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What Aliaa Magda Elmahdy has done by publishing a picture of herself “menstruating ” with another one “defecating” on an ISIS flag is in my opinion neither beautiful, nor powerful nor empowering .

I am so sorry to say that the picture is disgusting,

to mobilise against ISIS, in my humble opinion we need to work on education, and socialisation since the beginning and the birth of each Child.

I know that ISIS and their rebarbative ideas and actions of robbing, murdering, killing, raping are a true horror, but I don’t think the picture of Aliaa might change anything!

instead these actions might be more productive! http://www.coptstoday.com/Hot-Issues/Detail.php?Id=81670

here is Al Arabiya coverage of the story


Rita Chemaly

the picture is cropped and taken from this post "Women’s Rights Activists Bleed and Defecate on ISIS Flag to (Apparently) Protest Islamic State’s Misogyny" http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2014/08/26/womens-rights-activists-bleed-and-defecate-on-isis-flag-to-apparently-protest-islamic-states-misogyny/

the picture is cropped and taken from this post “Women’s Rights Activists Bleed and Defecate on ISIS Flag to (Apparently) Protest Islamic State’s Misogyny”



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To mark International Youth Day, 2014, IOM has produced a short film, titled ‘Letter from a Refugee’. The film features moving, honest interviews with a group of young ladies who have fled Syria; they describe the extreme fears, mental health issues and ongoing hope they experienced as young people in a war zone.

the movie is below


Rita Chemaly


below is the release by WUNRN

Direct Link to Video:

12 August 2014 – Lebanon/Syria – IOM today launched a video documenting the hopes and fears of a group of young Syrian women in Lebanon to mark International Youth Day, which this year focuses on mental health. 

“Letter from a Refugee” follows their emotional journey from fleeing the war in Syria, the stress of separation from family and friends, the difficulties of adapting to their new environment and, ultimately, the discovery of their own inner strengths.

The video was shot at DARI, a Recreational and Counselling Center for Families in Baalbeck in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, and is the result of a creative self-help workshop – part of an Italian government-funded IOM project: “Psychosocial Support to Crisis-Affected Youth and their Families in Syria and Neighboring Countries.”

The IOM project has provided psycho-social help to over 220,000 displaced Syrian young people and their family members in Syria and Lebanon and trained some 1,290 mental health professionals in the two countries since June 2013.

“Good mental health is not only the absence of mental disorders, but is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with normal stresses of life and is able to make a contribution to his or her community,” says IOM Head of Psychosocial Support Guglielmo Schininà.

“Young people on the move, including refugees, displaced, unaccompanied children and young people left behind by migrating parents, often face stresses that are not considered “normal.” Their ability to contribute to the life of their community of origin and host community is often hampered by administrative, cultural and social barriers, and stigma,” he adds.

“This video and animation laboratory helped these girls to acknowledge their suffering, share their experiences, establish solidarity with each other and explore shared coping strategies,” he notes.


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Following the ISIS symbols and categorisation in the Arab World , with the N for the ‪#‎Nazarene‬ – solidarity w/ Christians of Irak Mossoul,

on the Lebanese social  networks a picture was created with the letter “M”  M for that doesn’t matter to you, whether I am a Christian ” Masihi” in arabic, Whether I am a “Muslim” or an Atheist “Moulhid” ….

M means doen’t matter for you “Ma Khassak”  or in Lebanese almost a “fuck off”

Rita Chemaly



symbols against religious stigmatization in Lebanon and arab world Rita Chemaly 

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I was the guest of the full stop program on sat 7 arabic in which I talked about Human trafficking :

in this context we  tackled the issues of child soldiers, the role of states, prostitution, domestic work, child marriage, selling organs….

to watch the full episode in arabic here is the youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDWsmBEd91k&feature=youtu.be&a


Rita Chemaly

Author and researcher in political sciences

I was the guest of Full Stop Program of Sat7 Arabic to talk about Human Trafficking July 2014

I was the guest of Full Stop Program of Sat7 Arabic to talk about Human Trafficking July 2014

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By Rita Chemaly



From Mossoul, to Lebanon, here are some of the pictures shared on Social Media related to the Symbols used by ISIS to categorise people.

