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Job  Vacancy 1:  Senior Consultant needed for ABAAD in Lebanon
Title: Senior Consultant
Program: “Non-Discrimination and Reinforcement of Women Peace and Security Agenda in the MENA Region” – Lebanon National Consultations
Duration: Short Term Consultancy – Approx. 3 months (April – June 2012)
ABAAD – Resource Center for Gender Equality and Women’s League for International Peace and Freedom (WILPF) are seeking a Senior Consultant to lead the national consultations pertaining to Lebanon’s women peace and security agenda. More specifically, to identify and/map women’s issues and concerns that relates to the policy of UNSCR 1325.
The overall goal of the national consultation is to advance women’s rights and women’s participation in peace and security issues. The objective is to advance women’s rights by identifying the challenges and opportunities for women’s participation in matters relating to peace and security Lebanon.
The consultation will be organized in partnership with relevant UN Agencies, research institutes and NGOs and is coordinated by Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, supported by UNFPA, UNDP, Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS), International Commission of Jurists, Kvinna till Kvinna, International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) Women’s Network, Geneva Institute for Human Rights (GIHR), Geneva Graduate Institute, Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP), Women In International Security (WIIS), Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES);
for more information do check the attached form abaad senior consultant


Job  Vacancy 2:  HR/Administrator/Logistic Assistant with OXFAM
DEPARTMENT: Lebanon Programme, MEECIS Region
SALARY: E1 – 900 – 1000 US$ per month (depending on qualifications) and other government benefits
OXFAM PURPOSE: To work with others to overcome poverty and suffering.
TEAM PURPOSE: To implement Oxfam’s strategic and operational priorities within Lebanon Program. To support and to contribute to the development of Oxfam GB Programme in line with the Regional Business Plan.
JOB PURPOSE: To perform administrative tasks to support delivery of a discrete work area within a unit or department, enabling those supported to be more effective; to perform support tasks to progress human resources functions to enhance the organisation’s performance through our people.
Lebanon Staff reporting to this post: Driver/ Cleaning Lady
Human Resources:
● Planning staff recruitment, including preparation of and publication of job announcements online and in other media, setting up interview schedules; long and short-listing, preparing interview questions and test materials
● Member of recruitment panel
● To make sure induction for newly recruited staff is arranged and followed up
● Responsible for maintenance of HR Management Information database (HRMIS) and production of monthly management reports
● Responsible for setting up and maintaining personnel files, including monitoring of probationary periods, absence records, contracts, annual leave records etc.
● Service contract management
● Responsible for preparation of monthly payroll, calculation of additional benefits, end of contract payments etc.
● Responsible for monitoring changes in employment law
● Leading in the preparation of regular Salary and Benefits surveys and pay and benefits related business cases for approval by Oxfam HQ in Oxford
● Responsible for Health and Safety for the programme
● Responsibe for identifying Learning and Development needs and sourcing L&D opportunities for Oxfam Lebanon staff members
Office Administration:
● Daily management of petty cash, and invoices
● Visitors’ liaison, general enquiries, visitors to the programme, including accommodation, visa arrangements, external travel arrangements etc.
● Focal person for coordination of complex and large-scale events such as workshops, conferences etc.
● Medical Database administration and claim management
● Accompany programme staff during the field visits to support in organisational activities
● Providing advice to colleagues and partners on relevant OGB policies as required
● Payment of all regular bills including phones, rents, contractors
● Prepare a list of partners and contact details for Oxfam
● Keep log phone book
● Communicating to all on office close due to public holidays
● Report on critical IT issues
● Communicate and support the IT with the recruited IT company and IT team of Oxfam
● Ensure regular maintenance and check up of the IT equipment
● Line manager to Driver
● Responible for procurement planning, sourcing, transportation, inventory management and various reporting
● Enforce Oxfam GB minimum standards in supply chain management providing advice to colleagues and partners as appropriate
● Act as emergency driver in the case of the absence of the driver
Qualification (essential):
● University or higher Diploma in related field
