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while waiting for a Secular unified law for all and to wish you all  Happy valentine, here is an article about the story of young lebanese who were obliged to travel to get married and protect their rights….


“Love… joy… sorrow… wealth… poverty…until death separates us.” With her weak English, Maysa mumbled these words in front of her now husband, Nizar, at Larnaca’s civil marriage town hall.

Maysa and Nizar are Lebanese citizens. Their different sects forced them to travel outside the country in pursuit of civil marriage. According to Nizar, he did not get married in a civil court just because of sectarian issues, but rather “to reach equality of rights between you and your partner.”

Civil marriage in Lebanon is prohibited but, oddly, it is recognized if carried out elsewhere. Most Lebanese couples who believe in civil marriage rights travel to Cyprus or Turkey to exchange vows. These two countries offer the cheapest solutions due to the ease of travel and the simplest paperwork.


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