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I am sad, as I am a fan of Roadsterdiner and we eat in Jaleldib branch since its opening, whether with friends, or recently with my family, It is so sad to know that chicken meat at Roadsterdiner Jaleldib doesn’t comply with the standards of food safety of the Ministry of Health in Lebanon.

We had diner in Roadster Jaleldib 4 days ago, and we ate chicken, meat, apetizers, pasta, and as I am a loyal Customer, I can’t but ask what kind of test the Ministry has done to test the chicken

If Roadsterdiner served a bad chicken, they should be held accountable, I as other clients most be aware of what is served in our plate, but I can’t but ask about how the ministry chose their sample to inspect Roadster diner.

I prefer to have more information about :

1- what kind of microbes they found,

2- Did they test other types of food in that restaurant?

3- Did they tested other branches?

What is the feedback of Roadsters? (I Tweeted them the question and retweeted some questions about that same issue, till now I  didn’t get any feedback).

Bad food is bad food, and food that is not conforming to Safety standards is for me = Poison.  I can’t accept it.

This is dangerous on our Heath, I’m just thinking that 4 days ago my baby boy ate there! he had some bites from my Salmon Hero sandwich, the best Tortilla with cheese I eat, the cheese at heart and other type of food! I am afraid now with that minister’s list.

I am reading all the comments on twitter, and how campaigns pro and cons roadsters are poping out “strip for roadster” as a reminder of strip for Jackie Chamoun campaign some fans of roadsters are saying, but I prefer to know more about the test, the chemicals or microbes found, when and how?

again  this time , it is serious, I don’t like to be poisoned, especially when we eat in a place were we think it is safe and clean, and up to certain standards of food safety.

again, the “bomb”  that Abou Faour blowed up distresses me a lot! and I m waiting for more information especially that Roadsterdiner in Jaledib is a place a I go to a lot!

food safety scandal lebanon roadsterdiner

For those interested in the news: here is the link to NNA Abou Faour: la nourriture des Libanais, ‘bourrée de microbes’

Rita Chemaly

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