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Last Year, the Maternity leave extension project law in Lebanon made some progress in the Parliamentarian commissions only.

But, we ( = Lebanese Citizens) are still waiting for the Vote in the GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the Parliament for the extension of the maternity leave from 49 days to 10 weeks….

I am a pregnant woman, and I think that I will need to rest with my baby , I will need to feed him, will need to sleep at night and not think how to get to work early in the morning, after having a long night feeding, burping, changing….

Do you Know that maternity leave in Lebanon ( the 49 days) we are entitled to, are counted with the days that are public holidays and Sundays, and Saturdays???

Employees  can just benefit from their annual leaves, if they kept some left, the maternity leave as stipulated in the labor law in Lebanon is clearly not sufficient!!!!!

as for Paternity leave, this is something that doesn’t exist!!!! how a dad can feel that his is a dad, and can participate in the education of his child, if he can’t even participate in taking care of his baby at the early stages of his coming to life????!!!!!

We should act, but how??

Just ask and lobby the Members of Parliament in Lebanon ( who reconducted for themselves in a weird way) to DO their Job and to work on changing the legislation!!!!

maternity leave in lebanon 49 days only for women



Rita Chemaly


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even if this is my one hundred post about maternity leave,

as a mother to be, I insist that the Lebanese MPs meet in a general assembly and vote for the amendment of articles 28-29 of the Labor law, for us to have a 10 weeks maternity leave and not only 49 days!!!!

all Parliamentarian commissions have already accepted the amendment of the law,

Lebanese Mothers to be are just waiting for a vote in favor of the extension to 10 weeks in the GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the Parliament….


This is a Must!!!!

Rita Chemaly

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