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Many Arab countries have witnessed governments being dismantled by movements organized through the Internet and social media pages;

Since 2005, Lebanese bloggers with a big help from the diaspora began using internet tools, with massive e-mailing lists  , SMS, and blogs to express their views for freedom, truth, independence and  sovereignty;

“En effet, lors du Printemps 2005, et surtout quelques jours après le 8 mars 2005, on ne peut que relever la multiplication du courrier électronique envoyé, des blogs créés, et l’envoi de SMS (pour inviter à manifester lors du 14 mars 2005, ou pour parodier la manifestation du 8 mars, ou le discours de Bachar el Assad …). ” Source : Rita Chemaly Le Printemps 2005 au Liban entre Mythes et realites” Edition l’Harmattan, Paris, 2009, p. 117

“Le blog peut décrire une réalité, il peut critiquer et devenir un espace où s’exprime un malaise ou les protestations des citoyens(…)”Source : Rita Chemaly Le Printemps 2005 au Liban entre Mythes et realites” Edition l’Harmattan, Paris, 2009, p. 119

In 2011, Tunisian, Libyan, Egyptian and lately Syrian activists have been using internet to create collective movements and organize protests;

Many of the activists have been intimidated by their regimes to stop expressing their views;

Recently in Lebanon a new draft law wanted to censor the internet sphere , the web activists organized a campaign raising awareness against such a law, and its effect and impact on the internet freedom;

In Irak, the law against “internet crimes”, as the article in the Economist observes,  is in my opinion a way to muzzle any kind of expression from the opposition and growing civil movements;

The problems with such laws in my opinion, are the use of general concepts under which many blogging posts and online activities can be punished;

Killing the freedom of expression in the Arab World by laws and bills that must protect the freedom of each individual to express his believes is a dangerous trend;

The fight against censorship and repression must begin with a fight against such laws!

Rita Chemaly

To illustrate my opinion, I can just recall the adv of the Samir Kassir award for the Freedom of the press:

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