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Spring 2012 is witnessing a new revolution, a collective action that encourage local citizens to participate to a protest for the creation of a new Bridge in Jal-El-Dib METN after the dismantlement of the old bridge;

Arguments on the Facebook group are numerous, some are funny some are realistic, all are an expression of the people’s will to ask for a new bridge:

“After the illegal freezing of their private properties for more than 40 years in pursuit of a fictious expropriation scheme, they are blocking the entrance and the exit to the whole Metn region. This is a systematic act of killing the Metn region. We must resist!”

for me, the peaceful collective action that is organized by citizens to make their living conditions better is an expression of their sense of responsibility;

As in 2005 and the way people expressed themselves, the free peaceful expression and action by citizen can help people create networks for a better understanding of public issues and make pressure on officials;

As for me, and because I live in Jal-El-Dib, and used to use this bridge to get in and out of Jal-El-Dib, I think it is a must for the people responsible of our transportation and roads to make sure to replace the old bridge by a new one, or a tunnel, that will make our life easier;

Rita Chemaly

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