Do you remember the star used by the nazis on the jewish houses?

and here we go again in 2014 in a part of the world that is used to people from different communities and with different beleifs to live together.

What was drawn on the houses of some people by ISIS, was used on Social Media by activists and users

here is the status that went viral on Facebook: ” Who you stand with? Many users are changing their profile pic to the letter ‘N’ for ‪#‎Nazarene‬ – solidarity w/ Christians of ‪#‎Mosul‬ ‪#‎ISIS‬


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Le nombre de Femmes en Politique au Liban est a mon avis honteux.

Une seule femme au Gouvernment en 2014: Le celebre pouvoir executif reste en deca de nos expectations d’activistes et de citoyens et citoyennes.

4 femmes au Parlement: Notre celevre pouvoir legislatif gagne une des pire places dans le nombre des femmes au monde.

WomenInParliament_LEBANON Rita Chemaly

Statistiques sur le nombre de femmes au parlement libanais (2014) Source IPU

Voici une des illustrations prises de “L’inter Parliamentary Union:


Que faire pour que le Liban ne soit pas a la traine dans la participation politique des femmes?

Mettre en place des cellules de travail politique et strategique dans tous les partis politiques.

Non les femmes dans les partis politiques ne sont pas uniquement la pour creer des comites de Brunch, Breakfast et VIp soirees. Ni sont la juste pour les comites de bienfaisances.

Elles ont leur mot a dire en ce qui concerne l’economie du pays, le travail informel, la strategie de defense, la politique exterieure et interieure , l’armee et autres….

Allez citoyennes de ma patrie, ecrivons, actons et participons activement aux Choix de Notre Cite!

Rita Chemaly

Pour plus de details sur le systeme politique libanais et la participation des femmes, il est possible de checker mes articles precedents:

For a list of all related articles in different languages:

Rita Chemaly

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Executive Director


The Anna Lindh Euro-Med Foundation (ALF) focuses on bringing people together from across the Mediterranean to improve mutual respect between cultures and to support civil society working for a common future for the region. It is co-financed by the 42 countries of the Union for the Mediterranean and the European Commission. In accordance with ALF Statutes, “the Executive Director shall be appointed by the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors will vote for one candidate out of the short list presented by the European Commission”. The process for recruiting the new Executive director is now open (see job description (http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/where/neighbourhood/regional-cooperation/e…) and applications shall be received before the 28th August 2014. – See more at: http://www.annalindhfoundation.org/job-opportunities#sthash.KXHSeg8H.dpuf


For all those who are interested here is the link to the full Job description and application procedure:




Executive director of the Anna Lindh Foundation

Post based in Alexandria, Egypt

(3 years, up to 6 years)



We are

The European Commission is in charge of the pre-selection of the Executive Director of the Anna

Lindh Foundation.

The Anna Lindh Foundation is an inter-governmental institution bringing together civil society and

citizens across the Mediterranean to build trust and improve mutual understanding. It has a legal

personality as an international organisation based in Alexandria (Egypt) and registered with the

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The Foundation was created by the governments of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership – the farreaching

political agreement established in 1995 between the European Union and its Southern

Mediterranean partners with the purpose to bring people together from across the Mediterranean to

improve mutual respect between cultures and to support civil society working for a common future for

the region.

Since 2005, the Anna Lindh Foundation has launched and supported action across fields impacting on

mutual perceptions as well as developing a region-wide Network of over 4000 civil society

organisations. Through its action and reflection the ALF aims to contribute to the development of an

Intercultural Strategy for the Euro-Mediterranean Region, providing recommendations to decisionmakers

and institutions and advocating for shared values. The main scope of the ALF is overcoming

the misunderstandings and stereotypes which affect relations between and within the societies of the

Region, a task which became of utmost importance in the last decade. As a contribution to the

creation of a space of prosperity, coexistence and peace, the ALF works to restore trust in dialogue

and bridge the gaps in mutual perceptions, as well as promoting diversity and coexistence.