● At least three years experiences in admin/logistics and HR with national or international NGOs
● Experience in managing petty cash
● Strong computer usage including typing in Arabic and English
● Fluent in English
● Computer literacy
● Basic knowledge of IT simple tasks
● Driving licences
● Communication skills
● Proactive and result oriented,
● Ability to work with and support the team
● Gender awareness
● Able to handle multi-tasks at the same time
CVs to be sent to: Cmokdad@Oxfam.org.uk 
Job  Vacancy 3:  Marketing & Fundraising Assistant at the Cenacle de la Lumiere in Lebanon
As the marketing and fundraising assistant you will play a central role in the growth of CDLL’s mission. By developing and implementing innovative and effective marketing and fundraising strategies in line with the image values and beliefs of the NGO; you will raise the profile of CDLL with its different audiences and mobilize support to the cause securing the yearly budget.
Main responsibilities
– Assist in developing and implementing a yearly fundraising and marketing strategy and operational plans in coordination with the MFC.
– Support in identifying, researching, and exploring potential fundraising sources locally and internationally
– Keep up to date on latest developments in fundraising and marketing opportunities and activities of the NGOs environment
– Write letters of inquiry, concept notes and fill applications as necessary
– Develop and implement communication plans
– Assist and follow up the development and production of CDLL marketing and fundraising materials
– Maintain & update CDLL website and social media channels
– Support in the planning and implementation of events, campaigns and appeals
– Assist PR efforts and other tasks as requested by MFC
– Work constructively and creatively with colleagues to achieve marketing and fundraising objectives
– Carry out administrative and reporting responsibilities
– Ensure that the ethical and professional standards and practice are met, more info via this link
Job  Vacancy 4 : Finance Manager needed for immediate start at the British Council Lebanon
Type of Job: Full time
Basic salary LBP 2,126,667 + daily transportation LBP 8,000
Qualifications, skills and experience:
A diploma or a first degree in Finance
Excellent proven financial skills
Excellent English and Arabic
Customer Care orientation
Excellent Communication skills
IT Literacy skills
Ability to work independently and under pressure to achieve targets
The closing date for applications is Monday 9 April 2012. Please read the role profile carefully, check definitions of the behaviours and generic skills, and complete the application form using the ‘Guidance notes for completing application form section’ for assistance (This is found in the application form). Completed applications should be emailed to: Job.Vacancy@lb.britishcouncil.org specifying the job title in the subject line. No applications will be accepted after the closing date, and only shortlisted candidates will be notified.
For enquiries please call + 961 1 428900
The British Council is committed to a policy of equal opportunity.

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Direct Dialoguer – Face to Face Fundraiser

This job’s purpose is to increase financial resources of the organization by recruiting new financial supporters in main Shopping Streets, Down Town, Shopping Malls, International Festivals, etc

Responsibilities include:

  • Inspiring people to want to be part of the organization
  • Developing a detailed understanding of the environmental issues on which Greenpeace campaigns. This would be through training and updates given as well as personal information gathering.
  • Approaching the public and building rapport.
  • Presenting information about the organization and campaigns in clear ways to the public.
  • Meeting the set targets for the value of memberships to be recruited each week.
  • Understanding and completing the bank forms necessary
  • Offering good support service and feeling of gratitude and belonging to new supporters
  • Supporter care and information for existing members and those who decide not to join
  • Constant personal development of approach and skills on the job
  • Assisting with supporting and training of fellow team members
  • Promoting a good image of the organization and of our fundraising program
  • Flexible Schedule, day or night shift, 4-6 hrs a day

Hiring criteria and skill requirements:

We encourage applications from people of all backgrounds. The successful applicant will be outgoing and positive, able to easily build rapport with a diverse range of people, have confidence in a sales interaction, have excellent communication skills and have the enthusiasm and motivation to promote our organization. A passion for the environment is essential. Also essential are the ability to reach fundraising targets and handle knock-backs or objections. Ideally candidates would have a great sense of humor, direct selling experience and some environmental knowledge.

