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Euromed Youth Information Session / Séance d’information Euromed Jeunesse

Version française ci-dessous

The Euromed Youth Unit in Lebanon invites all interested youth organizations and potential applicants to its informative session which will be held on Monday, the 8th of October 2012 at 15h00 at Camille Chamoun Sports City Stadium – Beirut.

The session will be providing general information on the EuroMed Youth IV Program, its objectives as well as on the Guidelines for Applicants relevant to the call for proposal launched by the Euromed Youth Unit on Thursday the 27th of August and which deadlines for submitting proposals are Thursday the 1st of November 2012 and Tuesday the 15th of January 2013.

Please send your confirmation for attendance to the following e-mail address:



L’Unité Euromed Jeunesse-Liban a le plaisir d’inviter toutes les organisations de jeunesse intéressées et les candidats éventuels à sa séance d’information qui prendra lieu le lundi, le 8 Octobre 2012 à 15h00 à la Cité sportive Camille Chamoun – Beyrouth.

Des informations générales sur le programme EuroMed Jeunesse IV, ses objectifs ainsi que sur ses lignes directrices pour les candidats adéquats à l’appel à proposition lancé le 27 aout 2012 seront fournis durant cette séance.

Veuillez confirmer votre participation à l’adresse e-mail:


See online : Arabic version

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Today, Tuesday, April the 3rd 2012, the Jinsiyati Campaign in Lebanon, lobbying for women to be able to transmit their Lebanese nationality for their children and families,  is organising a Sit in in front of the Grand Serail( Saraya), Riad el Solh Square at 10:30 ( while the Council of Ministers is meeting) to ask the governmental Committee in charge of working on the nationality law to:

– Indicate a clear timeline within which the committee will be working and assume agreeing on the draft law;

– Share the Terms of Reference of the Committee (  what are their sources, what are their info);

– Include civil society organisations in the process of the discussions ( the importance of consulting civil society organisations campaigning and working on this right since more than 10 years is a must, they know the cases, the numbers, the obstacles and hindrances as well as the citizen’s expectations);

– and last but not least, take into consideration our demands for FULL CITIZENSHIP RIGHTS for women without any conditions ( women should transmit their nationality to their families, the Lebanese Constitution has clearly stipulated that all citizens are equal) ;

The banners of the peaceful collective action of today are clear:

Transmitting the nationality is a Right , this is not the Settlement of Palestinians,

Nationality is a right for women in the state of Rights and laws

the nationality law of 1925 is old and need to be amended ASAP!!!

Rita Chemaly,

The nationality law is so old that it is part of our "tourath"

N'enterrez pas la Loi sur la Nationalite dans un de vos tirroirs ou comites!


the woman's right to transmit her nationality is not naturalisation or settlement!

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Yesterday the Pakisani Embassy in Lebanon, invited us to view the great movie by Shoaib Mansoor , “In the Name of God”.

I went to UNESCO with my dad, my bf, my friend abdo and my gr8t colleague from the ” NGO Community ” Chanty.

In the name of God is an Urdu/english  Film featuring Culture diversity and the damages done by extremists in the Name of Religion as well as the beauty of Music that assemble people from different background and religion and culture;

the action of the movie takes place between, London, the US, Lahore in Pakistan and a small village at the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The movie finishes with a great letter written by one of the preeminent characters “Mansoor ” a Pakistani musician, who went to the USA to study music, and who married an American girl “Janie”. After 9/11 attacks, Mansoor is jailed without trial and tortured for his Islamic Backgrounds.

Even under Torture, he couldn’t hate all americans for what happened to him, he knew that he will not get away from his torturer, but he wrote to his wife a great and moving letter in which he emphasises the importance of love and tolerance;

as for women’s rights, the movie features the struggle of “Mary” or Maryam, a british with Pakistani background girl, who after falling in love with a British guy, was forced to get married in Afghanistan to her “muslim ” cousin by her dad.

after she escapes with the help of her father in law, the british and pakistanian governments help, she go to trial to Punish her husband, and her dad.

in the trial, the movie shows 2 sheikhs that have different views from Islam are opposed, and one great Sheikh explains and proves so bluntly the role and importance given to women in Islam, the same thing is given to Music, with Prophet David having a great voice, and music heritage.

I luved the Movie, it explains how intolerance , war and hatred can be done in the name of a religion that is in fact built on Peace, and understanding.

the music of the film is so beautiful too…. I think we call it “soundtrack’, it takes you away from the ugliness of the world,  away from the racism that might exist, away from the ignorance of others religion and cultures , to a world were civilisations, and cultural differences become a plus!

Rita Chemaly

I found an article on Wikipedia about the plot of the movie, and the trailer on You tube, again  I recommend this Great Movie to all those who understand and fight for Human Rights, Tolerance, Love and Peace….



“Three different people from different continents have problems that relate to South Asian culture and the subsequent misinterpretations of Islam in Pakistan’s society.

Two brothers who are singers, Mansoor (Shaan) and Sarmad (Fawad), become two of the best singers in Lahore. Sarmad becomes influenced by an Islamic activist. He begins to practice the extremist interpretation of Islam, grows a beard and goes against music, putting pressure on his free-spirited family to comply. Those parties interpret certain verses of the Quran and Hadith (Islamic religious texts) to call for a ban on music and pictures.

In England, Mary/Mariam (played by actor-model Iman Ali) is a westernized British Pakistani girl in love with a British boy named Dave. Her hypocritical father disapproves, despite the fact that he is living with a British woman to whom he is not married. He tells Mary that they are going to Pakistan for a trip and that once they return she can marry Dave. This, however, is a trap. While touring FATA, he has her forcibly married to Sarmad, who is her cousin. Mary is then abandoned in FATA at her new household.

Meanwhile, Mansoor goes to a music school in Chicago. There, he meets a girl called Janie and instantly falls in love with her. She quits alcohol for him, and they eventually get married. After 9/11, FBI officers capture him when someone overhears a drunk man accusing Mansoor of being a terrorist. Subsequently, he is tortured for a year in custody just because of his Islamic background.

Mary manages to run away but is caught by Sarmad in the process. She is kept under strict supervision and, due to this incident, Sarmad eventually consummates their marriage by force. She doesn’t lose hope, managing to sneak a letter to Dave under the guise of writing to her father. Mansoor and Sarmad’s parents finally come to her rescue under the protection of the British government, but Mary, driven by vengeance, then takes her father and cousin to court in Pakistan. There, a Maulana (Naseeruddin Shah) explains to the court how Islam is being butchered in the name of war and hatred, bringing the religion forward in a believable and peaceful manner.

Traumatized by all the suffering he has seen and caused, Sarmad withdraws from the case. He also realizes the damage that he was made to do in the name of religion. Mary is now free and returns to the village where she was kept prisoner so she can educate the girls there. Meanwhile, Mansoor is still in U.S. custody after a year of torment; the last torture session having inflicted permanent brain damage. After a failed rehab attempt, he is deported and reunited with his family in Pakistan where, thanks to the hope of his family, he begins to slowly recover.”  source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khuda_Kay_Liye



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