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I insist, in a home the roles between a men and a women must be equal… Both can take care of their new born for example.

I was happy when my cousin told me that at first her husband gig, used to give the bath to the little girl, and more happy when I see dads playing with their kids in Jungle land… ( exception rare, mais existe).

The myth of the Lebanese boy, who usually lives with his parents, and under the spell of his mom, ironing his shirts, till 35 year or more, must change, this Lebanese boy, will one day be a dad, and He HAS to Participate and Be IN CHARGE, of the well being of his children, or new born… the Dad who only helps is for me a parent who is not doing his full job :-))

The same for the new mom who waits for her “hameto” or her “mom” or “gouvernante” or Domestic worker to iron, feed, sterilize, wash, give bath, change diapers….

euno… don’t you think that we can cuddle the so long waited new born by ourselves???

bref, as I am a pure Lebanese Women, and girl, who lived with her parents taking her in charge till 29 years old, I do not know how to take care of a baby, or a new born.

So when I new I was pregnant, I decided to prepare my self to the new job I will have to deal with, taking care with love of the new born.

I needed to learn how to Breastfeed, How to change Diapers, how to sterilize bottles, how to give a bath, how to massage the new born, how to cut the nails, and how to clean the face….

yes yes yes… all those are tasks, we as new parents have to learn, quickly!! if we want to succeed and have time to play, cuddle, love the new born 🙂

so, My Husband and I, searched the internet for good learning tips , and we would love to share them with all pregnant women, and future daddy to be!!!

for you some very interesting short videos: Some are in French other in English:

1- how to clean the face of a new born / comment nettoyer le visage du nouveau ne : video in French http://www.aufeminin.com/bebe/video-soin-visage-bebe-n58255.html  or this http://www.aufeminin.com/video-maman-bebe/toilette-bebe-n77363.html

2- How to clean the ombilical cord of a new born / comment nettoyer le cordon du nouveau ne: video in French http://www.aufeminin.com/bebe/video-soin-du-cordon-n58254.html

3- How to change baby diapers/ comment changer la couche de bebe : video in French http://www.aufeminin.com/bebe/changer-couche-nouveau-ne-n58983.html

4- How to give a bath to a new born/ Le bain du nourisson: video In French http://www.aufeminin.com/bebe/video-bain-de-bebe-n58251.html

Page in English http://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/baby/bathing-skin-care/Pages/Bathing-Your-Newborn.aspx

video in English how to prepare and bath a baby http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RnxD-KRkw8 or this good movie too  in English http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k3SLNVccoo

5-How to place the new born to sleep/ comment coucher bebe video in French http://www.aufeminin.com/video-maman-bebe/video-coucher-bebe-n59189.html

et comment echapper a la mort du nourrison ou le SIDS video en anglais http://www.babycenter.com/2_how-to-reduce-your-babys-risk-of-sids_10360426.bc#videoplaylist

6- How to cut the nails of a new born / comment couper les onlges de bebe : video in French http://www.aufeminin.com/video-maman-bebe/couper-ongle-bebe-n84642.html

video In English how to trim nails of baby http://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/baby/bathing-skin-care/Pages/Trimming-Babys-Nails.aspx

7- Femme enceinte en voiture que faire / Pregnancy and car travel: video in English http://video.about.com/pregnancy/Pregnancy-and-Car-travel.htm

8- checkliste pour bien allaiter/ Breastfeeding checklist page in English : http://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/baby/breastfeeding/Pages/A-Breastfeeding-Checklist-Are-You-Nursing-Correctly.aspx

9- Que preparer avant d’aller a la maternite? what to prepare in your bag before going to deliver? video in English:  http://video.about.com/pregnancy/How-to-Pack-a-Maternity-Bag.htm

10- Comment soigner la peau de bebe/ Baby Skin basics video in English: http://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/baby/bathing-skin-care/Pages/Baby-Skin-Basics.aspx?nfstatus=401&nftoken=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000&nfstatusdescription=ERROR:+No+local+token&nfstatus=401&nftoken=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000&nfstatusdescription=ERROR:+No+local+token

11- Les taches sur bebe / Baby skin condition and what appears video in English: http://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/baby/bathing-skin-care/Pages/Baby-Skin-Conditions.aspx

12- Comment prendre soin du penis du bebe/ how to care for an Uncircumcised penis:   page in englishhttp://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/baby/bathing-skin-care/Pages/Care-for-an-Uncircumcised-Penis.aspx

13- Comment calmer les pieds d’une femme enceinte/ how to calm swollen feet during pregnancy . Video in English http://video.about.com/pregnancy/Swollen-Feet-and-Pregnancy.htm

14- Les meilleures positions pour bien allaiter / How to breastfeed easily video in English http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Bs0X_O8ZhM or http://www.babycenter.com/2_10-tips-for-breastfeeding-success_10326780.bc

15- Des lectures en francais sur l’allaitement:




16- Un guide produit par L’UNICEF concernant la premiere tetee: video en anglais: http://www.unicef.org.uk/BabyFriendly/Parents/Resources/AudioVideo/Positioning-and-attachment/

17- Comment enrober bebe/ How to swaddle the new born http://www.babycenter.com/2_how-to-swaddle-a-baby_10347122.bc

I hope that those links and videos are interesting and will help each expecting mom and dad!!