Training and Support:

If we take you on as a Direct Dialoguer we will spend a week training you up ready for your new role. This initial training will give you information about Greenpeace as an organization, what we campaign on and why, and tell you about our history and successes. We will also give you scripts and training for the role including role plays and frequently asked questions. We will give you lots of useful information and fact sheets to take away, use on the job, and keep yourself up-to-date. On your first few days we will give you one of our star Direct Dialoguer as guardian. They will help you out with any problems you come across whilst you’re still learning. We also have ongoing training: Team leaders and on-the-street trainers will regularly work with you and assist with any difficulties. We have a meeting every week in which more details are given, stuff members sometimes give talks and all questions and difficulties can be discussed.Future Opportunities:We regularly promote Direct Dialoguer to become Team Leaders. This role has extra responsibilities and so extra hours are involved. After one month period; Direct Dialoguer and under request, can get an official recommendation.

Apply Now:

To apply to this position, please fill the form below.
For details you can call 70-361255.


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as many of you remember, each year EU lebanon organise the cooperation days,

and this year the event seems very very exciting ;

the event is open to the public and the programs and projects are numerous:
“01. HUMAN RIGHTS &GOVERNANCE • Democracy • Good Governance … • Human Rights • Gender • Justice • Elections 02. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT • Public finance management • Support to the private sector, competitiveness, business environment • Microcredit 03. SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT • Education and Vocational Training • Health • Social Protection • Social Dialogue • Youth 04. INFRASTRUCTURES • Water & Sanitation • Energy • Transport 05. PEACE, RECONCILIATION & STABILITY • Security Policy • Mine Clearance • Border Management • Peace Building • Migration 06. DECENTRALISATION & LOCAL DEVELOPMENT • Support to Municipalities • Decentralized Cooperation 07. NATURAL RESOURCES & AGRICULTURE • Agriculture & Rural Development • Environment 08. CULTURE & HERITAGE 09. REFUGEES 10. HUMANITARIAN AID”

here is how the EU introduces the days on the Facebook page:

The European Union (EU) as a whole is one of the main donors to Lebanon. The EU allocates about 220 million euro annually in assistance to Lebanon (50 million from the European Commission, 50 million from the EU Member States and 120 million in loans from the European Inv…estment bank). While most Lebanese are aware that the EU is a large donor, many are not aware of the programmes that the European Commission or EU Member States are funding in Lebanon. The EU – Lebanon Cooperation Days aim to reach the general public in a direct way. It is the sole event whereby the projects of the EU Delegation and the EU Member States are displayed jointly. The overall objectives of this event is: • Showcase projects and activities benefitting from the EU financial assistance • Explain the various funding opportunities offered by the EU to different partners (direct beneficiaries, organizations, companies, & students). • Generate discussion on the reform agenda in Lebanon.


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Regulating blogs??? mais ils sont fous ou quoi?? a ceux qui veulent legiferer, qu’ils sachent au moins respecter les libertes, et comprendre les moyens utilises, bref, mustapha explique clairement ce que je veux dire et en mieux, je le “vole”!!!



So apparently our esteemed Minister of communications Walid Daouk is planning to discuss a draft law aimed at “regulating websites and protecting their owners”.

I’ve previously called bullshit on the claims that the government wants to protect us. Oops, I just wrote “bullshit” and broke clause #1 of the proposed law:

The publication by electronic means of material that affects public morals and ethics […] is prohibited.

I shudder to think what they’d do to Angie with such a clause. But hey, since the government wants to “protect” me, maybe I should go ahead and submit my real name, my contact info and my address as mandated by the proposed law, since the law says that websites should provide the details of their “manager in charge”.

