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For its second edition, the Youth Forum for citizenship initiatives will take place at USJ, Medical sciences campus.

it will put students in close contact with NGOs! Students coming from diverse universities!

below are the details taken from the facebook page of the event,

I will be in one of session related to Advocacy and Lobbying , it will be great to see you there tomorrow from 10 to noon!


Below the details taken from the facebook page of the event:

youth citizenship initiative rita chemaly lebanon

100 Stands – Training for Youth and NGOS , Internship or Volunteer Opportunity!

NGO session:
– Session 1 : HR for volunteers and NGO management
– Session 2 : Strategic thinking and quality management
– Session 3 : Crowdfunding
– Session 4 : CSR programs and NGO strategy
– Session 5 : Project based learning in eco-citizenship sustainable development

To register: https://goo.gl/forms/Jb0BQV4d2287jQ012
Students sessions:
– Session 1: Political Leadership
– Session 2: Social Innovation and Project development
– Session 3: Lobbying and advocacy
– Session 4: Networking and leadership

To register: https://goo.gl/forms/uN5GF10wQVFdxZGF2

AT 12:15PM

Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth – USJ

With the collaboration of :
YASA-Association Des Jeunes Pour La Sensibilisation À La Sécurité
La Troisième Voix pour le Liban / The Third Voice for Lebanon
CDLL – Cénacle De La Lumière
AAA – Autism Awareness Association NGO
And more..

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Euromed Youth Information Session / Séance d’information Euromed Jeunesse

Version française ci-dessous

The Euromed Youth Unit in Lebanon invites all interested youth organizations and potential applicants to its informative session which will be held on Monday, the 8th of October 2012 at 15h00 at Camille Chamoun Sports City Stadium – Beirut.

The session will be providing general information on the EuroMed Youth IV Program, its objectives as well as on the Guidelines for Applicants relevant to the call for proposal launched by the Euromed Youth Unit on Thursday the 27th of August and which deadlines for submitting proposals are Thursday the 1st of November 2012 and Tuesday the 15th of January 2013.

Please send your confirmation for attendance to the following e-mail address:



L’Unité Euromed Jeunesse-Liban a le plaisir d’inviter toutes les organisations de jeunesse intéressées et les candidats éventuels à sa séance d’information qui prendra lieu le lundi, le 8 Octobre 2012 à 15h00 à la Cité sportive Camille Chamoun – Beyrouth.

Des informations générales sur le programme EuroMed Jeunesse IV, ses objectifs ainsi que sur ses lignes directrices pour les candidats adéquats à l’appel à proposition lancé le 27 aout 2012 seront fournis durant cette séance.

Veuillez confirmer votre participation à l’adresse e-mail:


See online : Arabic version

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Today, Tuesday, April the 3rd 2012, the Jinsiyati Campaign in Lebanon, lobbying for women to be able to transmit their Lebanese nationality for their children and families,  is organising a Sit in in front of the Grand Serail( Saraya), Riad el Solh Square at 10:30 ( while the Council of Ministers is meeting) to ask the governmental Committee in charge of working on the nationality law to:

– Indicate a clear timeline within which the committee will be working and assume agreeing on the draft law;

– Share the Terms of Reference of the Committee (  what are their sources, what are their info);

– Include civil society organisations in the process of the discussions ( the importance of consulting civil society organisations campaigning and working on this right since more than 10 years is a must, they know the cases, the numbers, the obstacles and hindrances as well as the citizen’s expectations);

– and last but not least, take into consideration our demands for FULL CITIZENSHIP RIGHTS for women without any conditions ( women should transmit their nationality to their families, the Lebanese Constitution has clearly stipulated that all citizens are equal) ;

The banners of the peaceful collective action of today are clear:

Transmitting the nationality is a Right , this is not the Settlement of Palestinians,

Nationality is a right for women in the state of Rights and laws

the nationality law of 1925 is old and need to be amended ASAP!!!

Rita Chemaly,

The nationality law is so old that it is part of our "tourath"

N'enterrez pas la Loi sur la Nationalite dans un de vos tirroirs ou comites!


the woman's right to transmit her nationality is not naturalisation or settlement!

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