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JOB Vacancy – Consultancy – Development of Action Plan for National Strategy for Women in Lebanon

Terms of Reference

Project LBN3G11A “Gender Enhancement & Mainstreaming”
National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)


The National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) is the main national women machinery entrusted with providing guidance and advise to all national and international actors concerned with promoting gender equality and empowerment of women.

The NCLW supported by UNFPA is implementing a project (LBN3G11A) since 2010 aiming at enhancing institutional capacities and role of NCLW for mainstreaming gender in sectors and plans. The 3 years partnership between NCLW and UNFPA consisted mainly of a) revising, validating and finalizing the national strategy for women in Lebanon through a participatory approach with a wide range of civil society groups, governmental institutions, and international organizations, b) conducting studies to review status of laws on women equality in Lebanon, and c) supporting local NGOs for promoting gender equality at community level.

In 2012, the partnership between NCLW and UNFPA will build on achievements and concrete outcomes realized in the previous years of collaboration and will focus primarily on developing an Action Plan for the strategy as well as advocating for various priority areas such as national law for women, domestic violence law, women participation in decision making, etc.


The objective of this consultancy is to develop and produce – in a fully participatory approach – an action plan for the National Strategy for Women in Lebanon. This operational framework document is expected to guide the work of all actors towards realizing the twelve strategic objectives agreed upon in the national strategy. More so, the action plan would constitute a fundamental tool for improving monitoring among different stakeholders, consolidating and coordinating efforts to advance women’s situation in Lebanon, and achieving results based programming and advocacy.

The specific objective of this proposed consultancy is to a) review existing examples of gender/women operational action plans from the region and global in order to be familiarized with the different types or action plans as well as strengths/weaknesses, b) design/adapt tools and instruments that will guide the process of collecting information during participatory workshops as well as monitor the implementation of the strategy and action plan, c) facilitate the workshops ensuring results based action plan for each strategic objective, d) consolidate all information into one comprehensive operational document, and e) proactively take part in validation, sensitization, endorsement meetings as necessary.

Tasks and Methodology

In order to develop the action plan, a consultant will be selected based on a competitive and transparent recruitment process by NCLW and UNFPA. The consultant shall be recruited by NCLW.
Guided by the Steering Committee established by NCLW in follow up to the project supported by UNFPA, the consultant will be responsible for undertaking the development of the action plan in accordance with the objectives stipulated in these TORs as well as the detailed tasks below.

  • Prepare an action plan for the consultancy with concrete tasks along with a timeline in consultation with both NCLW and UNFPA
  • Review literature at the global and regional levels on existing action plans for women and gender policies/strategies
  • Prepare a comparative matrix of different gender/women strategy action plans by highlighting adopted approaches, strengths, weaknesses, tools, etc and discuss with NCLW and UNFPA
  • Prepare background document for each thematic workshop including objectives, methodology, expected outcome and agenda
  • Design/adapt tools and instruments to be used during workshops for collection of information
  • Prepare presentation on results chain to ensure that all participants in the workshop have clear understanding of terms and difference between output/objective/activity/indicators, etc
  • Facilitate 2-3 workshops for each strategic/thematic objective (unless suggested otherwise by the steering committee )
  • Consolidate all workshops outcomes into a draft operational action plan which should be fully aligned with the women strategy document
  • Discuss (with NCLW and stakeholders) and propose monitoring/reporting tool(s) be used for monitoring/following up on implementation of the strategy
  • Facilitate an Expert Group Meeting with key actors to review the draft operational action plan
  • Facilitate 1-2 workshops for agreeing on a set of SMART indicators
  • Finalize the operational action plan based on comments and review made by the Steering Committee and UNFPA
  • Facilitate (or co-facilitate) a national meeting to validate the draft operational action plan document
  • Integrate feedback from national meeting into final operational action plan document
  • Prepare a final consultancy report to UNFPA and NCLW

Expected Deliverables and Outcome

The final product to be delivered by the consultant will consist of the following:

  • Consultancy plan and timeline
  • Comparative matrix of selected regional/global women/gender strategies action plans
  • Background document for each thematic workshop including objectives, methodology, expected outcome to workshop participants
  • Workshop agenda
  • Tool/instrument for collecting information to feed into action plan
  • Power point presentation on chain results
  • Action plan document (content, scope, and length to be agreed upon once discussed and agreed between NCLW, participating stakeholders, and UNFPA)
  • Reporting/monitoring tool for following up on strategy as well as brief guidelines for use of tool
  • Final report summarizing the consultancy in terms of process, difficulties, facilitating factors, recommendations etc

The consultant will be requested to produce all material relevant to the action plan in Arabic and English.

Time Frame

The consultancy will be carried out between May 15 and October 31st 2012.

Support provided by NCLW and UNFPA

To facilitate the undertaking of this consultancy, NCLW and UNFPA will be providing the following assistance to the consultant:

  • Provide the consultant with a list of key stakeholders
  • Prepare/extend invitations and follow up with stakeholders for participating in the workshops, expert group meetings, and validation meetings
  • Coordinate and provide locale/venue for the strategic/thematic workshops and other meetings
  • Follow up with stakeholders on collecting information before, during and after workshops/meetings
  • Provide stationary and photocopying services for workshops/ meetings
  • Provide guidance, advise and input on various tools and documents


  • Provide technical review of the existing women strategy to make sure the action plan is elaborated with a gender equality perspective
  • Provide consultant with examples of regional and global gender/women strategies, policies, and action plans
  • Provide guidance and input on the whole process mainly chain results and indicators related aspect
  • Provide guidance, advise and input on various tools and documents


The Consultant must meet the following qualifications:

Advanced Degree in Social Sciences or related field with considerable knowledge in development, gender issues, and human rights

  • Minimum 8-10 years of responsible experience in development work
  • Solid background on policy making work, strategic planning, and development of action plans
  • Strong experience with gender issues in general and in Lebanon in particular
  • Strong facilitation skills
  • Strong analytical skills, a team player, dedication to perform within a multi-disciplinary collaboration, and the capacity to communicate efficiently and coordinate within a wide spectrum of partners
  • Fluency and good writing skills in English and Arabic
  • Excellent computer skills in various applications especially word processing, power point.

Interested candidates may apply online by providing:

  1. a most updated CV, and
  2. a cover letter mentioning the relevance of past/current experience with the requirements of the consultancy.

The documents must be sent to the following email address:

info-lebanon@unfpa.org by no later than May 15, 2012


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