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Are you interested in a Master on gender??

finally a university in Lebanon has prepared and is offering an MA in gender studies:

LAU has an  M.A. Program in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies . It aims to promote ” gender equality and inclusiveness”. “The program focuses on gender, the socially-constructed understandings of what it means to be female or male, and how understandings of gender affects people across all social categories.”

below is the pdf that IWSAW sent me! check it out !!!


MA gender studies in Lebanon by LAU rita chemaly



Rita Chemaly


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the International day for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) is on October 13… bloggers, activists, UN agencies, academics, National Institutions, Non Governmental Organizations, are encouraged to take part of the celebrations, and to organize events ….

Here is the snapshot of what we can do:

So you want to Step Up for Disaster Risk Reduction? Here are a few ideas and suggestions that can help you promote and commemorate the International Day for Disaster Reduction!

What can you do?

SUBMIT news, events, stories, images, and videos of outstanding action by women and girls in disaster prevention, recovery and risk reduction or by someone whose accomplishments you wish to spotlight.


  • Showcase what women and girls are doing to contribute to disaster resilience.
  • Organize public events to increase understanding of gender concerns in DRR processes.
  • Lobby national and local governments as well as community leaders and decision makers, academia, and international organizations to ‘Step Up’.
  • Mobilize the public at large to demand changes to the socio-cultural/political framework that exacerbates the exclusion of women and their vulnerabilities.
  • Encourage men and boys to get involved.
  • Think Big – Gender equality and risk reduction principles must guide all aspects of disaster mitigation, response and reconstruction.
  • Get The Facts – Gender analysis is needed to direct aid and plan for full and equitable recovery. Nothing in disaster work is “gender neutral.”
  • Work With Grassroots Women – Women’s community organizations have insight, information, experience, networks, and resources vital to increasing disaster resilience.
  • Resist Stereotypes – Base all initiatives on knowledge of difference and specific cultural, economic, political, and sexual contexts, not on false generalities.
  • Respect and develop the capacities of women and girls.

more Information can be found on : http://www.unisdr.org/2012/iddr/

Rita Chemaly

The Flyer of the DRR celebrations of 2012

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