The Foundation is co-funded by the European Commission and the 42 countries of the Union for the

Mediterranean and its contracting procedures are in line with the EU procedures stipulated in the

Practical Guide to Contract procedures for EU external actions.

We propose

The challenging and high-profile position of Executive Director of the Anna Lindh Foundation

comprises the following main responsibilities:

Prepare the multi-annual work programme of the Foundation and its budget in consultation

with the President and the national networks;

Appoint and head the staff of the Foundation;

Ensure the stability of the structure of the Foundation and its compliance with the Foundation’s


Maintain linkages with the network of national networks and guarantee good contacts between

the networks themselves;

Prepare the annual work programme for adoption by the Board of Governors and to ensure its

implementation in consultation with the ALF President.

Execute the budget;

Submit periodic and annual activity reports as well as financial accounts to the Board of

Governors for adoption;

Maintain transparent procedures and correct circulation of information concerning all activities

done or supported by the Foundation;

Prepare the meetings of the Board of Governors.

According to the ALF Status, the Executive Director shall be the legal representative of the


We look for

Based on the above, the following are the proposed criteria for evaluation of eligible applications for

the purpose of short-listing for interview for the post of ALF Executive Director:

The candidate should be a national of one of the following UfM Mediterranean Partner

Country: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya,

Mauritania, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia or Turkey.

Hold a University degree.

Have at least 15 years of relevant professional experience, and at least 5 years of

professional experience related to intercultural dialogue or civil society in the Euro-Med region.

Have practical experience in programmes in intercultural areas or engaging with civil society


Have experience with international cooperation and dialogue and institutions and for a from

the southern Mediterranean.

Have an extensive knowledge of international standards in general management of

international organisations.

Have an extensive knowledge of international standards in financial management.

Have an extensive knowledge of experience in human resources management, including in an

international environment

Have knowledge in the management of donor funded programme(s).

Previous experience with project management, in particular with EU funds, in countries of the

southern Mediterranean region will be a strong asset.

Knowledge of EU policies in the region and more specifically on youth, gender and towards

civil society

The candidate must be computer literate.

Excellent communication skills are essential.

The candidate shall be fluent in English and French and in one of the Mediterranean Partner

Country languages.

Selection and appointment

In accordance with the ALF statute, the Executive Director shall be appointed by the Board of

Governors for a term of office of three years which may be extended once for a total of maximum six

years. The Board of Governors will vote for one candidate out of the short list presented by the

European Commission. As part of this selection procedure, candidates may be called for an interview

with the selection committee members, in September 2014.

The successful candidate will be recruited by the Anna Lindh Foundation at a net salary ranking 144

000 € and 159 000 €/ year (depending on experience). He/ she must successfully complete a ninemonth

probation period.

The selected candidate will have to abide by the national fiscal regulation applicable to him/her.

Equal opportunities

The European Commission applies a policy of equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

Application procedure

Before submitting your application, you should carefully check whether you meet all the eligibility

criteria, particularly those concerning the level of education, the type of diploma obtained and

professional experience required.

If you want to apply, you must send a CV in Word or PDF format and a letter of motivation (maximum

8 000 characters) to the following email address: executivedirector.alf@ec.europa.eu

Once the deadline for registration has passed, you will no longer be able to apply. Late registrations

will not be accepted.

Both the CV and letter must be written in English or French.

On completion of your application, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt. If you do not

receive the acknowledgement of receipt, your application has not been registered.

Please note that it is not possible to monitor the progress of your application online. You will be

contacted directly regarding the status of your application.

If you have a disability that prevents you from registering online, you may submit your application (CV

and letter of motivation) on paper by registered mail, postmarked no later than the closing date for

registration. All subsequent communication will be by post. In this case, you must enclose with your

CV and motivation letter, a certificate attesting your disability, issued by a recognised body. You

should also set out on a separate sheet of paper any special arrangements you think are needed to

make it easier for you to take part in the selection procedure.

If you require more information and/or encounter technical problems, please send an e-mail to HRexecutivedirector.


Closing date

The closing date for application is 28th August 2014 at 6 pm Brussels time.

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