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in a Cabinet without women,with a policy statement vague about women’s rights,

And just to remind the responsible of the country that the civil society has worked and is active and watching the step and action of ALL the responsible, (Ministers, and MPs)….

Those are the pictures I took during the last protest organised in Beirut calling for the adoption of the law protecting women against family violence. for more information about the protest in itself, do not hesitate to re-read the post I  published to describe the scene….

for now …. here is the link to the album , with the 119 pictures I took that day….http://www.flickr.com/photos/chemaly_rita/sets/72157626716226229/…..

Keep watching….

Rita Chemaly

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Chers et cheres,

pour tous ceux et celles qui ont des memoires/ theses a presenter, et a soutenir a l’oral….

voila un document qu’une amie m’a envoye.

il resume et decrit comment ont lieu les soutenances de memoires.

Bon courage a tous et a toutes les etudiants/es!

rita une ex-etudiante!!

Chemaly Rita soutenance des memoires en sciences sociales


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