Speaking of that “manager in charge”, you can only operate a website if you were never convicted of anything (sorry repentant ex-convicts, no blog for you). You can only “manage” one website at a time(Liliane, you’ll have to choose one of your blogs and one only). And most importantly, if you have legal immunity, you are not allowed to manage websites. So dear representatives of the Lebanese people in parliament, I’m sorry to announce that you are not allowed to have blogs and talk directly to your constituents.

Let me double down on breaking the first clause: This is a boat-load of crap! Not just because it’s hopelessly obsolete (Twitter? Facebook? Google Plus? anyone? Who is the “manager in charge” of such accounts?) but because it’s not enforceable and people are just going to ignore it and run loops around it.

Even the reasons for creating such a law are bogus. Each website, blog, or twitter account establishes its own credibility, and people who make stuff up or steal content are eventually shunned and lose influence (if they had any to start with). The mechanics of fairness and balance are inherent on the web, since it doesn’t cost you a thing to have a voice online.

So please, please, spare us your silly “protection”, and while you’re at it, shut down your utterly useless ministry.


source: http://beirutspring.com/blog/2012/03/07/the-lebanese-government-still-wants-to-regulate-your-blog/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+beirutspring%2Ffb_feed+%28Beirut+Spring%29

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CRTDA has published the February gender and development e-brief!

” Kindly find below the latest issue of the Middle East & North Africa Gender and Development e-Brief (No 117)

Please note that the MENA Gender and Development e-Brief is posted on line on the following”: Gender and Development MENA e-brief february 2012


Best regards,

Gender and Development e -Brief / Issue 117

February 2012



In this issue:



Revolution, Women and Social Media in the Middle East

Lebanese demonstrate for legal protection against domestic violence

‘Something Phenomenal in Women’s Sexual Freedom’ in Lebanon/MENA

‘No Arab Spring without Women’ in Lebanon

Appel à la pratique de l’excision par un imam : les autorités doivent réagir



Syria frees iconic blogger Ghazzawi: lawyer


Why the Question of Palestine is a Feminist Concern

UN Women Completes One Year their Action Plan is to Advance Equality

An Open Letter to Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch

Bill Against Prostitution BUYERS Moves Forward



Saudi Arabia should ‘End Ban on Women in Sport’

Creating a counter culture to violence: Women Living under Muslim Laws

Kuwait couple gets death for Filipina murder: report

Despite great strides in education and employment, a large gender gap remains in positions of status

Passage of Islamic Penal Code Violates Women Rights in Iran



UAE grants citizenship to 1,117 ‘foreign’ children




CSW 56 Side Events Schedule on UN Premises



Gender Statistics & Gender Disaggregation

Yes, the world would be more peaceful with women in charge

The Lessons of January 11, 1992: Remembering the Cancellation of Algeria’s Elections in the Wake of the “Arab Autumn”



Gender and Development e-Brief receives material from various sources for its publication. Should you wish to refer to these sources/ sites directly, the list includes publications from: AVIVA, www.aviva.org, AWID: www.awid.org, Democracy Digest: www.freedomhouse.org, Development Gateway: www.developmentgatway.org, Dignity: www.dignity.org, e-Civicus: www.civicus.org, Eldis: www.eldis.org, ESCWA: www.escwa.org.lb, GDB: www.developmentex.com, Global Knowledge Partnership: www.globalknowledge.org, IGTN: www.IGTN.org, ILO: www.ilo.org One World: www.oneworld.net, Siyanda: www.siyanda.org, The Daily Star: www.dailystar.com.lb, The Drum Beat: www.comminit.com, The Soul Beat: www.comminit.com, The World Bank: www.worldbank.org, UNDP: www.undp.org, Wicejilist: www.wicej.addr.com, WLP: www.learningpartnership.org; WIDE: www.wide-network.org; IRIN News: www.irinnews.org, Women’s UN Report Network: www.wunrn.com, Women Living Under Muslim Laws: www.wluml.org

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