more than a brother to me. We are total opposites, but maybe that’s why we are so close.”

Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas, une loi obsolete au Liban continue a “Criminaliser” condamner et punir les relations homosexuelles : des relations qualifiees encore dans nos textes de lois notamment par l’article 534 de notre Code Penal comme “contre nature”. Pour ceux qui veulent en savoir plus un article intitlé Liban : statut juridique des homosexuels; traitement des homosexuels par les autorités et la population (2005 – octobre 2007) a ete preparé par le UNHCR.

Bref, dans une societe patriarchale, sectaire et communautaire comme la societe libanaise, (Ouf, je suis mechante aujourd’hui, peut-etre que je suis excedée par les blagues sur foufou et nounou et les remarques obscenes et le qualificatif  “chazz” (deviant)  que j’entends tout le temps) les deputes, representants de la nation devraient commencer par amender le code penal, pour amener notre societe a avancer dans les moeurs et donner a chacun et chacune son Droit Fondamental! Quant a ceux et celles qui se moquent de foufou et nounou et ce qu’ils ou elles considerent “Chazz”, ouvrez les yeux et vos coeurs, votre fils, fille,  frere, soeur, oncle, tante,  cousin et cousine, sont des foufous et nounous nes! sont -ils des “chazz” a  criminaliser et tagger???!!!

bon, je reviens a mon sujet de depart, bienvenue dans la blogosphere libanaise chers alloush et zouzou, bonne continuation, et j’ai hate de lire vos aventures et vos journees!

Rita, simple citoyenne, qui adore exprimer sur son blog tout ce qui l’excede et saluer les initiatives interessantes!

screen shot de homoslibnani

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