Rita Chemaly

new-born-baby how in lebanon men and women can take care of children

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I just got a call from dodo my friend who has been living in Canada.

The law there entitles her to see her children grow, watch their first steps, see how their first tooth grow….

the law there gives a women 50 weeks and for the Paternity 5 week that the dad can choose to take the moment he wants!

plus the dad is entitled for a 2 days for the delivery!!!!!!

and we in Lebanon are struggling to have 70 days for maternity leave!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know that all moms and dads in Lebanon have to think what to do after 49 days??? do they put their new born in Kindergarden, do they ask their “hametos” “mother in laws” or any relative to watch over, do they bring a Domestic worker to watch for the new born!??!?!

Do you think dear MPs that these solutions are Safe???? is it how you want Lebanese families to raise the future citizens of Lebanon????!!!!


We have to act!!!

Rita Chemaly

Canadian maternity leave versus lebanon maternity leave

some sources about Canadian law http://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/es/pubs/guide/pregnancy.php

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Last Year, the Maternity leave extension project law in Lebanon made some progress in the Parliamentarian commissions only.

But, we ( = Lebanese Citizens) are still waiting for the Vote in the GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the Parliament for the extension of the maternity leave from 49 days to 10 weeks….

I am a pregnant woman, and I think that I will need to rest with my baby , I will need to feed him, will need to sleep at night and not think how to get to work early in the morning, after having a long night feeding, burping, changing….

Do you Know that maternity leave in Lebanon ( the 49 days) we are entitled to, are counted with the days that are public holidays and Sundays, and Saturdays???

Employees  can just benefit from their annual leaves, if they kept some left, the maternity leave as stipulated in the labor law in Lebanon is clearly not sufficient!!!!!

as for Paternity leave, this is something that doesn’t exist!!!! how a dad can feel that his is a dad, and can participate in the education of his child, if he can’t even participate in taking care of his baby at the early stages of his coming to life????!!!!!

We should act, but how??

Just ask and lobby the Members of Parliament in Lebanon ( who reconducted for themselves in a weird way) to DO their Job and to work on changing the legislation!!!!

maternity leave in lebanon 49 days only for women



Rita Chemaly


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The council of Ministers has Approved during his session on October 10 2012, the amendment of article 15 of the Public Code of Contractuals , Nizam el Am lil Oujara2! 🙂

now, a woman contractual in the public sphere can benefit from a 60 day maternity leave instead of a 40 days maternity leave!!!!

Hourray!!! We are still waiting for the amendment of the Labor law articles 28-29 (maternity leave), and hoping to extend this maternity leave to at least 10 weeks   in Lebanon… for all female employees!!!

A great Step forward By the Council of Ministers!!!

Rita Chemaly

Take a break… I arrive Mum!!

for you the article as it appears in the decisions of the Council of ministers:

الموافقة على طلب الهيئة الوطنية لشؤون المرأة اللبنانية تعديل المادة 15 من المرسوم رقم 5883 تاريخ 3/10/1994 وتعديلاته (النظام العام للأجراء) بحيث تعطى الأجيرة الحامل , إجازة بأجر كامل , تدعى إجازة أمومة , مدتها /60/ يوما


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La commission parlementaire des femmes et de l’enfance a approuvé dans une reunion hier les amendements liés au Congé Maternité au Liban; Dans l’attente d’une approbation a l’assemblée générale, les femmes auraient on l’espère 10 semaines de congé maternité…..
j’espère aussi qu’un jour les pères libanais auraient droit a leur congé paternité, car l’éducation des enfants est intrinsèquement liée aux deux parents;
il ne faut pas oublier que les traites Internationaux non ratifiés par Le Liban exigent un minimum de 12 semaines de congé maternité… ILO Conventions on maternity and work 1952 ILO;
لجنة المرأة تقر اجازة الامومة عشرة أسابيع

أقرت لجنة المرأة والطفل النيابية جعل اجازة الامومة عشرة أسابيع بدلا من سبعة خلال جلسة امس ترأستها النائبة جيلبرت زوين.     وبهدف توحيد التشريع، تسري هذه الزيادة للموظفة في الملاك العام والاجيرات العاملات في المؤسسات العامة


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